WBS Schedule Pro Update
New version now available!  
We are proud to announce a new version of WBS Schedule Pro.This new version is all about making better looking charts! Scroll down for a partial list of new features and enhancements. Click the link below for the complete list of new features:
Improved WBS and Network Charts 
We've implemented several features that greatly improve the appearance of WBS and Network Charts.  
Better rounded corners - We've incorporated "anti-aliasing" which is a Windows feature that smooths out rounded corners.

Gradient Fills - You can now select that a Box or Cell color have a Gradient Fill which means the color will fade from dark to light or from light to dark for added affect.
All New Views - Each WBS and Network View has been redesigned to take advantage of these new features. Here's an example:  
Importing and Pasting Images 
Import png, jpg, and gif images into the Header/Footer or paste an image directly onto any chart via the Clipboard.
This is great for adding Corporate Logos to your printouts or to enhance your chart with extra imagery. See the Tip below for instructions on how to add images to your charts. 
New Indicator Icons 
WBS and Network Charts can now display icons next to a box to indicate when a Task has a Note, a Constraint or when the Task is 100% Complete. Hover over the indicator in the chart to display information about that icon.   
Here is a sample Network Chart showing the new indicators:
The Text Box feature in prior versions is now called Callouts and have a much improved look.  
See for yourself:     
  In addition, Callouts can now be added to Gantt Charts.
WBS Code Toggle
Quickly add the WBS Code to the Name field in any chart. Simply select the WBS Codes button from the Format tab in any view to automatically place the WBS Code before the Task Name in the chart.   

Go from this:  
 To this:   
With 1 Click!  
Use this in any WBS, Network, Gantt View or Task Sheet wherever the Name field is displayed.
New Views and Organizer 
As mentioned, we have updated all of the WBS and Network Views to utilize the new chart enhancement features.
We have also added an Organizer to better assist in the copying and managing of Views.  
The new Views are automatically installed if you Install or Reinstall the latest version. If you use the Check for Updates feature within WBS Schedule Pro to update to this latest version, here are instructions on how to update your old Views to the new ones:   
Tip! Adding Logos and Images
Adding a Logo to a Header or Footer
In this new version of WBS Schedule Pro you can add images (ie: logos) to your chart's Header or Footer. Here is how to add your Logo to the Header of a chart:  
  1. In any chart, select File-Page Setup
  2. Select the Header tab.  
  3. Select the Left, Center or Right tab to place the logo on the Left side, in the middle or on the Right edge. The image will replace any existing text. 
  4. If the logo is saved in a file, click Insert Image... locate the file and click Open. If the logo was copied to the Clipboard, click Paste Image
It will look similar to this:
You won't see the image in this dialog box, only a reference to it but it will appear in Print Preview and when printed.

Adding an image to a chart

You can also add an image to any chart by copying an image to the Clipboard and then clicking the Paste button or CTRL-V while in a WBS, Network or Gantt Chart.

Updating to WBS Schedule Pro 5.1.0025
This is a FREE update for certain users.

If you are using WBS Schedule Pro version 5.0.0000 to 5.1.0024 the update to version 5.1.0025 is free!

To see which version you currently have, open WBS Schedule Pro and go to File-About.

If you qualify, here is how to update to 5.1.0025:

If you are using 5.1.xxxx but earlier than 5.1.0024, use the  Check for Updates feature to automatically upgrade to the latest version. If Check for Updates doesn't work for you, see here: Update FAQ

If you have 5.0.xxxx you will need to download 5.1.0025 from our website. Going from 5.0 to 5.1 requires an Uninstall and Reinstall (don't worry, your data is safe and the software will stay registered). To download 5.1.0025, click here: Download 
WBS Schedule Pro Demo Download
Need to Download WBS Schedule Pro Quickly or didn't receive the Demo software after signing up?

If you signed up for the Demo and did not receive the email link to download WBS Schedule Pro it may be a security setting or permission issue on your system preventing this.  

To Download WBS Schedule Pro now:
Download WBS Schedule Pro

This instantly starts downloading WBS Schedule Pro bypassing the signup required on our website. 

Note: The download button above is for the full WBS Schedule Pro software only. Click here for WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) or here for WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version).  

Video Tutorials
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