Fr. Laurence Freeman
October 9-11, 2022
Seeking Unity in a Divided World
A 3-day In-person Retreat
The Jesuit Retreat Center
Parma, Ohio
(a suburb of Cleveland)

'Unified Consciousness' is the WCCM theme for this year. It has generated a rich sharing of perspectives globally which Fr Laurence will share in this retreat.

For meditators especially it makes sense that meditation makes a difference, beginning with personal healing of inner conflict and trauma and extending into the world through our web of relationships.

In many societies today political and religious views have become so polarized that the ability to speak to the other side has collapsed, and with that negative silence violence is not far away. The healing positive work of silence on the other hand can restore communication and hope even when things seem to be falling apart. The retreat, part of which will be silent, is suitable to those new to meditation as well as to those already practicing.
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Bill Hobbs, EdD, Dir

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