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More than a Work Breakdown
Showing a Resource Breakdown

The default for displaying a project's structure or hierarchy is by the Summary Tasks and Tasks in a project. Use the Grouping feature in WBS Schedule Pro to display alternate hierarchies. For example, if you have Resources assigned to the Tasks in your project, you can display a Resource Breakdown by selecting Edit Groups (on the Home tab) and selecting Resource Names from the Group By drop down list.

In the WBS Chart View it would like something like this (the Project Summary Task option was selected for this example to show a top box):
(A WBS Chart grouped by Resource Names)

Or, as a Network Chart:

(A Network Chart grouped by Resource Names)

Assign a Resource to a Task by dragging a Task from the No Resource Names group into a Resource group or drag a Task from one Resource Group to another to reassign the Resource.

To go back to displaying your project by Summary Tasks and Tasks, click Edit Groups on the Home tab and select Use Default Grouping.

For more information on using the Grouping feature, go to Help, click the Using WBS Schedule Pro topic and select Groups and Outlining Defined or Changing and Editing Groups.

The Grouping feature is a great way to show alternate hierarchies in a single project plan.
WBS Schedule Pro Tip: Did you know?
You can edit multiple tasks at once using the Task Info form
With multiple tasks selected in any view, click the Task Info button on the Home tab or right-click any task and select Task Information... to display the "Multiple Task" edit form. Any information entered into the form will then apply to all selected tasks.

The Task Info button on the WBS Schedule Pro RIbbon
WBS Schedule Pro 5.1.0014
The latest version of WBS Schedule Pro is 5.1.0014. Go to File-About to see which version you have.

If you are using 5.1 but earlier than 5.1.0014, use the Check for Updates feature to upgrade to the latest version.

If you have 5.0 you can download 5.1 from our website. Going from 5.0 to 5.1 requires an Uninstall and Reinstall (don't worry, your data is safe).

The above are Minor updates and are always FREE for 5.x users. See below for upgrading prior versions.

Click here to Download Version 5.1

See a list of Version 5.1 Features, Fixes and Enhancements
WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT users
It's been over a year since the release of WBS Schedule Pro. If you haven't upgraded yet, what are you waiting for? The new WBS Schedule Pro software has so much to offer with combined WBS, Network & Gantt Charts plus many new and exciting features.

Click here for Upgrade Ordering Information
Top 10 Most Popular New Features in WBS Schedule Pro
  1. Combined WBS, Network and Gantt Charts for all-in-one planning and scheduling.
  2. Excel Export for quick and easy spreadsheets.
  3. A Notes Pane for adding extensive descriptions to your tasks.
  4. Free-form Text boxes for annotating charts.
  5. The new Ribbon makes features easier to find.
  6. The Word Export for exporting WBS Dictionaries.
  7. New and easier ways to create Headers and Footers for printing.
  8. More Right-Click access to menus and features.
  9. Advanced Task Linking including the Many-to-One and One-to-Many Link feature.
  10. The Grouping feature for showing alternate hierarchies.
Microsoft Project 2016 Compatibility
WBS Schedule Pro and Project 2016 - Only WBS Schedule Pro version 5.1.0012 or later is fully compatible with Project 2016. See the Download page for information on updating.  

Download Page
More about Gantt Charts!
The new Gantt in WBS Schedule Pro
Here are some tips for using the Gantt Chart in WBS Schedule Pro version 5.1* 
  1. The Gantt Bar area is simply the right-most column. It never overlaps other columns but positions itself after the last column in the Sheet.
  2. Right-click in the Gantt Bar area to change Bar Styles, Gridlines, Text around Bars, etc.
  3. Click the + and - buttons in the lower right corner of the screen to adjust the scale of the Gantt Chart. This does not change the Timescale units but adjusts the spacing for better viewing and printing.
  4. Right-click the right tip of a Gantt Bar and drag it left or right to decrease or increase Duration.
  5. Right-click the left edge of the Gantt Bar and drag right to set a % Complete.
  6. Click on a Gantt Bar to highlight the row it is on in the Sheet area.
  7. To create a Milestone, enter a 0 in the Duration field (this is not solely a Gantt feature but milestones stand out more in a Gantt).
  8. Click and drag from one Gantt Bar (or Milestone) to another to create a link (dependency). This works in Network Charts as do the next two tips!
  9. Doubleclick a link line between Gantt Bars or Milestone symbols to edit the link. Do this to delete, change the dependency type or edit the lag.
  10. Click and drag from within a Gantt Bar or Milestone symbol and drag to white space to create a New Task dependent on the first task. 
*Gantt Charts were added to WBS Schedule Pro 5.1 but are not available in WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) or WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version). Upgrades are available to the full WBS Schedule Pro software. See Upgrading
Video Tutorials
Check out the latest YouTube Videos

Many of you missed our link to the Videos in our last Newsletter so we thought we would point them out here. Here are the 4 most popular videos to help get you started:
  1. Overview of the WBS Schedule Pro Software (6:16) -  Great for new users or if you just want an overview of the features and capabilities of the WBS Schedule Pro software.

  2. How to Plan a Project in WBS Schedule Pro (6:03) - Basic planning techniques for quickly and easily creating projects in WBS Schedule Pro using a WBS Chart, Network Chart, Gantt Chart and Task Sheet.

  3. Using WBS Charts in WBS Schedule Pro (19:04) - A detailed description of the WBS Chart features.

  4. Using Network Charts in WBS Schedule Pro (8:47) - A detailed description of the Network Chart features.
To all our new WBS Schedule Pro users, long-time users and potential users, thank you for keeping up-to-date with us. As always, we welcome any questions, suggestions and/or comments.


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