May 2018 Board Briefs

On behalf of the Warren County Community College Board of Trustees, we would like to share with you exciting things taking place at your local Community College. This issue of Board Briefs highlights supporting local community events, exploring programs aimed at benefiting students on and off Campus, prestigious awards given to students & faculty, graduation, and so much more!

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Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

WCCC & Our Local Community=Perfect Together!
President Austin and members of the WCCC staff were on hand to greet attendees at Spring Fest held this past May in Hackettstown. They answered questions regarding the College, the admissions process, Credit & Continuing Education programs offered,and shared their enthusiasm for the College with everyone they encountered.

Visit the College booth at the Warren County Farmers Fair July 28-Aug.4th to talk to College staff about the exciting programs offered at Warren County Community College.
Top 10 Actions at the Last Board Meeting
Since 1981, Warren County Community College has been an example of excellence in education and we’ve had more than 40 years to perfect it. See what we mean – here are Ten Great Things enacted to serve our community at the last Board Meeting.
May 2018 Board Briefs
1.Skylands Professional Training
President Austin discussed the challenges of getting much-needed training programs to the residents of Sussex County through the SPT in conjunction with WCCC. Dr. Austin thanked Ms. Azar, VP of Corporate & Continuing Education, and her staff for their continued excellence in working diligently to provide community members with much needed services and programs through the SPT partnership.
2.Faculty Recognition

Professor Emeritus Status Granted to Dr. Robert A. Sintich

Dr. Robert Sintich was granted the status of Professor Emeritus during WCCC's 31st Commencement on May 19th.

Dr. Robert Sintich has served Warren County Community College with distinction for over 26 years. Dr. Sintich has been an outstanding educator and an excellent colleague and valued member of the Social Sciences department since 2008.

Professor Emeritus Status Granted to Dr. Elizabeth McMahon

Dr. Elizabeth McMahon was granted the status of Professor Emeritus during WCCC's 31st Commencement held on May 19th. Dr. Elizabeth McMahon has served Warren County Community College with distinction for over 29 years. Professor McMahon has been an outstanding educator and an excellent colleague and valued member of the Science Department since 1989. Dr. McMahon is currently the longest serving member of the faculty and has been a faculty leader for her entire career.
3. Annex Building Update

Dean of Administration Dennis Florentine informed the Board that the Annex project is 12% complete. Frankoski Construction is scheduled to start erecting steel late June with a scheduled completion date of October 24, 2018.

4. Cengage Unlimited
Tired of the high cost of college textbooks?
Dr. Austin discussed Cengage Unlimited’s access cost for textbooks offered to students enrolled at the College. Dr. Austin discussed how this possible reduction in textbook costs could have a positive impact when potential students are looking at the College, in addition to benefiting financial aid students.

5.Golden Eagle Safety Nest Board Project

 Trustees Yvonne Reitemeyer & Nancy Brown promoted the Board's GESN project during Educational Speaking on WRNJ Radio June 20 th to help bring community awareness to the issue of food insecurity and the significant impact it has on the lives of many college students. To date, the Board has collected $900.00 in gift cards towards their goal of $2000.00 with the intention to significantly increase the amount raised through community awareness and participation. To read more about the program and how you can participate click here.
6. Faculty Award
Congratulations to Professor Jennifer Harrison on receiving the Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty Award at the American Association of Community Colleges annual convention in Dallas this past April. Dr. Harrison thanked the Board for their continued support and expressed her sincere appreciation to the Board for the opportunity given her to make a difference in the lives of students at the College.

Dr. Harrison, a graduate of WCCC herself, was one of fifty educators selected for this prestigious award based on her innovative teaching on behalf of the students of Warren County Community College.
7. Student Award
Phi Theta Kappa President Dorothy Helmken gave an overview to the Board of the various awards she has received this past year including the New Century Transfer Pathways Scholar presented to her at the AACC President’s Breakfast this past April in Dallas,the 2017 Coca Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar, and was named to the 2018 NJ All State Academic Team.

Ed Smith
8. Edward & Eileen Smith Drone Lab

The Warren County Community College Board of Trustees recognized Mr. Edward J. Smith during the College's 31st Commencement held on May 19th. Mr. Smith was honored for his dedicated service and contributions to students, our College, and the entire Warren County community Mr. Smith served Warren County Community College as the Chair of the Board of Trustees from 2004 to 2007.
The Drone Technology Laboratory and Learning Center at the Phillipsburg Education Center at 445 Marshall Street will now be known as the Edward J. and Eileen Smith Drone Lab.

9. Our Students Get Noticed

Our students are not just successful in the classroom – they are being recognized in our community, our state, and even nationwide. Our award winning campus honors societies like Phi Theta Kappa are making waves statewide and nationally through academic excellence and community service accomplishments.

PTK Advisor Recognition
Dr. Austin presented PTK Advisor Jean Vasko with a citation from the NJ Senate and General Assembly for her outstanding advisorship of the Warren County Community Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at the May Board meeting. The Board congratulated Mrs. Vasko on her work on behalf of the students at the College.
NJCCC Legislative
Dr. Phil Linfante,
Board Chair
Dr. Linfante, as Statewide Chairperson of the NJCCC Legislative Committee, discussed various legislation being considered by the Assembly, Senate and Governor.
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Warren County Community College is among the nation’s premier community colleges as recognized by the global higher education community.
Warren County Community College trustees, staff and students have received numerous national recognitions including, but not limited to:
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