December 2019

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Five Seeds4Hope Grant Recipients Awarded!

On November 25th, the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation announced the newest recipients of the Seeds4Hope Grants. Congratulations to this years winners and their teams!

- Dr. Debbie Kane, UWindsor 

- Dr. Ming Pan, WRH 

- Dr. Munir Rahim, UWindsor 

- Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagne, UWindsor  

- Dr. Indryas Woldie, WRH 


 Read more about these awards 

Undergraduate Students Showcase Final Projects
On December 17th, students in Dr. Lisa Porter's third year Cancer Undergrad Research Education (CURE) course hosted a Cancer Education Day. Each student showcased their final project to local high school students and other members of our community. In 2020, you will see these projects rolled out to the community. To give you an idea of what's to come,  check out some photos and media coverage from the day.
Play for a Cure - Night of Discovery
WCRG Ambassador of Hope and Pro Am Tournament chair, Jeff Casey, is leading a group of dedicated individuals to host the 2nd Play for a Cure event - a hockey experience that will raise money for local cancer research. On December 6th, captains, sponsors and committee members met at the University of Windsor to hear about the 2020 event and get a behind the scenes tour of cancer research in action. The tournament will take place March 26 & 27 2020.  
For the pictures of the evening, go to the WCRG Website
Cancer Education Day Focuses on Breast Cancer
Every Friday the 13th, the Cancer Program at Windsor Regional Hospital hosts a  Cancer Education Day for health care professionals around the region. The most recent session held on December 13th was focused on breast cancer. Our  WCRG CURES team had a booth highlighting the mission and vision of WCRG and showcasing breast cancer research projects taking place in Windsor-Essex.  Click here for more pictures of the day. 
WCRG Ambassador of Hope Recognized for Philanthropy
On November 20th  the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) recognized outstanding individuals in our community. WCRG Ambassador of Hope, Jeff Casey received the Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer Award ,  which honours  an individual who demonstrates outstanding skills in coordinating and motivating groups of volunteers for fundraising projects. Congratulations and thank you to Jeff for being an
inspiration to us all. 
WCRG Researcher Snapdshot
The last snapdshot of 2019 features Dr. Mohammad Jarrar. WCRG Researcher snapdshots are found in the print edition of snapd Windsor and shared through various newslettersand announcements. The goal of these "Snapdshots" is to raise awareness about the cancer research conducted in Windsor-Essex and stimulate new research collaborations. Thank you snapd Windsor for contributing to our cancer smart community!
Member Highlights
Letting us know about  the accomplishments of you and your colleagues allows us to  celebrate the great work being done in our region and further  build collaborations. Here are just a few of your latest successes.

Caroline Hamm (Windsor Regional Hospital, Oncology) won the 2019 Summit Award for being a part of ESC RCP Strategic Plan and being devoted to minimizing the impact of cancer and improving quality of life for the residents of Erie St. Clair. 
Aleena Malik and Renée Goodman, students of Simon Rondeau-Gagné's (University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry), won second place in the Brain Tumour Foundation's Pam and Rolando Del Maestro Family Undergraduate Student Research Competition
Funded Projects 
John Trant & Simon Rondeau-Gagné, University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ($315 000). MITACS: Development of softlab nutraceutical formulation; December 2019 - November 2022

John Trant, University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ($330 000). MITACS: Formulation and Process Optimizations for the Manufacturing of Cannabinoid Nanoemulsions; December 2019 - November 2022

John Trant, University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ($110 000). Petroleum Research Fund award: Organic Molecular Tubes from Self-Immolative Pseudo-Rotaxanes; April 2020 - March 2022
Debbie Kane, University of Windsor, Faculty of Nursing. Seeds4Hope Grant. Project Title: Experience of Cancer Survivors Return to Work
. 2019 
Ming Pan. Windsor Regional Hospital, Radiation Oncology. Seeds4Hope Grant. Project Title: Automated Organ Segmentation with Deep Learning Algorithms: A Pilot Study of Artificial Intelligence in the Radiation Treatment Planning Process for Esophageal Cancer. 2019 
Munir Rahim, University of Windsor, Biomedical Sciences. Seeds4Hope Grant. Project Title:  Innate Immune Responses Against Cytomegalovirus in Bone Marrow Transplant Leukemia Patients. 2019 
Simon Rondeau-Gagne, University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Seeds4Hope Grant. Project Title: Synthesis and Targeted Delivery of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for Intratumoral Modulation Therapy in Glioblastoma. 2019 
Indryas Woldie, Windsor Regional Hospital, Medical Oncology Seeds4Hope Grant. Project Title: Establishing a MM Drug Screening Platform to Predict Patient Response to Therapy. 2019 

Fifield BA, Qemo I, Kirou E, Cardiff RD, Porter LA. (2019). The atypical cyclin-like protein Spy1 overrides p53-mediated tumour suppression and promotes susceptibility to breast tumourigenesisBreast Cancer Res, 21(1):140. doi: 10.1186/s13058-019-1211-3
Hamzeh O, Alkhateeb A, Zheng J, Kandalam S, Leung C, Atikukke G, Cavallo-Medved D, Palanisamy N, and Rueda L. (2019) A Hierarchical Machine Learning Model to Discover Gleason Grade-Specific Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer. Diagnostics9(4), 219; 
Ménard AD & Trant JF. (2020). Academic lab safety: A narrative review and call for actionNature Chemistry, doi:10.1038/s41557-019-0375-x.
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Wei Y, Resetca D, Li Z, Johansson-Åkhe I, Ahlner A, Helander S, Wallenhammar A, Morad V, Raught B, Wallner B, Kokubo T, Tong Y, Penn LZ, Sunnerhagen M. (2019). Multiple Direct Interactions to TBP with the MYC oncoprotein. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 26, p 1035-1043  
Be sure to submit any news items as they happen and we will include them. Pictures and links to details are welcome!