Welcome back and happy Spring Semester!

There are many summer internships, seasonal positions, and full time employment that are currently accepting applications. Browse the opportunities below and know that new positions will be posted weekly in this newsletter.

Between now and April there will be many opportunities to apply for. Dedicate some time this semester to applications and remember to stay in touch with your connections (aka your network!).

Still have questions or need some assistance? Contact Career Education Manager Sam Palmer (Sam.Palmer@colostate.edu)

Looking for an on-campus job/internship?

Summer 2023 Internships


  • Lois Webster Fund: Non-game wildlife research, education, and conservation — 1/31/23 — Learn more here.
  • Reischer & Puksta Scholarships — 2/4/23 & 3/4/23 — Learn more here.
  • CSU Scholarship Application — Open until 3/01/23 — Apply here.
  • Cross Boundary Landscape Restoration: Adapting to a Climate-Altered West @ CSU — 5/2/23 - 5/4/23 — Learn more here.
Sustainability & Environment
Rangeland, Forestry & Water
Geosciences & GIS
Tourism, Outreach & Recreation
Fish, Wildlife & Conservation
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