Volume 01 | October 11, 2017
Whatcom County Dressage and Eventing Association Newsletter
News and Notes October 2017

Greetings WCDEA club members. 
We are excited to bring you the following newsletter. We have asked for all of our members to answer a few questions to get to know each other better and many thanks to those who have responded. It has been fun reading about you and we look forward to more responses.

Our next meetings have great importance as it is time to decide our leadership! Please be sure to attend November 16 at El Gitano in Bellingham. - meeting begins at 7 - arrive earlier to order food and be ready to participate! (And to wrap up the year, our Christmas Party date is 12/9/17. Venue TBD but there will be goodies to be exchanged and prizes from our fabulous club! Gift exchange has recommended a $25 limit.

Check out the events on the horizon - fun things coming your way. And there are some nice items and pretty horses for sale in the classifieds.
We are also proud of our members who have had a successful show season - details found in Accolades. If there is info we are not aware of, please let us know - we want to let our members know about you.

  • the editors
On the Horizon
  • October 20-21st Freestyle Clinic with Nina Thompson Details
  • November 4 Upgrading your Judging Eye Details
  • November 16 WCDEA Meeting- Annual Board Member Vote
  • December 9 Christmas Party
Meeting Minutes
WCDEA 9.28.2017 Meeting Minutes

There were 8 members in attendance at the meeting held at El Gitano in Bellingham. President Kat Southam-Fay called the meeting to order at 6:52 pm.
Holly Nachbar presented financial statements for the year. We are currently showing a loss for income of $647.94. This is common for this time of year. After paying expenses during the year, we usually show a negative income prior to membership renewal.
Peoples Bank - Checking 970.97
Peoples savings:
               Calendar 300.00
 Leg Up Fund 472.24
Savings (regular) 5,753.95
Total Peoples savings (regular) 6,526.19
 Total Checking/Savings 7,497.16
               Harvest Classic Show – What happened? There were not enough entries to make the show worthwhile. Discussion revealed there was not enough advertising to get the word out. We didn’t have enough volunteer participation to help organize and run the event. Further discussion needs to be had regarding how to proceed. Do we want to have 2 shows per year? Should we focus on educational opportunities? 
               There was a great deal of interest in creating more structure within the club. Going forward we would like to focus on providing more jobs within the membership to promote more ownership and participation. We also want to utilize some of the funds saved to “give back” to the membership. This is to be done via scholarships, draws for spots in clinics, gift cards at events, etc. 
               Alex Brooks has stepped down from her position as newsletter editor. Nancy Rice and Nina Thompson have stepped up to fill the role! Look forward to several changes with our newsletter. Please send your successes and stories to ncrice04@gmail.com and nina.t@chiadopt.org. We would also welcome reporters to contribute to the newsletter. Spreading the word of what we have done, and what we are doing is vital to our membership!
                               Newsroom Reporters, Marketing Committee, Show and Events Committee, Webmaster
               Please think about what you can do to help and raise your hand at the next meeting!
               USDF Annual Convention – This years annual convention will be held in Lexington Kentucky from 11/29 to 12/2. As a GMO we are entitled to send 1 acting delegate to attend the events and vote on our behalf. The club will grant a travel stipend for a member wanting to attend. Please respond to Kat Southam-Fay before 10/07 if you are interested. 
               Our next meeting will be held on 11/16/17. This will be our annual board member vote. Please think about who you would like to see lead our club!
               Christmas Party – 12/09/2017. Location and time TBD. There will be a gift exchange with a limit of $25. Horse and rider gift bags will be given to members!
               Update Your Judges Eye – November 4 at Skagit County PUD, Aqua Room, 1415 Freeway Drive, Mount Vernon. Nicol Hinde is needing a few volunteers to run the door and help organize food. We also need people to bring snacks. Please contact Nicol to let her know what you can do! The club is offering a draw for 2 WCDEA memberships.  nrflacco@gmail.com.
               Michelle Becker announced that the Pickford Theater in Bellingham contacted her to let our club know that they are showing a film about a mule working in dressage. The title is “Dyna does Dressage” and will be showing in October. 
               For The Love of the Club – The 35 year celebration is being planned for February 2018 to spotlight the founding members of WCDEA. Dates, time, location are TBD. Mechelle Sieg and Kelly Dress are working to organize the event. Please look for more information coming soon. 
               Nina Thompson – October 20 & 21 Nina will be teaching a Freestyle Clinic. 
               WCDEA will be hiring to have brochures made. All were in agreement that this would be the most efficient method. We need brochures for marketing and membership. 
Our next business meeting is November 16, 2017.
These minutes will not be read at our next upcoming meeting. If there are any corrections, please email board members.

Kat Southam-Fay:  katsoutham@gmail.com
Garyn Heidemann:  garynheidemann@gmail.com
Holly Nachbar:  hnachbar@comcast.net
Kelly Dress:  kjdress@gmail.com

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Dress

Member Survey
What would you like to see in your newsletter?

WCDEA is trying out a new format for our newsletters. We are hoping to provide a more engaging experience for our membership. We would love your feedback on the October Newsletter!
What type of content is most interesting to you?
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For The Love of the Club
submitted by Mechelle Sieg

A lot happened in the year 1983. The last Deloreans were produced. Vanessa Williams became the first African-American Miss America. The final episode of M.A.S.H. aired with more than 125 million viewers tuned in to watch. People Magazine's most intriguing people for 1983 were : Debra Winger, Mr. T., Joan Rivers, Matthew Broderick, Michael Jackson and Jennifer Beals. There was, however, one important event that occurred in 1983 that did not receive a lot of publicity.

In 1983 there was a quiet, underground movement occurring in Whatcom County. Women were gathering and plotting. These weren't your average women. No. These were horsewomen with a passion for dressage, and they were organizing!

In 2018 it will be 35 years since WCDEA (originally WCDA) was conceived around the kitchen table in Carol Landt's home. Those founding organizers were Carol Landt, Kim Roe, Betty Cross, Betty Purtill, Micheal Grady and Beth Willy. From that seed grew our current club which is now (as of 2013) a USDF GMO with approximately 50 members!

It seems appropriate that we celebrate our 35th birthday in 2018 as WCDEA continues to promote activities and events for those equestrians passionate about dressage and eventing (eventers joined in the fun in the Spring of 2014.). Our theme for our 35th year will be, "For the Love of the Club" (thanks, Deb Cole 😊). Let's honor our beginnings! Let's get excited! Let's get involved! It's a big deal! Let's get ready to celebrate in a big way!!! 
Congratulations to WCDEA members:

  • Patty Yust for the success of her horse Rembrandt (referred to as Dutch) ridden by Sabrina Glaser winning the Advanced division at Aspen Farms Horse Trials September event.
  • Garyn Heidemann on placing 3rd place in NWD Championship in the I1 freestyle class.
  • Kat Southam and her fantastic mare Shay on her USDF Reserve Champion Region 6 Intermediare 1
  • Mellissa Nelson's horse KF Shenanigans ridden by Kim Roe not only qualified, but placed 6th at Working Equitation United National Champs Novice A level
Capitalizing on your USDF membership includes using the eTrak portal on the USDF website to access education articles and video. eTRAK  is USDF's new Online Learning Center. Available to all  current members  (Participating Member, Group Member, Education Member, Business Member),  eTRAK  will give you access to hundreds of videos, articles and other resources on equine health care, training and more!  eTRAK  is always available when you are and is designed to provide quality equine education materials and resources in one location - and it is searchable too! For more information on eTRAK go to www.usdf.org
Member Spotlight
Introducing Holly Nachbar!

Holly started riding at the age of 5 on a pony named Mr. Ed. She currently owns a 7 year old 17 hand Appendix QH mare. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has raised two children who have both graduated from college. When she was 13 she made the finals at the AJQHA World Championship show in Hunt Seat Equitation. Holly is a licensed CPA and she counts the support of friends and family as a huge asset in her life.
Member Spotlight
Introducing Jessica Heidemann!

How old were you when you started riding?  Tell us about your first horse.

The first horse I fell in love with with an awkward OTTB named Jett who spent more time on her hind legs than anywhere else :) She got me my very first (and last) dressage score in the 40s and taught me an appreciation for jumping jumps really fast! Despite all that I thought she was the coolest thing on 4 legs. Soon after I got my first horse of my own who literally changed my life. Gaily Gifted (G.G.) was a just-broke 5 year old Dutch/Arab cross. I was her person and she was my best friend. I took her through the CCI* level in Eventing and got scores through 2nd level in Dressage. I won the North American Young Riders Championships (NAYRC) in Parker Colorado with her in 1998. It was the absolute highlight in my young life. Because we had such an amazing relationship and we trusted each other so much I was often blind to the fact that she was actually a tricky horse. I was able to ride a full dressage test on her with no saddle or bridle and she would listen to every aid. However, I tried to use her twice as a trail horse for friends and both times turned out badly. Both times she bolted with the rider and the second of those times she bolted into the road and was hit and killed by a car. It continues to be the most tragic moment in my life. She taught me great joy and great pain and I will remember her for the rest of my life.

What is your current equine situation? (Breed, age, achievements)

I have two horses - both of which I bred myself. Encore (Cory) is 9 this year and just finished his second season at the Intermediate level in Eventing. He also helped me finish my USDF Bronze medal and this year we got 3 of the 4 scores we need for our Silver medal. In addition this year we played in the jumper world competing at the 1.15m and 1.20m levels. Next year I hope to move him up to Advanced and run a CCI**. My other horse Burlesque (Lux) is 4 and just getting going under saddle. My hope is to bring her out to play in the world next year. She's SUPER talented but isn't quite as easy a personality as Cory.

Tell us 3 of your favorite achievements (equine or otherwise)

*1998 Gold Medal CCI* with G.G
*2004 finishing in the ribbons at Rolex with French Twist. I was considered for that year's Olympic Team along with 20 other riders in the US.
*2006 at Rolex I was in 3rd place after cross-country. I was in the running for the World Equestrian games team. Karen O'Connor came up to me and grabbed my shoulder and said "congrats kid, you had better start learning spanish because I bet you are going to Juarez Spain". I will NEVER forget the feeling of that! Sadly Frenchie was injured and it was a long and very sad drive home.

What is your profession?

Do-er of all things! I'm a computer tech at WWU in the mornings and then work at the farm riding, training, and coaching in the afternoons.

What is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

Watching my students this year has been insanely fulfilling. I had multiple students who broke through their worries and doubts and had achievements that they never thought possible. Multiple times this year at shows I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat because I was so crazy proud.

Anything else to help the club members know you better?

Back to the "do-er of all things"! I also have an active outdoor life and try and cram everything in that I can. I'm an avid back-country skier and have done some ski mountaineering. I mountain bike and hike and love to go sailing as well. In addition I'm a closet homesteader. I grow my own hops and brew beer and cider. I make cheese and love to can and preserve all the goodies in my garden such as corn, kiwis, and squash. I always tease that I'm ready for the zombie apocalypse. This year I might be more prepared for a vampire invasion as I harvested over 10 pounds of garlic.

Saddle for Sale:
17.5" Karl Neidersuss Symphonie Dressage Saddle. Medium-wide tree with 16" flap and medium thigh blocks. The saddle is in great condition with normal wear for a used saddle. Asking $500. Contact Jessica Irwin at 360-224-4479 for more info.
Saddle for Sale
17.5 in. MW Verhan Odyssey dressage saddle. Adjustable tree and deep/comfortable seat. Made in 2010 and in excellent condition. $1000. Contact Nina Thompson at 360-7464624 or nina.t@chiadopt.org for more info.
Horse for Sale
2014 Dutch WB mare by Counsel
Charlie is a 16.3 H 2014 KWPN mare for sale. By Consul, email Garyn at garyn.heidemann@gmail.com for more information. 
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