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Volume 2, Issue 6
June 2014
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Director's Note 

Often over the years people would ask me if summer was the slowest time for libraries since 


school wasn't in session. That question always prompts me to think back to years ago when summer *was* slower than the rest of the year.

During summer, we didn't have to spend much time helping people use the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature resulting in hours spent retrieving armful of magazines from the archives. (My how things have changed!)

As you know, library usage has changed profoundly over the years chiefly due to the advent of technology. However, one of the non-technology driven ways libraries have changed over the years is in our research-based understanding of the importance of public libraries in the areas of early literacy and summer learning. Keeping children reading over the summer has been documented to make a difference for children.  Here's a short but powerful piece about
summer learning that I urge you to watch. 


All of our libraries have plenty of fun learning activities planned for children this summer. Summer is now the busiest time in libraries! Here's a neat idea for engaging your community in your library's summer reading program. 


Enjoy your summer!


Congratulations on Your Retirement!

Library directors Sadie Soneberg of the Big Bend Village Library and Dennis Sampson of the New Berlin Public Library are set to retire in July. Sadie came from the bustling New York to small Big Bend and has been director for 39 years (1975-2014)! Dennis was Interim Director at Mukwonago and then New Berlin before being asked to remain on as the permanent Director at the New Berlin Public Library (2010-2014). Dennis has been an active member of the Pewaukee Friends of the Library and also sat on the Pewaukee Public Library Foundation Board and Library Board of Trustees. 


Best wishes for a fun-filled but relaxing retirement. We will think of you often. But now forget all meetings and worries. Enjoy!

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Services for Special Populations

Memory Caf� Workshop

A library workshop will be held to introduce the idea of memory caf�s on Thursday, June 19 1:00-3:00 p.m. Visit the WCFLS web site for more info and to register.  
LSTA Grant Training Sessions 

Public libraries in Wisconsin are encouraged to apply for Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants either as the sole applicant or with another entity such as another public library or library system. There is a 2015 LSTA grant training session on Thursday, June 19 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. and will include the competitive grant categories and general information for public libraries. The sessions will be archived following the webinars. There is no need to register--just click the following link, http://tinyurl.com/pdcputm, on the scheduled meeting date and time. More info is available on the LSTA web site

Continuing Education
  WI Trustee Training Week 2014

Trustee Training Week
A series of webinars taking place at 12:00 p.m. each day from August 18-21, the Wisconsin Trustee Training Week will provide Wisconsin public library trustees new ideas and tools to support the libraries they serve. All sessions will be recorded. For more info and to register, visit Nic Bits, a blog of the Nicolet Federated Library System.

CE Events at Your Fingertips
Laurie Freund is keeping the Continuing Education (CE) page up to date with upcoming in-person and online opportunities. Please check often to see what has been added!
Kid's Corner
WI Book AuthorAshlee Kunkel, a librarian from Milton Public Library, shared on WISPUBLIB that she recently had Jamie A. Swenson teach a writers' workshop for teens ages 11 - 17. Jamie is a Children's Associate at Hedberg Public Library and has written two, working on three, children's books: Boom! Boom! Boom!, Big Rig, and If You Were a Dog (2014). 
Ashlee reported that Jamie 's two-hour workshop covered everything from character building, setting, point of view, and dialog. She also incorporated different writing activities and group work.
She also added "I highly recommend this workshop! Jamie is a great presenter and it was awesome to see her interact with and encourage the teens to open up and explore their creative sides. Some teens that were reluctant to share in the beginning started to speak up near the end. It was definitely a great way to start our teen summer reading program, and probably one of my top programs I've been able to offer."
Ashlee would be happy to answer any questions about the workshop at 
kunkel.ashlee@als.lib.wi.us or 608-868-7462. Or you can take a look at Jamie's website at http://jamieaswenson.com.
CAF� Tips  
Search using asterisk
Search using an * for a list of events in  
chronological order


Community Search Tip   

A cool tip to show patrons is how to get a list of events in date order. Using Community Keyword, search using an asteriks * as your search parameter.   

Marketing Your Library
Hartland Newsletter featuring ARRC
Hartland Public Library Features eResource in eNewsletter
Pairing your print and electronic resources is a great way to show your patrons you offer resources in multiple formats for their unique lifestyle. 

Visit the Database Toolkit page for more ideas to promote your electronic resources. 

Highlight a Book a Day
Highlight a book/eBook a day on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc) to keep the library in the forefront of your patron's mind. Be sure to link back to the bibliographic record on the catalog or Wisconsin's Digital Library so the patron can quickly place a hold.


No Printer? No Problem!

by Gary Finch, Menomonee Falls Public Library 


The number of patrons who bring laptops and other mobile devices to the library has increased substantially during the last year, and consequently so has the number of requests from patrons to print from their wireless devices. To meet this need, the library has activated the wireless printing feature of its leased Ricoh MPC3502 copier, utilizing Ricoh's arrangement with PrinterOn.com.

For patrons, printing from a wireless device is simple:  

1) Attach whatever they want to print to an email and send the email to PrinterOn.com.

2) Wait momentarily for PrinterOn to reply with an email which contains a printing release code.
3) Go to the Ricoh copier, touch a few buttons and enter the release code to print.  


The cost of wireless printing to patrons is the same as it is when they make copies: 10� per page for black/white and 50� per page for color. The procedure works from any location with any device which can send and receive email. On an experimental basis, we have set the Ricoh copier to hold print requests for four hours.

As patrons become aware of the service, more and more use it -- and they really like it! An unplanned benefit is that patrons can use the service from home if their own printer is out of ink or they don't own a printer.

For additional information, contact J.J. Berger, IT Co-coordinator, at the Menomonee Falls Public Library jberger@menomonee-falls.org or 262-532-8932.  

Print from Mobile at MF
ePrinting Instructions (Gary Finch, hand model)

eCard sample
6 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Quotes - get started! 


6 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Quotes

Find out how


Need a Crash Course in 3D Printing?
Read this introductory piece on 3D printing.  


Writing for the Web
Learn some new web writing practices you can put to use right away. Register for this free webinar on July 16, 12:00 p.m. 


Planning Ahead 

Interfaith Senior Programs Would Like to Invite You to Host a Senior Sensitivity Workshop

Teens wearing simulator glasses
Special glasses simulate the effects of cataracts and glaucoma
The Senior Sensitivity Workshops 
organized by Interfaith Senior Programs aim to educate youth about the physical and mental challenges faced by seniors and people with disabilities. This is done through two different methods: information and experience. The workshops provide information about possible obstacles such as loss of vision and hearing, reduced dexterity, memory loss, and decreased mobility.  
After information is provided about these topics, they literally become obstacles for children and teenagers. Interfaith sets up different stations (vision loss, hearing loss, memory loss, dexterity, mobility), each of which simulates a different difficulty common for seniors and adults with disabilities. The simulations hinder or obstruct the teens' young and healthy senses to mimic the hindrances that come with old age.  
Buttoning zipping
Even everyday tasks like buttoning or zippering a
shirt can be hard with arthritis
Why Does it Matter?
Many teenagers might not know about the problems that come with aging. Even if they do, they might not realize the magnitude of the problems or their consequences. The workshops are designed to make the younger generation aware, so that they can know their help is needed. The goal is that by the end of the workshop, teens will recognize that they can make a difference in a senior's life by doing something as simple as helping clean up their yard for spring, or mowing their lawn for the summer. Once a teen expresses an interest, Interfaith will connect them to a senior to help maintain their independence as long as possible.

The workshops are available at no cost to a wide variety of organizations in Waukesha County. For more information, or to schedule a workshop for programs at your library please contact Kris Lombardi, Interfaith Senior Programs Community Outreach manager at 262 522 2403 or KrisL@InterfaithWaukesha.org.
Alzheimer's Association is Available to Present Community Education Programs at Your Library

Judy Gunkel, Community Outreach Coordiantor, with the Alzheimer's Assocation SE WI Chapter, is available to present general community education programs including: What's It Like?: The world through the eyes of those with Alzheimer's Disease; Memory Loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease - The Basics; Maximize Your Memory; and Know the 10 Signs.  
Contact Judy Gunkel at the Alzheimer's Association for more information at (262) 548-7224 or jgunkel@alz.org.
In the Spotlight


Capturing the Library's Story


Alex LeClair is a Librarian I in the Information Services Department at Waukesha Public Library. His primary duties include reference, collection development, government documents, and Facebook. Waukesha Public Library rotates responsibility for its Facebook page among departments. Alex likes to feature portraits and stories of people at the library during his Facebook rotation.


The idea was inspired by Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York project. Stanton walks around the streets of New York taking people's photos and chatting with them. It occurred to Alex that he could use this concept at Waukesha Public Library to document their world and share stories along the way.


You might wonder, how Alex approaches people for this purpose. According to Alex, "When I approach people, I simply ask them if I can take their picture for the library's Facebook page. I try to be upbeat and open. Sometimes people are unsure of how to respond. If it seems like they don't want to do it, I'll add that it's OK to say no and then I move on."  


If a person says yes, Alex chats with the person while they fill out a photo release form and then he uses the person's comments directly or paraphrased in a Facebook post.


Alex notes that the "Waukesha Public Library's Facebook page 'likes' have noticeably increased and the photos have helped increase engagement." Talking openly with strangers and taking their photos can create an unexpected bond and often has lasting effects. "The posts also attract people who like or comment on photos of family or friends. A photo I took of a pregnant woman generated a lot of comments. The post was updated to say that she'd given birth to a baby girl."


Alex concludes "there is a lot of potential for photography to be used for the library and the community. It's been a success so far, with a lot of room to grow."

Read the story that goes with each photo above. 
1. 5K Post 2. Meet Your Librarian Emily Post  3. Microscope Post 4. Children's Premier Art Post  


Do you want your library featured "In the Spotlight"? Contact Angela Meyers at WCFLS, ameyers@wcfls.lib.wi.us or 262-896-8245.

Mark Your Calendar
American Library Association (ALA) Conference 
June 26-July 1, Las Vegas


Trustee & Friends Celebration Dinner Featuring Jessie Garcia
October 1, Tuscan Hall Banquet Center, Waukesha
Back in Circulation Again, a national conference for circulation managers and staff
October 6-7, Madison. More info
Sheboygan Children's Book Festival
October 10-12, Sheboygan More info

Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) Conference 
November 4-7, Kalahari Resort & Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells 
Waukesha County Federated Library System
831 N. Grand Avenue #220
Waukesha, WI 53186

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