Dear Friend,

I am excited to share that WCLC was awarded Wisconsin's Land Trust of the Year by Gathering Waters—Wisconsin's Alliance for Land Trusts ! We are honored and grateful for all of the people who made this possible!

I would like to thank all of our donors, volunteers, photographers, Facebook friends, interns, both past and present board and committee members, and staff. But most importantly, thank YOU!

Check out the wonderful nomination letter written by Dan Kaemmerer here !

I would like to invite you to Gathering Waters' Land Conservation Leadership Awards Celebration where we will receive the award at Monona Terrace in Madison on September 20, 2018 from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Register online  and take advantage of Early Bird pricing until August 1, 2018.

If you are unable to make it to the event in Madison, we hope that you will be able to celebrate with us at Picnic on the Preserve: A Day in Nature as part of Gathering Waters' Land Trust Days! We will host tours, offer educational information about the property and oak ecosystems, and connect with fellow WCLC members and nature enthusiasts. This is a FREE event , but please let us know you are coming by using the link on our Facebook page.

Enjoy reading about other happenings and upcoming events.

Again, thank YOU, Friend, for making this award possible.

Thank you,
Cheryl White
Executive Director
WCLC is excited to host a Mussel Bio Blitz where trained volunteers will inventory mussels in the Bark River at our Hartland Marsh Preserve on Sat, July 28.

If you wish to observe the Bio Blitz or visit the property, feel free to stop by!
WCLC has been working with Dr. Todd Levine of Carroll University and some of his students to help us identify and catalog different mussel species on the Bark River and Scuppernong Creek as part of our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant.  Check out some of the photos on our Facebook page!
This is an amazing opportunity as freshwater mussels are one of the most imperiled groups of animals on the planet, with 70% of the world’s mussel species in decline. In Wisconsin, more than half of our fifty-one native mussel species are endangered, threatened, or listed as a species of concern, according to the Wisconsin DNR. Wildlife surveys help identify where these populations are located and how healthy they are, which allows us to determine the correct land restoration activities to help those populations thrive.

If you’re interested in stopping by, please contact Meghan Wersel,
Conservation Manager.
Thank you, Good Harvest!
I would like to give a thank you to Good Harvest for inviting WCLC to their Earth Day Celebration and for donating 5% of all proceeds to WCLC. Also, thank you to everyone who stopped by to shop and say hi. I am inspired by everyone’s incredible commitment and support for land conservation. You are truly the reason we are successful!
Join us on our workdays!
A big thanks to all the volunteers who helped remove garlic mustard and dames rocket at Martin’s Woods, Broken Hill and Hartland Marsh!

Thank you to our volunteer photographer, Samantha Sterns Foster, Sue and Tim Grass, and their son, Joey (pictured)!
We would love for you to join us on future workdays at out other properties, led by interJacob Storm and Abby Zwicke, and other WCLC staff! Fall workdays are being scheduled at Broken Hill, Nelson's Woods, Hartland Marsh and Martin's Woods. Check out our calendar below and on our website.
Removal of invasive plant species is critical for the overall health of these important ecosystem. Invasives spread quickly, displacing native plants and food source for insects and wildlife.
Check out photos of Martin’s Woods where garlic mustard was removed. We look forward to seeing you at workdays coming this fall.

We look forward to seeing you this fall!

Stay turned for upcoming dates in
Nov and Dec.
Mussel BioBlitz | July 28, Hartland Marsh

Picnic on the Preserve | Sept. 15, 10 am - 2 pm

Workdays | 10am-2pm
Broken Hill | 9/22, 10/3, 10/9, 10/20, 10/24
Nelson's Woods | 10/2, 10/13, 10/30
Hartland Marsh | 6/26, 10/6, 10/13, 10/27
Martin's Woods | 9/29, 10/10

Click the icon on the left to visit our website for more information on upcoming event dates!

Environmental Leadership & 25th Anniversary Sponsors
Dave & Angela Liekam
Scrima, Kabitzke & Co., S.C.
Carol & Tom Ehrsam
Faye Gehl Conservation Foundation
Shawn Graff & Cheryl White
Good Tree Service Company