February 2019 Board Briefs

On behalf of the Warren County Community College Board of Trustees, we would like to share with you exciting things taking place at your local Community College. This issue of Board Briefs highlights the Board of Trustees Informational Tours, presentation to the Board of School Estimate, Community College Opportunity Grant, Cengage Unlimited, New Trustee appointment, legislative updates, and so much more!

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February 2019

Exciting Things Are Happening This Spring!

The campus is bustling with new, transfer and continuing students!

The Board looks forward to keeping you informed regarding the exciting things that are taking place at the College!

Top Actions at the Last Board Meeting
Since 1981, Warren County Community College has been an example of excellence in education and we’ve had more than 40 years to perfect it. See what we mean – here are a few Great Things enacted to serve our community at the February Board Meeting.
February 2019 Board Briefs
  1. Board of School Estimate

Dr. Austin made a brief presentation regarding the College's budget request on February 13th to the Board of School Estimate.

Dr. Austin noted that WCCC had the lowest tuition and fee charges of the four northwestern NJ community colleges, especially when book charges were included. This is because of the new Cengage Unlimited Program. Even without book charges, WCCC’s charges were significantly lower than Sussex or Raritan-Valley.
He thanked the Freeholders for prior support of the College. He noted that for the first time in a number of years that tuition and fees supported less than 50% of the budget. The Freeholders increased the college operating commitment and provided funding for renovations at the Washington Campus.

The College budget was approved unanimously.

2 . Community College Opportunity Grant

Dr. Austin updated the Board on the implementation of the CCOG grant at the College. He provided the Board with brief overview of the status of the program at the College for Spring 2019. Over half of the WCCC students received aid to assist them in their educational expenses.

Interested in finding out more about the grant program and eligibility requirements?

Contact the Financial Aid office at 908-835-2300.

3. Washington Annex

Dennis Florentine, Dean of Administration provided the Board with an update on the Washington Annex Building.

Mr. Florentine anticipates that the Annex will be ready to be utilized beginning Spring 2019.

4. Cengage Unlimited Spring Implementation

Tired of the high cost of college textbooks?

Click here for more information on Cengage

5. WCCC Foundation Updates

Samir Elbassiouny updated the Board on the Foundation's upcoming Brew HaHa & Comedy Night Fundraiser scheduled for March 2, 2019 at the Belvidere Manor.

6. Board of Trustees Informational Tours/ Great Things Happening at WCCC

Dr. Austin, Dr. Linfante, and Board members will be attending Municipal Town Council meetings over the next 18-months starting in March 2019. Board members will travel throughout the county to inform and share the great things Warren County Community College has to offer with community members.

7.Association of Community
College Trustees

National Legislative Summit
Washington, DC
February 2019

The National Legislative Summit is the premier community college advocacy event in Washington, D.C., bringing together more than 1,000 community college trustees, presidents, and other leaders.

Dr. Phil Linfante, Board Chair, and Trustee Betti Singh represented the College at the 2019 National Legislative Summit.

Dr. Linfante and Trustee Singh reviewed with the Board the various presentations that they attended, and how they related to community college success.

 As part of the NLS, Dr. Linfante and Trustee Singh also met with state and federal legislators to actively promote the significant impact community colleges have across the country.
8. New Trustee Appointment

Ms. Elizabeth Gittins has been appointed by Governor Murphy to serve on the Warren County Community College
Board of Trustees.

Ms. Gittins will be sworn in at the March 23rd Board Retreat .

9. Board Retreat

The Board of Trustees annual retreat meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd at the College.

Dr. Linfante gave a brief overview of the many topics that will be discussed during the retreat including Board evaluations, review of ACCT Board presentations, and the Board Calendar.

Dr. Linfante informed the Board that Dr. Aaron Fichtner, President of the New Jersey Council of Community Colleges will be an honored guest at the retreat.

NJCCC Legislative

Dr. Phil Linfante,
Board Chair
Dr. Linfante, as Statewide Chairperson of the NJCCC Legislative Committee, and Chair of the NJ Council of County Colleges discussed various legislation being considered by the Assembly, Senate and Governor.

The Board of Trustees Retreat will be held at the College on Saturday, March 23, 2019
beginning at 9:30am.

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