A critical barrier that many families face is the Cliff Effect, which happens when a family's income increases enough that they lose eligibility for benefits, but not enough to be able to afford housing, healthcare, or childcare on their own. Imagine, you could advance your career with a salary increase or a promotion as a step toward economic mobility, but you have to seriously consider if you can afford to do so.

WCAC knows that moving out of poverty is anything but simple. In this month's e-newsletter, we are spotlighting various financial empowerment programs and initiatives including the development of our new Resiliency Center and other strategies that reaffirm our commitment to support area households in taking steps towards true economic mobility.
WCAC is a member of the Economic Pathways MA Coalition and recently testified in strong support of legislation pending at the Massachusetts State House that would create a pilot program for working families or individuals who receive any sort of public assistance to transition out of assistance without facing an income 'cliff.' We encourage you to join us in contacting your state legislators to urge their support for Senate Bill 119 and House Bill 208.