Ever upward is the meaning of the Latin word Excelsior, indicating our desire to be moving higher in our relationship with the living God as well as in our development as a classical Christian school. I invite you to read ahead as I highlight how we apply Excelsior and move Ever Upward .

Ever Upward ... as we think generationally. In twelve years from today, those in kindergarten will be seniors. Our current seniors will then be 30 years old and some will have children in kindergarten. WCA will have graduated approximately 225 students from high school. Twenty years from today, we will have graduated some 500 students. Potentially 250 of them will be married and having families. Our current seniors will be 38 years old and will be leaders in their families, churches, communities, and businesses. By the year 2055, we will have graduated about 1,000 students and our current seniors will be in their fifties and beginning to have grandchildren! What an impact a WCA education will have over the generations to come!

Ever Upward... through our Capital Campaign . As we have had a 29% enrollment growth over the past two years, we face the need to expand our campus. We invite you to attend an upcoming 2020 Vision Share Session to engage in a presentation about specific construction plans and learn why breaking ground in 2020 is both a need and an opportunity. You will be able to see our specific long-range plans, the generational impact this campaign will have, and also be invited to invest in the lasting work of WCA.  Click here for dates and registration.

Ever Upward... as we launch our new Fidelis Society. We are energized by a new monthly giving opportunity, The Fidelis Society . These funds go toward enhancing our student programming and providing tuition assistance. Click here for details.

Ever Upward... in our high school achievements. High standardized test scores, although not one of our curricular objectives, is one of many measurable outcomes of our strong classical program. Over the past three years, WCA has given the Classic Learning Test (CLT) to our high school students. Last month, CLT revealed its “Top 25 Schools” based on mean scores from hundreds of schools across the country. Westside Christian Academy was awarded 17th in the nation , quite an honor for us! The true testing, of course, is in the character of our students and the affections of their hearts. To that end we will pray without ceasing.

Ever Upward ... as we pray without ceasing. This is our theme for this school year, rooted in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18:  Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Would you join us in a commitment to prayer? Prayer should never be a last resort, but always first in all we do. Test scores and enrollment numbers mean little if we are not surrendering all to the Lord as we seek His direction, protection, and indwelling. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!

Imago Dei,
Jim Whiteman
Lifelong “Learner” Not Just “Earner”
The text of Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem depicts Equality 7-2521, an attractive, well-built, astute man whose ultimate goal is to rise to the vocation of “thinker” in the House of Scholars, but his aspirations are not possible in the dystopian society of a Dark Age during which workers submissively accept assigned vocational roles. Equality 7-2521 is a street sweeper. For him, there is no discretionary time. He and his fellow citizens work in gender-specific assignments separate from family, separate from love, separate from everything that makes man man except for the toil with which he was cursed in the Garden of Eden. This is no life. 

This tragic dystopia is a far cry from today’s society in which men and women are encouraged to pursue the formulation of family in any form, follow their dreams by becoming all that they can be, and fulfill the vocational goal of earning large sums of money while enjoying leisure time. Humans live in an era of choices, dreams, and plenty. We are the happiest and the best that we have ever been….The world is now, almost perfect. 

Crime has nearly diminished; disease has been eradicated; poverty is virtually non-existent; suicide is unheard of; marital relationships remain intact; depression and anxiety are essentially but memories in the annals of psychological history. We are living our best lives...right now. 

We all know that this is untrue. We are, perhaps, much closer to the culture in which Rand imprisons her character, who proceeds to seek knowledge as his liberator throughout the text.  ...read more

In our art program, under the teaching of Zay Ziegler, kindergarten through second grade students learn the elements of art: lines, color, value, form, texture, shape, and space. This lady bug was created by a WCA kindergarten student implementing what they have learned about color theory and the elements. Notice the opposing but complementary colors of the red lady bug against the green background. The lines in the picture were formed with glue, which help train students to work within borders. The students used the difficult medium of pastels which helps them develop their fine motor skills. 

These young students must first learn to observe the artistic creative nature of God before taking creative liberty themselves. We have a great and merciful God who is the ultimate artist of the universe, and what we do must flow from His beautiful creation. 

Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. - John 1:3

We create art because it reflects the very nature of God. As image bearers of the most high we get the privilege to be creative as He is creative. All artists are seeking to worship something: Self? Nature? Beauty? At WCA we ask the question, “What will our art say about Who we worship?” As biblical truth is integrated into our art curriculum, our students get to create as an act of worship to Jesus. The created world reflects the glory of God, so therefore our art should reflect God’s creative nature and point people to His beauty.
During the 2020 Vision Share Session you will:
  • Engage in a presentation by our headmaster, Jim Whiteman, about specific construction plans and why breaking ground in 2020 is both a need and an opportunity.

  • See clearly our specific long range plans and the generational impact this will have on families, the church, in our businesses and society.

  • Have time for asking questions, sharing insights and taking a quick tour.

  • Be invited to invest in the lasting work of WCA and the new construction to come.
Please register for one of the following
2020 Vision Share Sessions here .
This year WCA has established the Fidelis Society : a new way to connect to what the Lord is doing in and through our school. The Fidelis Society is a group of people bonded together by a shared desire to see biblical truth and academic excellence integrated so that students become genuine leaders committed to impacting the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through their monthly donations, members of the Fidelis Society help to accomplish this purpose. 

Fidelis is the Latin word for faithful, trustworthy, and loyal. We chose this term because it embodies the type of relationship a member of the Fidelis Society has with WCA. By faithfully donating to WCA monthly, members enjoy periodic updates from the Headmaster, special event invitations, an initial gift, and specific ways to partner with us through prayer.

The Fidelis Society helps provide tuition assistance for qualified families, and enrich the programing in order to see our students grow in their love of God and excel in their academic pursuits. 


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Alumni, we want to hear from you!
We would like to share what has been happening in your life. How is the Lord leading you? Email Claire Rogers @ crogers@westsideacademy.org with your updates and photos for our Alumni section in future editions of the Excelsior.