Volume 17| September 2, 2020
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Next Week is National Suicide Prevention Week!
National Suicide Prevention week begins Sunday, and our theme for this year is to #KeepGoing. There are things we can all do in our everyday lives to prevent suicide, and we encourage you to spread the word about engaging in these simple #KeepGoing actions:
  • Learn how to care for your own mental health
  • Have a #RealConvo with someone in your life
  • Reach out to your public officials to demand smart mental health legislation
  • Bring suicide education and support programs to your school, workplace, and community
  • Share the warning signs, and learn what research tells us about suicide
  • Add crisis resources to your phone, and encourage friends and family to do the same
  • Connect suicide loss survivors to healing resources
  • Raise awareness and funds by joining an Out of the Darkness Experience in your community
You can learn more on our National Suicide Prevention Week website.
The Impact of Suicide in CT
Risk Factors and Signs
Offer Hope....Suicide Prevention is Everyone's Business
Have a #RealConvo

AFSP shares tools, resources and creative ways to have a #RealConvo with the people in your life. You don’t need special training to have an open, authentic conversation about mental health. Often, just talking about it can be the first important step in staying connected for yourself or someone else and helping get support or treatment if needed.

Some Quick Tips for Having a #RealConvo About Mental Health include:
  • When someone is struggling, just listen
  • Let the other person share at their own speed
  • Don’t pass judgement or offer advice — just be there
  • We all experience mental health differently, and that’s okay
  • Check back in, and offer to connect them to help if they need it

For downloadable guides on how to reach out, start a conversation about mental health, or how to talk to a suicide loss survivor, visit https://afsp.org/realconvo
Language Matters

If you’re feeling alone and struggling, you can reach out the CrisisText Line by texting CT to 741-741 or

the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The Western CT Coalition is continuing to offer QPR webinars to the community on Friday mornings.

Comments from recent participants:

"I think the material was presented in a comprehensive way and it was a good balance of talking, slides, and video.  I would highly recommend this program.  QPR should truly be thought of just like CPR.  You never know when you might be able to help save a life. Thank you!"

"I had need of using the QPR training that very day. A
friend's brother had lost his wife to suicide and was having a very hard
time dealing with his loss. I felt very equipped to provide tangible
help to my friend."

"It was a very informative and helpful training. It raised awareness around a difficult topic and gave some great practice questions to learn how to practice navigating tough situations"

We hope you can join us. Register today!
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