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Summer 2016 Newsletter


We did it! A giant, heartfelt thank you to our community for helping us reach our one million-dollar goal! From providing science specialists at the K-5 level to increasing academic support at the intermediate and high school levels, WCEF funds reached every student—every day.

It’s hard to believe, but many districts in California do not offer art, music, P.E. and science specialists in their elementary schools. Many middle schools don’t have adequate security or counseling services and the principals are spread thin. Core academic classes in high schools are overcrowded, full-time nurses are not on staff and crisis counselors non-existent. Without parents like you and a supportive local community, Walnut Creek schools would not have these things either.

Please take a moment to appreciate the significance of our community coming together and raising one million dollars to preserve and enhance public education in Walnut Creek. On behalf of our board, I’d like to thank all of the parents, parent organizations, local businesses, teachers and staff who donated your time, money and resources to make this happen. As we grow, WCEF will continue to elevate critical programs and services that are otherwise not funded or underfunded by the state. Thank you to all!

~ Tim Schultz, Volunteer President and proud Las Lomas High School Parent


Collaborative Fundraising
New Executive Director
New Board of Directors
Business Partners
De Sa Scholarship Winner Jack Kane

"Thanks to WCEF I enjoy the privilege of learning with and from my colleagues. When my students go to Art, Music & PE, I meet with my grade level colleagues and we plan, half of the time with our coach, for how best to teach our students. I cannot begin to list the ways my teaching has improved because of this collaborative time, but I promise that what I learn directly affects students because we are always working hard to become better teachers."

Judy Mazur, Teacher, Grade 5 Buena Vista Elementary



Collaborative Fundraising

A key part of our success this year was WCEF and your schools’ parent organization (PTO/PTA/PTSA) coming together to implement a new fundraising model called collaborative fundraising. Instead of competing for the same funds, WCEF and parent organizations work together to ensure that each meet its fundraising goal. This model has been very successful in neighboring districts, proving that when we work together, we can raise more money than either group could alone. Many thanks to our parent organizations for their support this year, and WCEF looks forward to another successful collaborative fundraising effort next year!

New Executive Director

This spring WCEF found a new Executive Director in civil litigation attorney Morgan West Hansen.

Morgan is an active member of the California State Bar and has several years of non-profit experience. Through her new Executive Director position, she hopes to make a more positive and widespread impact in her native city of Walnut Creek. Morgan is thrilled to build upon the successes of WCEF and is hopeful that WCEF will continue to grow through collaborative efforts. She can be contacted at

New Board of Directors

The Walnut Creek Education Foundation K-12 (WCEF) has selected its Board of Directors slate for the 2016-17 year. Officers assume their posts on July 1st.

President: Lisa Sun
VP Administration: Heidi Hernandez Gatty
Treasurer: Bruce Fuller
VP Fundraising: Katy Grant
Secretary: Sarah Seaway
Marketing Communications Co-Chairs: Emma Berkowitz & Alison McDaniel
Co-VPs Community/Business Development: Marci Winer & Shannon Walden
Co-VPs Parent Fundraising: Christina Alessi & Lisa Wendt
Volunteer Recruitment Chair: Tim Schultz

Site Representatives:

  • Buena Vista: Open
  • Indian Valley: Becky Thomson
  • Parkmead/PALS: Harriet Rosen & Jeff Pickett
  • Murwood: Open
  • Tice Creak: Sidney Squire & Tara Bell
  • Walnut Heights: Lori Gillespi & Aida Sadikovic
  • Walnut Creek Intermediate: Samantha Francois, Elissa Lawson & Jennifer Wickboldt
  • Las Lomas: Suzanne Moss & Valeria Melincu


  • Buena Vista: Open
  • Auditor: Open
  • Rossmoor Chair: Barbara Pennington
  • Writer: Donna Goldwasser
  • Grants: Open

Collaborative Fundraising Representatives:

  • Buena Vista: Open
  • Indian Valley: Allison McAdam
  • Murwood: Open
  • Parkmead/Pals: Open
  • Tice Creek: Rose Cohen
  • Walnut Heights: Open
  • Walnut Creek Intermediate: Open
  • Las Lomas: Sue Frost

There are open positions at Buena Vista and Murwood. Please contact Morgan West Hansen if you want to learn more.

Business Partners


Businesses understand that partnering with great schools and reaching thousands of families with their message, product or service is a powerful marketing tool.

With various levels of funding participation, businesses can help make a big difference in WCEF schools. Our most recent business newsletter can be accessed here.



WCEF's Endowment, designed to provide a source of perpetual support for the foundation, has grown to more than $51,000 since it was established in 2010 by our forward-thinking board. Gifts from parents, alumni and the community have been funding our endowment each year. To make a charitable donation to the endowment:

  • Give directly to the endowment using our online donation form
  • Donate a vehicle to WCEF by visiting the Vehicle Donation Program website or call 877.999.8322.
  • Make a donation through a Charitable Remainder Trust or Traditional Bequest. Planned giving or legacy giving is a wonderful way to continue to support WCEF K-12 and the future of the children of the Walnut Creek School District and Las Lomas High School

For more information about ways to give to WCEF's Endowment Giving Program, please contact WCEF's Endowment Chair at

De Sa Scholarship Winner Jack Kane

WCEF congratulates Jack Kane, recipient of the 10th annual Michael W. De Sa Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship, which is administered by WCEF, was presented to Jack at Lomas High School Senior Awards Night held on Tuesday, May 31. Jack was selected out of several qualified applicants based upon his ability to overcome adversity, his desire for self-improvement in the face of challenges and his leadership skills both on and off the football field. Jack’s teachers and coaches speak fondly of his contagious enthusiasm and positive attitude. Jack is an active volunteer in this community and has demonstrated academic excellence throughout his years at Las Lomas High School. WCEF wishes Jack Kane luck as he heads to Colorado State University this fall.


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Funded Programs and Personnel 2015-2016

K-5 – Buena Vista, Indian Valley, Murwood, Parkmead,
Walnut Heights (WCSD)
Tice Creek

  • Art, Music, Physical Education & Science Lab Specialists
  • Coach/Teacher Sub Costs
  • Librarian Hours

6-8 Walnut Creek Intermediate (WCSD)

  • Campus Safety
  • Free Afterschool Homework Help
  • Counselor
  • WCI Librarian Hours
  • Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA - 2nd Vice Principal)
  • Science Technology (Hardware/Software)

9-12 Las Lomas High School

  • 9 Core Academic Classes (English, Math, History, Science)
  • Intervention Specialist (Mental Health)
  • Nurse
  • Science Support/Technology
  • Departmental Grants/Technology
  • Performing Arts Support
For more information or to donate visit
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