June 2014
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New Addition to WCRG Website - We Need Your Input

We are launching a new tool that will help us collect information on the accomplishments of our members throughout the year. This information will be used to keep us all up to date on what other WCRG members are up to, to recognize people on our website and to let our community know what cancer researchers are doing in Windsor-Essex . Every 3 months, we will send you an email with the link to remind you to send us your latest news. We are looking for awards, appointments, research accomplishments, grants and more!

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Meet Our Volunteer Committee

In April, we formed a WCRG Volunteer Committee. They are a dedicated group of students who many of you met at our community events in May. You will be seeing many of their efforts in the Fall as they have taken on a number of projects to work on over the summer and are eager to participate in the WCRG's 2nd Biennial Cancer Research Conference in November. Thank you to our volunteer's for their commitment to cancer research!
Mitchell and Marisa

  • Dena Ali, 3rd Year Biology
  • Jacob Bender, 2nd Year Biology
  • Jeff Ciric, 2nd Year Biology  
  • Eve Deck, 3rd Year Biology
  • Mitchell Elliott, 3rd Year Biology, NSERC USRA, Porter Lab
  • Hussein Hammoud, 4th Year Biology, NSERC USRA, Porter Lab
  • Marisa Market, 4th Year Biology, NSERC USRA, Porter Lab
  • Lana El Osta, 3rd Year Biology
  • Ahmed Salim, 3rd Year Biology, NSERC USRA, Heath Lab
  • Samia Toor, 3rd Year Biology
Marisa, Jeff and Jacob

Eve, Dr. Green and Ahmed




To establish a global cancer research office that will foster cross-border collaborations and lay the foundation for international clinical trial access for Windsor-Essex cancer patients.


What We Will Do

  • Bring partners along the Windsor-Detroit corridor together
  • Establish a "Passports" cross-border coordinating office
  • Standardize the cross-border access, transportation and processing of tissue samples
  • Set up a cross border clinical trial - pilot
What This Means for Members
  • Facilitate new and ongoing cross border collaborations
  • Standardize protocols for cross-boarder exchange of biological materials
  • Enhances international recognition for our members and their cancer-related research
Next Steps
Thank you to our supporters, this campaign is fully funded!

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

A complete list of funding opportunities is available on our website.


Funding Organization
Letter of Intent Deadline
Proposal Deadline
Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute
Aug. 15, 2014
Oct. 1, 2014
CQDM/CIHR PassedNov. 27, 2014
Dec. 15, 2014
Mar. 1, 2015
"Transitional" Open Operating Grant Program
Jan. 9, 2015
Mar. 2, 2015