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WCI June 2022 Newsletter
Volume 7, Issue 6

A Moment in Time...

What Were We Doing in the 1950s?
In the early 50s, the May Brunch and fashion shows were becoming popular. WCI hosted the Riverside County Federation meeting, the Garden Section arranged a tour of outstanding flower gardens in the community, and the club added the Well Baby Clinic to their community activities. 
A new Literature Section was formed, which provided a program for one meeting each year and earned sufficient funds to contribute to the Creative Writing Awards presented to deserving students at Valley High School. Well done, ladies!
WCI President's Message
June, 2022
As we enter a new club year in June and new club term for 2022 – 2024, I am delighted to be writing as Woman’s Club of Indio’s President # 76! 

Thank you to ALL our members, new or returning Committee Chairs, along with our outgoing and incoming Board Members for all you have done for our club and community. Your many hours of service, creative ideas, hard work, and generous monetary and in-kind donations are so greatly appreciated.  

I hope my regular messages will provide some useful information, a little inspiration, and interesting insights as we move forward together in the coming months. As the theme for my term, you may have guessed, I’ve chosen Serving Others Together. Whether working together on a committee, participating in one of our projects, serving as a Board Member or Committee Chair, or simply supporting our club as a dues paying member, Serving is what we do every day. In serving each other and supporting our projects, as our Collect for Club Women reminds us, let us “. . . put into action our better impulses . . . and forget not to be kind.” 

In this month’s newsletter, please read on about our upcoming activities including our club’s representation at the CFWC Convention in Garden Grove. This was my first State Convention and a wonderful experience. Thank you to our MANY members who were able to attend and serve as delegates! 

I look forward to seeing you at the Coachella Valley Cemetery Wreath Ceremony on Monday, May 30th, and at our terrific socials this summer. Stay cool and keep Serving!

Your President,
Marlon Carrier

Beginning of June, please report volunteer hours and contributions to dean@womansclubofindio.org, Christal Cansino.
COACHELLA VALLEY CEMETERY MEMORIAL DAY WREATH CEREMONY: Monday, May 30th, 9:00 a.m. Join us at the Cemetery Veteran’s Monument, 82925 Avenue 52, Coachella, as we honor our fallen soldiers and place the Woman’s Club of Indio’s wreath on the monument.
Fly the Flag for Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th, and Flag Day, Tuesday, June 14th.

Dr. June McCarroll Award: Deadline for voting June 15th.

ESO: Tuesday, June 14th, 6:00 p.m., Sloan’s, see ESO article for details.

Summer Social: Fun, food, drinks, and individual craft projects at Toscana’s La Quinta, Thursday, June 23rd, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.,$60. See article below for details and a link for making your reservation.

GFWC Convention: June 24th - 28th, New Orleans.

Save the Date: Kickoff Brunch: Sunday, September 11th, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Heritage Palms. This is our annual beginning of the season event with new officers, membership awards, and a sumptuous buffet brunch. 
Dr. June McCarroll Award Ballot

HAVE YOU VOTED? The Nominations are in and YOUR input is needed. 

On Monday, May 23rd, you should have received an email from Dona LaFrance entitled, “WCI – June McCarroll Vote and Member Updates.” Please see Dona’s email for nomination information on our candidates: 

  • Sylvia Baran, 3rd Vice President & Fundraising Chair 

  • Peg Boortz, Arts & Culture Chair & Newsletter Editor

Cast your vote no later than Wednesday, June 15th. The winner will be announced during our Membership Awards presentation in September.  

Summer Social

Our first summer social is just around the corner, and it’s a fun, crafty one designed for you! The Woman’s Club of Indio has partnered with Tuscano’s La Quinta & Coachella Valley Craft to bring you an evening of great food and fun crafts. Our June social will take place at Tuscano’s La Quinta (78-722 Hwy 111, La Quinta) on Thursday, June 23rd, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. The cost is $60/person, which includes all of your crafting supplies for your unique project. This is not similar to a paint night where everyone creates the same design; YOU get to choose what you want to create! The great news is that $10 of your $60 will go right back to our wonderful Woman’s Club, specifically to host our kick-off brunch and member recognition event in September. 
So come on down and eat, drink, and craft with us as Tuscano’s is giving 20% of all food and drink sales back to the club between 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. We must mention Indio Woman’s Club when ordering.
To register: Go to the Craft website and place your curser on the photo on the right. A register button will show at the bottom of the pop-up screen.
*Please note this event is limited to the first 35 paid reservations & registration closes Monday, June 20th*
Tuscano’s La Quinta: www.tuscanoslaquinta.com
Coachella Valley Craft: www.coachellavalleycraft.com
Meetings and Programs for 2022
Our full 2022-2023 calendar is coming soon. In the meantime, please visit our website calendar for upcoming events.
Gift from WCI Board Members
Mickie’s bell is an antique replica of the California Mission Bells on twelve-foot poles that marked the El Camino Real highway. The California Federation of Women’s Clubs was instrumental in having bells designed by two CFWC members placed along the highway, beginning in 1906. Mickie’s unique gift will be a fitting reminder of her term as President and of the article she wrote about the bells that was published in the California Women Magazine.
New Members

Welcome to our new members who were inducted at the May 4th meeting. (L to R:) Nola Flynn, Juan Rodriguez, Deanna Robinson, Dawn Gummer, Marlena Hernandez, Deborah Halper, Rachel Marrujo, and Mary Ann Herman. What wonderful additions to the best service club on earth! 
Report Given to City Council
President Mickie Reed presented our club report to the Indio City Council Wednesday evening, May 18th. She thanked the City for their support and showcased how we serve our community. We agree with Mickie, that when she listed all we do for our community out loud for all to hear, our Woman’s Club of Indio sounds very impressive.
A link to her full report is available on our Facebook page - Facebook.com/wcindio1912/

 Did You Know . . .
. . . that City Council members, Elaine Holmes, Glenn Miller, and Lupe Ramos Amith, and the City Manager, Bryan Montgomery, are members of WCI?
1st Vice President/Dean's Corner
Christal Cansino
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to take a few minutes to re-introduce myself. I am Christal Cansino. It is such an honor to be your new 1st VP/Dean. I was born in Porterville, California, but was raised here in Indio. This May, I will receive my Associate’s Degree in Accounting. I look forward to serving in my position with honesty and personality. While this role is new for me, I will be quick to learn and know I can count on the guidance and help of our more experienced members as I take on my responsibilities. 
Did you know? 

. . . That the 1st Vice President /Dean is responsible for tracking and reporting all members’ volunteer hours, the dollars donated, and in-kind donations? See our club website for all officers’ responsibilities.

. . . Contributions are categorized according to GFWC Special Programs, Community Service Programs, Advancement Areas, and Fundraising & Development? Not to worry, there’s more to come on what counts in the coming months. Just send the details to me, and I will take it from there. 

Keep in mind that I can’t complete our report to the Federation without your help. Please keep track of your hours, dollars, and in-kind donations. 
Health & Wellness
Volunteer Action Updates
Marcia Daniels, Health and Wellness Chair

Hello to All,
I am writing this column while finishing a long-needed vacation abroad. Besides traveling, I also had the opportunity to reflect on many areas of volunteering that I have been a part of, including the WCI Health and Wellness Committee. This reflection leads me to invite ALL MEMBERS to personally email me your thoughts about in what directions you think the Health and Wellness Committee should proceed. More specifically, are there new projects you would recommend this Committee explore? And for existing projects, what are you satisfied with, and what needs improving? Let’s explore how we can make our work even more effective! 
I will read all your responses and try to incorporate your ideas into the upcoming plans for this Committee‘s work during the forthcoming months. I hope that with your specific input, we will have multiple diverse opportunities to improve the health and wellness of our members and those in our community. 
Please look in upcoming WCI communications (e.g., newsletter, eBlasts) for announcements and dates of new and existing projects.
I would also like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to the many members who participated in the WCI Health and Wellness Projects over the last two years. Your participation is so essential to the success of our projects! With your continued support and involvement, I am confident that our positive impact on the community will continue and expand.
With gratitude,
We made the paper! We treated the JFK Memorial Hospital staff with frozen custard to thank our healthcare workers. It was a great joint venture with the Indio Sunrise Rotary Club and Perfect Pint. We also donated books and awarded thirteen scholarships in May.

Thank you letter from
Desert Mountain Care Center 
for our Mother's Day flowers and cards
Thank you from Maleyna Gregorio
June Photo Gallery

Yard of the Month
Bernadette Subia-Martinez and Angela Zepeda,
Recognition Co-Chairs
Gray Residence
81443 Alberta
Indio, 92201  
Twenty-five years ago, Kurt Gray moved back into the home that his parents built in 1962. Kurt, a graduate of Indio High School, shared that, much to my surprise, his late mother, Ramona Gray, was a member of the Woman’s Club of Indio. 
Kurt redesigned his beautiful yard with use rebates from Indio Water Authority. Thank you, Kurt, for your help with keeping our community looking splendid. 
Please contact Bernadette Subia-Martinez or Angela Zepeda at recognition@womansclubofindio.org to nominate more yards with great curb appeal.

Epsilon Sigma Omicron
Educational Society
The Altrurians Chapter Meetings
Our next ESO meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 21st, 6:00 p.m., at Sloan’s Restaurant.
World History category book to be discussed:
A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
Bryson describes graphically and in layperson's terms the size of the universe and that of atoms and subatomic particles. He then explores the history of geology and biology and traces life from its first appearance to today's modern humans, placing emphasis on the development of the modern Homo Sapiens. Bryson also speaks about modern scientific views on human effects on the Earth's climate and livelihood of other species.
A new category will be chosen at this meeting.

Please check out the ESO page on our website for more information about our book club. Questions about ESO? Contact Peggy Mathieson at education@womansclubofindio.org
New Member Bios
Juan Rodriguez
Juan was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. He is the oldest of four, having a brother and two sisters. Juan’s parents were both farm migrant workers, and it was difficult growing up since they would move during certain times of the season following farm work. His parents always wanted a better future for their children and focused heavily on their studies. 

Juan was accepted at UC Berkeley under the architecture program. With hard work and support from his family, he graduated with a major in Architecture and a minor in City & Regional Planning in 2012.

The place from which he once wanted to get as far away as possible was calling him back. As soon as he returned to the Valley, he went to every organization that helped him with scholarships and grants. One of them was the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition (CVHC), and he was hired after thanking them for their help. His first job was working for a non-profit organization, specifically helping in the Multi-Family Department. It was at that point that he knew he was back in the Valley to stay and give back. 

Juan has now worked for the City of Indio for over eight years in the Planning Department and the Housing Department. Since 2017, he’s been an adult teacher, specifically teaching English as a Second Language to adults at the Coachella Valley Adult School in Coachella. Juan says it is a great honor to help adult students learn the English language for a better opportunity in life. He has students from all ages, as young as 23 and as old as 65. 

Juan hopes to continue learning and growing to be able to make a bigger, more positive impact on people’s lives.
June's Flower

The various colors of roses have meanings of their own. A white rose means innocence, purity, and new beginnings. If you want to say “I really love you,” give that special someone a single red rose. Sending a bouquet of roses will express your sincere gratitude.

In the past, people were hesitant to give their significant others yellow roses, especially for wedding ceremonies, because of the “myth of the yellow rose.” The myth describes a man giving his wife a yellow rose as a way of asking for divorce and forgiveness for his scandalous cheating. Not the most romantic gesture in the book.

Today, the yellow rose, most commonly known as the “friendship flower,” holds significance for happiness and spirituality.
Viva, a Long Journey Home to Sylvia & Gabriel
Janet McAfee, Coachella Valley Weekly
The tiny brindle puppy was found by workers at a carrot factory in rural Thermal on October 29, 2021. The area is farmland with no residential neighborhoods, making it a destitute location for stray animals. The female puppy was lethargic, ached from thirst and hunger, and could not have survived much longer. One of the employees drove her to the Loving All Animals shelter in Coachella. The dog was fearful and skittish around people, a sign of probable mistreatment by whoever owned her.

The adorable dog caught the eye of prospective adopters and on December 19, 2021, she was adopted. Loving All Animals (LAA) provides follow up and professional training assistance to its animals. On March 10, just before a professional trainer was scheduled to arrive, the adopter relinquished the puppy back to LAA. Dogs can sense when they are not welcome in a home, and she was aloof and skittish upon return. The now 6-month-old sad dog was placed in a yard with another dog, spending much of her time in a corner alone.

Sylvia Rios was already volunteering at the Coachella shelter when it was gifted to Loving All Animals in 2018. She happily continued, socializing the dogs, leash training, and transporting them to appointments.

Sylvia never knew the joy of having a dog growing up. That changed when she met and married dog lover Gabriel Rios. Their first home included dogs as part of the family. Sylvia tells us, “Our Muffy was my best friend, helping me in so many ways and bringing joy. We were distraught when this 16-year-old terrier girl passed away on February 28.”

The couple began looking for rescue dog postings in Las Vegas where they have a second home. They planned to name their new family member “Viva” after the Elvis movie and phrase “Viva Las Vegas”. During the next Loving All Animals’ Zoom staff meeting, Sylvia was amazed to hear about Viva’s return. She excitedly told Gabriel, “Honey, you won’t believe what just happened!” The couple couldn’t wait to bring Viva home to join their two other rescue dogs. There is an uncanny physical resemblance between Viva and Muffy, both Terrier mix females.

Viva is doing great in the Rios home. Dogs happily transform when their journey to a great home ends. She is still full of puppy energy, likes to nibble, and wants to play with her older dog siblings who tolerate her lively activity. Viva sleeps by Sylvia’s side at night, sometimes kicking as if she dreams about karate. Viva is Sylvia’s constant companion and comfort.

The young dog became house trained almost immediately, politely ringing the bell placed by the front door. The lucky pup is a star at Dream Dogs Training. 
Viva’s journey to a wonderful home was truly magical. Sylvia tells us, “If you are looking for a dog, you will find your next best friend at a rescue. Viva was truly a gift to us from Muffy!”

You can learn more about the world of rescue animals and resources for them at www.lovingallanimals.org. Like LOVING ALL ANIMALS INC. on Facebook and Instagram. 

June Birthdays

Margo Handelsman (1st)
Emilie Jester (2nd)
Sylvia Rios (2nd)
Yesenia Olmeda-Fregoso (3rd)
Marie Santana (11th)
Cheryl Craig (13th)
Avi Rodriguez (13th)
Della Homeier (14th)
Karen Hudis (21st)
Elaine Holmes (23rd)
Natalie Keller (28th)

Celebrating Our Members’ Years of Service

Members who joined in June

Dona LaFrance (4 years)
Katie Berger (3 years)
Beverli Marshall (3 years)
Irazema Adkins (1 year)
Brigette Bartlett-Delariva (1 year)
Shelly Diemer (1 year)


Mickie Reed
The 119th Convention of the California Federation of Women’s Clubs was held May 12th through May 15th at the Delta Marriott in Garden Grove, California. Since the Convention was in nearby Orange County, it was easy for us to attend.
Based on our club size, we were allowed twelve voting delegates. On voting day, we showed up in force. As we were wearing blue sashes with gold, sparkly lettering proclaiming our club’s name, we were hard to miss. Our President-elect Marlon Carrier was on the election committee, and she had to work the polls. She did not make the group photo, so she gets to star in her solo photo.
The Convention had a western theme of “Back in the Saddle.” The first-time attendees received a cute convention pin. We attended workshops, enjoyed some great meals, met new friends, and promoted the Woman’s Club of Indio. Like every other Federation event, we learned about new projects and club leadership techniques from other clubs. Your very own President (yours truly) presented the Resolutions, which were smoothly approved.
Our club won the Environment Creativity Award, primarily based on our Yard of the Month program. Our De Anza District was awarded First Place for our Membership Report, written by your President, who is also 2nd V.P./Membership for the District.
The new Board installation was on Saturday night with a Hawaiian luau theme, as the incoming CFWC President Barbara Briley-Beard is originally from Hawaii. The new CFWC Board is:
President - Barbara Briley-Beard
First Vice-President - Sonya Matthies
Second Vice President - Wendy Curran
Recording Secretary - Cindy Sanders
Director of Finance - Marsha LaRusso
Treasurer - Jill Drescher
Financial Secretary - Deborah Bushnell
Area A Vice President - Toni Lima
Area B Vice President - Rosette Clippinger
Area C Vice President - BJ Addis
Area D Vice President - Lynne Youngstrom
Corresponding Secretary - Gina Radocchio
Parliamentarian - Joyce Opjorden.
We Thank and Support Our Sponsors
 Brought to you by the talented WCI Editorial Staff:
Peg Boortz & Dona LaFrance