WCI Monthly Newsletter

WCI April, 2021 Newsletter
Volume 6, Issue 4

A Moment in Time...

Trivia Quiz

How Much Do You Know About WCI’s Past?

1. What was the original name of WCI?
           A. Woman's Philanthropy Club of Indio
           B. Coachella Valley Literary Guild
           C. Altrurian Literary Club
2. What were the original club colors?          
           A. Red, white, and blue
           B. Green and gold
           C. Blue and white
3. What was the original club flower?
           A. Poppy, later changed to verbena
           B. Verbena, later changed to poppy
           C. Yucca, later changed to verbena 

Answers can be found below Anniversaries.
WCI President's Message
April, 2021
I was recently told by a young man that I was going to live forever. I said, “What? Nobody lives forever.” 

He told me that he had read that people die twice . . . once when their bodies stop breathing and once the last time anyone says their names. This young man reasoned that since my name was on the list of Woman’s Club of Indio Presidents, I would live forever. This belief originated in ancient Egypt and was popularized by Banksy.*

About two years ago, while I was trying to discover the first names of our prior Club Presidents, I became determined to add my name to that list. And, just about a year ago, my dream came true when I was elected as the 77th President of GFWC Woman’s Club of Indio. 

The Coachella Valley History Museum’s new Gardens and Railway Exhibit will have a Hummingbird Garden dedicated to the Presidents of WCI. Our club is the oldest service club in the Coachella Valley and being its President is a big deal. Club Presidents have the opportunity to promote their favorite projects, work with a team of Chairs that they choose, and effect change for club growth and community wellness, but live forever? Who knew?

Our club is fortunate to have so many talented members, many of whom are natural born leaders. I am calling for next term’s WCI leaders. It is time to think about what chair or board position would be a good fit for you, which is the first step toward being President.

Clubs can only continue if members are willing to step up to leadership. So, step up to leadership, join the board, and someday you, too, can get your name on that historic list. Let’s live forever!

Mickie Reed

*Banksy is a British street artist, activist, and film director.
Membership Dues

If you haven’t paid your $100 membership dues for 2021, please do so right away. Despite the long months of isolation, we increased our philanthropic work and had more fun social events than ever before. This year, we are depending on your dues for our scholarships. You may pay dues online or mail a check made payable to WCI to Francine Henigan, 81217 Corte Tolon, Indio, CA 92203.
California Federation of Women’s Clubs 
118th Annual Convention

This year’s CFWC Convention will be held Thursday, May 13th, through Saturday, May 15th, via Zoom. We need 7 more delegates to make sure our voices are heard. This requires attending 5 hours spread over 3 days when voting will occur.

Our new GFWC club, HOPE, will be welcomed in a ceremony on Saturday, May 15th at 12:30 p.m. 

Contact Mickie Reed at indioclubwoman@gmail.com to volunteer to be a delegate. This is a no-cost, easy-on-your-feet-and-wardrobe opportunity to attend a state convention from the comfort of your home, so sign up now!
Annual Fundraiser Luncheon Update

So many of our plans for the past 12 months could not occur – not just for us, but for our club, too. That includes this year's Annual Fundraiser Luncheon. Because of the pandemic and the public health safety restrictions, we were not able to gather at Heritage Palms this year. We could not enjoy each other's company, have a fabulous meal, listen to entertainment, do a little shopping, or participate in a raffle and silent auction. I have such fond memories of our last event – 007: Women on a Mission, which was a super well-attended and fun occasion. The event also achieved what we needed: raising enough money to support the vast majority of our club's giving. Our annual fundraiser supported our scholarship program and our other ongoing initiatives with the CV Rescue Mission, FIND, Read With Me, Ophelia Project, Penny Pines, USO – and so many more. 

To that end, we have created a Charity GoFundMe called "Scholarship & Community Involvement Campaign." We will send out an email blast to businesses and individuals to encourage donations. It is our sincere hope that our community supporters will continue to be generous.

How can you help? You can share this information with your family, friends, and colleagues and encourage their generosity. And, if you're able to give, consider this: If you have attended any of our annual fundraisers, please consider what you spent at those events on raffles, silent auction items, or products, and, if you're able to, donate to our campaign. Click here to contribute to our Scholarship & Community Involvement fundraiser. GFWC Woman's Club of Indio Scholarship and Community Involvement Campaign

Thank you so much for YOUR generosity - both in your time volunteering and for your cash and in-kind contributions. We are all so very grateful.
Sylvia Baran
Beginning of April, please report all volunteer hours and contributions to Marlon Carrier at dean@womansclubofindio.org.

General Meeting: Wednesday, April 7th, 5:00 p.m. Bingo Party via Zoom

Springtime Pet & Hat Parade at the INRC: Saturday, April 10th, 10:00 a.m. No-contact, socially-distant parade on the outside grounds of the Indio Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 47763 Monroe St, Indio; just south of Dr. Carreon Blvd and JFK Hospital. More details in the enclosed Health & Wellness Action Updates column.

GFWC Federation Day: Thursday, April 24th

Board Meeting: Thursday, April 29th, 5:00 p.m., via Zoom

Drop-Off Easter Items: Donations of Easter items for CV Rescue Mission and Galilee Center and shopping money accepted through March 30th. Please see enclosed Health & Wellness Action Updates column for more details.
Virtual Bingo/April General Membership Meeting​ 
Rosalva Campos, Co-2nd Vice President​​

Join us for our April General Meeting/Virtual Bingo event on Wednesday, April 7th, at noon. If you would like to participate in our FREE virtual bingo, RSVP by Monday, April 5th, by emailing: membership@womansclubofindio.org
We will play via Zoom. Each WCI member will receive four cards, and you may play multiple cards or one at a time. The choice is yours. We will have a total of four rounds (games). Each round will have a prize of $25, for a total of $100 in prizes. ​

You’ll be receiving your cards via email from the following sender: invites@mail.myfreebingocards.com a day or two before our meeting. **Please do not delete the email.** You can print out your cards as they’ll be sent as pdf version or play online. Check out the video link below for detailed playing instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGsvfmhkJAs.​ ​ 
Meetings and Programs for 2020-2021 
April 7th, 5:00 p.m. (via zoom)
Bingo Party
May 5th, 11:30 a.m. (via zoom)
Cinco de Mayo
Scholarship Awards Luncheon 
1st Vice President/Dean's Corner
Marlon Carrier
DID YOU KNOW that GFWC has entered a fundraising agreement with STARFISH PROJECT for the 2020-2022 Administration? STARFISH PROJECT is an organization that supports women escaping human trafficking and exploitation. The organization is currently working with more than 150 survivors to provide a fresh start in life by arranging safe housing, healthcare, education, and training, and employing them to make jewelry and garments to support its mission.
Through this endorsed fundraiser, 25% of the proceeds from any STARFISH product purchased through this dedicated LINK, GFWC STARFISH, will go to GFWC’s Success for Survivors Scholarship! Read about the Scholarship here … GFWC Success for Survivors
Enter your email on the STARFISH Website for a discount and take a look at Starfish Project’s necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and garments. Order your next favorite piece of jewelry today and help a human trafficking survivor succeed!
Technology Committee
Sylvia Baran, 3rd VP
Did you know . . .  that our website is filled with information about our board and our club chairwomen? It's true. If you look on the website under the "About Us" tab, you'll see the 2020-2022 WCI Board and Committees option. Click on that link, and you'll find a photo of each current board member and her title. Below the board members is a list of committee chairwomen. Click on the title of any board member or chairwoman, and your computer will offer the option to email her directly. 

If you click on the "Learn More" link for any committee chair, it takes you to her page, and you can see photos and learn about the committee's work. Many chairs have information about current events that are available to enjoy even during the pandemic.  

If you have any information about a WCI committee or just in general, we would be happy to hear from you and incorporate your current information on our website.

Now you know.
Health & Wellness Committee 
Volunteer Action Updates
Marcia Daniels, Health and Wellness Chair
SPRING HAS ARRIVED. As flowers begin to bloom and many of us begin to engage with others for the first time in months, let us commit ourselves to HEALTH AND WELLNESS ACTIONS with ourselves, families and friends, and with our community.

Here are some ways to be involved:

SAVE THE DATE: April 10th, 10:00 a.m. WCI is having an outdoor, no-contact, socially-distant Springtime Pet and Hat Parade on the outside grounds of the Indio Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (INRC). Bring yourself, and if you like, your favorite leashed pet or stuffed animal. Your family is invited, too. It is Spring, so consider wearing a hat that’s sure to please. Masks are required, and we will provide water. Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion. We are planning for good weather, pleasant music, and lots of giggles. INRC patients and staff rated our 2020 Halloween Parade a 10+! We are hoping to provide them with a similar 10+ experience this time, too.

THE INRC CARD & WRITING PROJECT CONTINUES! WCI members started writing cards and letters of support to residents and staff of the INRC last summer. Many of you have done this once, and many have done this several times. For some residents, this is the only contact they get outside of the INRC. If you have not done so yet, come on board and join those participating (contact Marcia Daniels). And, if you have written letters or cards, remember the joy you brought and volunteer again. Your message can be in English or Spanish. Health & Wellness Committee members will arrange for pickup and delivery.  

STILL TIME FOR EASTER BASKET ITEMS FOR CVRM & GALILEE! Easter is April 4th this year. Our annual parking lot drop-off of Easter items and money donations has already occurred, but there is still time (through March 30) to donate items or make a money donation (and we will shop for you!). Please contact Marcia Daniels (see below) to make arrangements. You can also make a money donation directly on our website (click here), labeling it “For Easter Baskets.” Though there will be a little candy in each basket, we are mainly including non-food items such as bubbles, stickers, small toys, action figures, small activity kits/books, puzzles, small balls, card games, notepads, art supplies (crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, paint sets, markers), small books, and of course, Easter grass and plastic eggs. 

Thanks to all who contributed so generously to the Easter Basket Project. You are making this Easter very special for all the kids at CV Rescue Mission and Galilee Center.

Questions about any of our projects? Contact Marcia Daniels at health@womansclubofindio.org or 818-235-7625.
De Anza District Art Contest 
    & CFWC Art Show

The 2021 De Anza District and state conventions will be held virtually, as will their art contests and art shows. Instead of sending your art or craft project to the district Arts Chair, you will submit one photograph of your project this year. A pre-registration form and a photograph must be sent to Reatha Reedus at sparkeyoplenty89@cs.com no later than April 9th. To see the how-to-enter directions, list of categories, and pre-registration forms, click here. Questions? Contact Peg Boortz, Arts & Culture Chair, at pegboortz9@gmail.com.
Wear a mask, maintain social distance, and stay informed! See current Riverside County Vaccine Clinic Information here: Riverside County COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics or check with your health care provider or insurance carrier for vaccine availability.  
Yard of the Month Winner
Bernadette Subia-Martinez and Angela Zepeda,
Recognition Co-Chairs
Home of the Silva Family

It was a family effort. Five years ago, Mrs. Silva and family worked together to make their home water and energy efficient. Mrs. Silva said that since she has gone to a yard that is all decomposed granite, her yard’s upkeep ranges from once a week to every fifteen days (depending on the weather). Jokingly, Mrs. Silva stated that the money she saves on her water bill she now spends on flowers for her front and back yards. The decomposed granite is now an amazing five years old. 
Members are encouraged to write congratulatory notes to the Silva Family at 81388 Green Avenue, Indio, 92201.

Please contact Bernadette Subia-Martinez or Angela Zepeda at recognition@womansclubofindio.org to nominate more yards with great curb appeal.
Click for volunteer opportunities
Epsilon Sigma Omicron
Educational Society
The Altrurians Chapter Meetings
Sports Category

April 20, 2021: Rough Magic: Riding the World’s Longest Horse Race by Lara Prior-Palmer. At the age of 19, the author set off on a horse into the Mongolian Steppe not knowing what she was getting into. Non-fiction. We will choose a new reading category at this meeting.

June 15, 2021: In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle by Madeline Blais. A funny and intimate look into the minds and hearts of the members of a girls’ basketball team and their quest for the State Championship and respect. Non-fiction. We will select 3 books for the new category at this meeting.

Please check out the ESO page on our website for more information about our book club. Questions about ESO? Contact Peggy Mathieson at education@womansclubofindio.org. 
"Through the Looking Glass”

A highlight of our members’ interesting lives or contributions to our club.
Gypsy Moths
Joan Helms
It was early spring of 1968 when the famous movie director, John Frankenheimer, came to the Skydive drop zone in Lake Elsinore, California. He was looking for some guys who would want to be stuntmen for Burt Lancaster, Gene Hackman, and Scott Wilson in his new film production, Gypsy Moths. The movie was an adaptation of James Drought's book about three barnstorming skydivers and their effect on a Midwestern American town on a 4th of July weekend. Six jumpers were soon chosen, as well as a licensed parachute rigger and two others who were responsible for the aerial photography. They were soon on their way to Benton, Kansas, to start an exciting six-week adventure. The spouses of several jumpers and I tagged along to see what it's like to film a movie.

My husband, Jerry, was selected to be the parachute rigger since he had his rigging shop in Lake Elsinore, where we lived. The skydiving scenes required Jerry to make repairs and alterations to several different kinds of skydiving gear. He made batwings, which was something new to parachuting at the time, and in some places, illegal. The wings were attached to the jumpsuit from the wrist to the ankle on both sides. The wings made a jumper able to glide through the air as if he were flying. 
Jerry also rigged up several parachutes to break away in one of the scenes. A jumper carried five parachutes on his back, pulled the ripcord, and the top one opened. He released that one, fell a few feet, and opened the next one, repeating this until he opened the last parachute and landed on the ground.
The other actors in the movie were Debra Kerr, William Windom, and Bonnie Bedelia. What a great treat it was to meet, interact, and dine with some of these actors and the filming crew. They treated us like family as we enjoyed the picnics we planned, playing ball, and other activities. We participated in outdoor activities during days off, break time, or after the filming ended for the day. Sometimes we would all gather at the end of the day and view the days shooting, called “dailies." We would listen to Mr. Frankenheimer's thoughts of the day's work, what he liked, and what he wanted to have changed.
Shortly after the filming in Kansas ended and the jumpers went home, the guys got a call to head up to Yuba City, CA, for two weeks to finish shooting several jump scenes. Jerry and I drove up, as did several of the others. 
John Frankenheimer was a well-known director. Among the movies he directed were The Manchurian Candidate, Bird Man of Alcatraz, State Fair, The Train, Seven Days in May, Black Sunday, Grand Prix, and Seconds. The studio released Gypsy Moths in 1969. It was a big disappointment for me as far as the storyline went; however, the jump scenes were exciting and fun to watch. 
I have fond memories of the time I spent in Benton, Kansas, and Yuba City, California. I think my favorite memory comes from the day before we were to leave to go back to California. John gathered us together and said what a difference we "young'ns" made when we suggested doing outdoor activities during free time. "We normally just hang out at the local bar!" he said. He added that he would probably continue doing the outdoor fun time when he directed his next movie.
Looking back 53 years at this once-in-a-lifetime experience, I realize how fortunate I was to meet many of the actors and production staff and to contribute the idea of outdoor activities during free time. I will carry the memories with me forever.  
Seeking Looking Glass Volunteers

Do you reminisce about your interesting family history, a trip you took, a charity you hold near and dear, a hobby, or a special accomplishment, current or past? If you do, we want you to join the talented WCI Newsletter staff. As an unpaid freelance reporter, you are invited to write about your fond memories and your story will appear in the Through the Looking Glass section of our newsletter. Contact Peg Boortz at pegboortz9@gmail.com to sign up or for more information.
April Birthdays
Helen Mason (4th), 
Zan Stevens (6th),
Susan Francis (7th), 
Beverli Marshall (7th),
Angela Zepeda (10th), 
Grete Cox (11th),
Millie Luszczak (13th), 
Linda Mesman-Poirot (13th), 
Bernadette Subia-Martinez (16th),
Irene Calderon (20th), 
Glenn Miller (22nd),
Donna Rose (23rd),
Sue McNeil (24th), 
and Mickie Reed (25th)
Celebrating Our Members’ Years of Service

Members who joined in April

Michelle Lopez - 2 years
Gail Sand - 3 years
Marcia Daniels - 3 years
Rosalva Campos - 5 years
Susan Francis - 8 years
Barbara Rysavy - 8 years
Sue Karr - 11 years
Trivia Quiz Answers: 1. C, 2. B, 3. A
De Anza District News
Convention in April
The De Anza District Convention is April 13th and 14th, via Zoom. There are opportunities to vote at this Convention, as well. There may be members from our club who will be nominated to fill CFWC committees, and if we are there, we can vote. The Call to Convention is expected to come out shortly.
We Thank and Support Our Sponsors
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Peg Boortz & Dona LaFrance