WBS Schedule Pro Version 5.1 Now Available 
This is a FREE upgrade for all WBS Schedule Pro 5.0 users. Contains an all new Gantt Chart feature, a Check for Updates feature so you can ensure your software is always up-to-date, Project 2016 compatibility, a Save to Baseline feature plus numerous minor enhancements and fixes. 

Now with Gantt Charts!
The new Gantt in WBS Schedule Pro
WBS Schedule Pro version 5.1 contains Gantt Charts* 
You can now plan and manage your projects using a Gantt Chart in WBS Schedule Pro. The Gantt Chart is super easy to use. Click and drag to create Links, adjust Duration and add progress to the Tasks in your project. Quickly and easily configure the Gantt Bars to show Critical Path, Baseline, Slack, Resources, Start Dates, Finish Dates or Text inside or around the Bar. The Gantt features are the perfect compliment to the WBS and Network Charts in WBS Schedule Pro.

*Not available in WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) or WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version). Users of these can upgrade to WBS Schedule Pro at standard upgrade prices.

Learn more about the Gantt Charts in WBS Schedule Pro

Project 2016 Compatibility
WBS Schedule Pro is now compatible with Microsoft Project 2016
Using WBS Schedule Pro with Project 2016 - Only the latest version of WBS Schedule Pro (5.1.0010) is fully compatible with Project 2016. This version is now available on our website.  

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WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT users
It's been over a year since the release of WBS Schedule Pro. If you haven't upgraded yet, what are you waiting for? The new WBS Schedule Pro software has so much to offer with combined WBS, Network & Gantt Charts plus many new and exciting features. The full WBS Schedule Pro software is your complete project planning tool!

If you are looking for a direct replacement for WBS Chart Pro or PERT Chart EXPERT, we also have lower-priced alternatives to the full WBS Schedule Pro software.

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Top 10 Most Popular New Features in WBS Schedule Pro
  1. Combined WBS, Network and Gantt Charts for all-in-one planning and scheduling.
  2. Excel Export for quick and easy spreadsheets.
  3. A Notes Pane that is dockable or can be made to float.
  4. Free-form Text for annotating charts.
  5. The new Ribbon makes features easier to find.
  6. The Word Export for exporting WBS Dictionaries.
  7. New and easier ways to create Headers and Footers for printing.
  8. More Right-Click access to menus and features.
  9. Advanced Task Linking including the Many to One and One to Many Link feature.
  10. The Grouping feature for showing alternate hierarchies.
WBS Schedule Pro Tip: Did you know?
You can right-click a box in a WBS Chart or Network Chart and select Custom Box Settings... to individually color boxes. Or, select multiple boxes and right-click on any box to color several at once. Or, press CTRL-A to select ALL boxes in the chart then right-click a box to color all.
To all our new WBS Schedule Pro users, long-time users and potential users, thank you for keeping up-to-date with us. As always, we welcome any questions, suggestions and/or comments.


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