Happy New Year

We are well on our way into 2021, and while it began with a fear-mongering insurrection fueled by white supremacy and a failed attempt to undermine our Constitution, today's historic inauguration day offers a signal of hopeful unity. We can look back at 2020 as a very abnormal year and many of us often hear a recitation among our friends and family that they long to return to normal. However, WCAC views the refrain for normal a bit differently; we buck at it. To return to normal would be to forget the anguish and anxiety perpetuated by the triple economic, health, and racial injustice crises. To be blunt, we cannot return to so-called normal. Our resolve for 2021 is to continue to be a collaborator and partner with our peer organizations to offer a more seamless means to support our most vulnerable members of our community and strive to do our part in the effort to reverse the ills of the preexisting conditions of COVID. Our work will, as always, be purposeful and persistent and will maintain our vision to break the cycle of poverty one neighbor at a time.