World Immunization Week
24-30 April 2019
World Immunization Week (WIW) is a time for organizations across disciplines and sectors to come together, stand in solidarity and advocate for the common goal of increasing vaccinate uptake, coverage, accessibility and availability across the world.

In honour of WIW, World Coalition on Adult Vaccination members unite to raise awareness on a life course approach to vaccination, educate communities on the importance of immunization, address vaccine misinformation and advocate for equitable access.
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Upcoming Webinars and Events
Two IFA-led webinars and one ILC-UK event will be occurring in the coming weeks.
Barriers to Vaccination in
At-risk Groups
Dr Samir Sinha
Sinai Health System and the University Health Network
Vaccination in an
ageing world:
Listening to older people
Chaired by
Baroness Sally Greengross
OBE, Chief Executive, ILC
What is the role for public policy and technology in increasing immunisation uptake across the life course?
Mr David Sinclair
and Ms Lily Parsey,
Initiatives to Increasing Immunisation Rates in Australia
Submitted by the Australian College of Nursing

Australia has a world class, federally funded public health system. The importance of herd immunity and the public health benefits of timely vaccination are recognized and funded through a range of national, state and territory programs. As a result, Australia’s diverse population have access to an age appropriate vaccination schedule, designed to provide immunisation against preventable conditions and additional protection for at risk populations.
Expert Videos
Prevention before Antibiotics
Dr Eva Polverino
Insights from a Vaccine Champion:
A Conversation with
Gary Finnegan
Vaccines are our
weapon in the fight for quality of life.
Dr Mine Durusu-Tanriover
Recent Reports
Latin American Adult Immunization Advocacy Summit: Overcoming regional barriers to adult vaccination
The Secondary Benefits of Influenza Vaccination - Literature Review
The Under-appreciated Burden of Influenza Amongst Canada's Older Population. And What We Need to Do About It.
Consensus Statements
Adult Vaccination in the Asia Pacific: Mobilizing Policy and Practice Knowledge

Consensus statement resulting from the IFA-Led Expert Meeting in Singapore
Uniting Public Health Campaigns to Improve Influenza Awareness

Consensus Statement Resulting from the "Fighting the Flu through Targeted Awareness Campaigns" Expert Meeting in Berlin, Germany
An Interview with the Rector of the Hacettepe University,
Prof A. Haluk Özen
"The ageing population resulted in a paradigm shift in healthcare. Longer lives and better medical interventions and therapies are of course good news. However, are the healthcare systems ready to carry the burden of a frail patient population with a high chronic disease burden and preventive care needs? (...) In this regard, Hacettepe University invests in projects such as ‘smoke-free’ environment, counselling for healthy lifestyle, lifelong vaccination strategies, preserving the health of the healthcare workers, cancer screens and so on. Recently, we have established a Vaccine Institute, as the unique academic institute dealing with every aspect of vaccination in Turkey. As a part of this ‘prevention’ focus and the management of the ageing population, our collaboration with the International Federation on Ageing is very timely and valuable."
- Prof A. Haluk Özen
Coalition Member Updates
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The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Immunisation for Health practitioners course is a 10 week online course designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to become an immuniser within your community.

Having appropriately trained health professionals is crucial in ensuring successful delivery of immunisation services to the community and improving immunisation coverage, join the force by completing the course with ACN!
New Members
World Coalition on Adult Vaccination
The World Coalition on Adult Vaccination welcomes four new member organizations:
The Vaccine Confidence Project™ seeks to monitor public confidence in immunisation programs by listening for early signals of public distrust and questioning and providing risk analysis and guidance to engage the public early to pre-empt potential programme disruptions.
Diabetes Frail Ltd and its associated Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People is a not-for-profit medical research organisation dedicated to learning more about frailty and its linkage with diabetes in older people.  
The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is the pre-eminent and national leader of the nursing profession and a strong collective voice for nurses in all health care settings. Together, ACN increases the quality of patient care for all Australians. 
Influenza Hub uses modern communication channels to raise awareness of what the flu is, how to prevent it, what the possible complications are and who is most at risk. People at risk of flu can use our platform themselves to discuss infection, health and the role of flu prevention.
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