Hip Hip Hooray the YSB Spring Newsletter is here!

At the core of every organization is its vision, mission and values:

Our Vision: Low-income children, youth and families are transformed beyond their circumstances and successfully reach their goals.

Our Mission: To provide comprehensive, family-centered services to eligible children, youth and families in Contra Costa County.


Our Values:
  • Asset-Rich Philosophy: we value our clients and the communities that we serve and we build on their strengths.
  • Culturally-Diverse Care: We mirror and respect our clients and the communities so we can authentically engage
  • Family –Centered Approach: We encourage the whole family to be active in goal-setting and change
  • Hands-On Services: We roll up our sleeves, serve in the trenches and run the race of life alongside our clients and their families
  • Outcomes-Driven Programs: We strive for client success at home, at school and in our communities
  • Team-Based Collaboration: We integrate services with our partners and those important in our client’s lives

YSB would like to thank the following Community Partners for their generous support and donations during the Holiday Season as we collectively made a difference in serving our clients:
  • Carla Schneiderman
  • Catholic Charities
  • Chevron Refinery 
  • Community Access Ticket Agency (CATS) 
  • Davis Chapel CME Church
  • Donelle Ledo
  • Easter Hill United Methodist Church, Dr. Donald Guest
  • Girls Scout Troop 125
  • Gloryland Apostolic Cathedral
  • Janet Cooks, Space Science Center, UC Berkeley
  • Lice Control
  • M.A. Hays
  • Neighborhood House of North Richmond
  • Philips Temple Christian Methodist Church
  • Richmond PAL
  • San Pablo Youth Service Bureau
  • Today Youth Matters
  • Toys for Tots, Staff Sergeant Phillips and Coleman
  • Y.E.S
  • YMCA of the East Bay
  • Youth Opportunity Scholarships

YSB is Making a Difference through extensive community engagement with the help of staff and our community partnerships.

YSB Staff Coat Drive

Our Family Wraparound Facilitators with less than a month to plan and coordinate a coat drive to assist our Richmond Community. The team was successful in donating 17 coats to the families that we support. As a result, they donated an additional 20 coats to the Richmond Rescue Mission in hopes that families in the community we serve could have a warm jacket and beat the winter weather. Ebony comments: “We just don’t know that little is much and all we have to do is put legs on our ideas and watch them move.” Next year the team plans to aim higher in donating to a worthy cause, and looks forward to doing it all again next year!

Wraparound Family Facilitators, Ebony Blake and Sonya Smith-Hodge pictured right. 

Community Black History Celebration

YSB Celebrated and Sponsored the Black History Celebration along with many other community partners in collaboration with the Iron Triangle, Parchester Village, and Shields-Reid Neighborhood Councils. The theme: “We Are Family” those honored as community pioneers for the City of Richmond in serving and supporting underserved and at-risk populations were: Lillie Mae Jones, Maxine Kyle, Martha Watson, Jerrold Hatchett and Lakisha Hill who received the “Yes We Still Can” Achievement Award.

Ron Shaw (pictured right) conducted the libation community ceremony.
Lakisha Hill (pictured left) Shares words of appreciation for extensive community engagement: 

"My story is not all that different from any other Richmond resident. There are many challenges that face us from raising children, navigating the educational system, being surrounded by violence, inequities, inequalities, inaccessibility to resources but my success came from the support from organizations such as the West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau (WCCYSB), First Five, BBK, Richmond Main Street, YES, and the Child Abuse Prevention Council. These organizations were instrumental in providing support for me and my children during my pursuit of higher education. On May 13, 2017, I will receive an MBA and MA in Educational Leadership. Thank you for helping me be the difference."


Cancer Support Group Partnership 

The Women’s Cancer Resource Center (WCRC) provides an array of programs designed to help our clients cope with the physical and emotional changes caused by diagnosis and treatment, the challenges of living with cancer, and the demands of caring for someone with cancer. WCRC serves women with all types of cancer, from all backgrounds, economic abilities, and ethnicities. Since 1986, WCRC’s staff and volunteers have worked to ensure that no one in our community has to face a cancer diagnosis alone. All services are FREE. The cancer support group meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month at YSB Service Office – 84 Broadway Richmond, CA. 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month   
The West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau focuses on promoting the well being of children and their families by using educational tools to address the dangers of abuse and by building a safe space for children to develop and grow with the support of our community partners and programs.
Hip Hip Hooray Spring made its way!!