January 2016

WCRG Matters
A newsletter to keep members and partners informed.
Supporting the New Hospital System in Windsor-Essex
On Friday January 15th, over thirty members of WCRG attended a presentation on the New Hospital System from the CEOs of both Windsor Regional Hospital (David Musyj) and Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare (Janice Kaffar) and the Steering Committee Co-Chair (David Cooke). The focus was on learning more about how research and education will be included in the new hospital plans and how we can be involved in the process. To stay informed and find out more on how you can help, check out their blog    
Cancer Program Adds Four New Team Members
Kailey Huot and Alex Pennetti 
The Clinical Trials Department at Windsor Regional Hospital recently welcomed Research Associates Kailey Huot and Alex Pennetti to their team. Krista Naccarato, Clinical Trials Business Coordinator says "They are settling in great and we are thrilled to have them on the team.  Both show a dedication to patients and to ensuring the integrity of Clinical Trials."

Windsor Regional Cancer Program has also introduced  two oncology specialists to their team: Dr. Mohammed Jarrar, an Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) and Pediatric Hematologist Oncologist and Dr. Indryas Woldie a Hematologist Oncologist, specializing in malignant hematology (cancers of the blood and bone marrow). Click here to find out more about these two specialists and what they will mean to cancer patients in Windsor-Essex.

Member Accomplishments
As we begin a new year, we would like to focus in 2016 on learning more about all WCRG members, and to recognize and share accomplishments with each other and the community.

Remember, we can't share it if we don't know it!

Be sure to submit any news items as they happen and we will include them. Pictures and links to details are welcome!  

Closing out 2015 on top, Caroline Hamm was presented with the Glenn Sawyer Award by the Ontario Medical Association for her service to the community. Congratulations Caroline!


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Behune Plunkett, K. (WCRG Advisory Board Member) (January 4, 2016).Futurpreneur Canada.
Keeping the Wheels on the Bus of Your Start-up.


Dora Cavallo-Medved is lead author of a biology textbook entitled Life Matters: Connecting Biology to Your World, published by Nelson Education, which will have a full launch in 2016. 


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WCRG Student Volunteer Successes

In December, Jessica M. Dare-Shih, successfully defended her Master's thesis entitled "Implications of Mitotic Onset Regulation in Tuberous Sclerosis".
And no time off for Jessica as she jumps right in to a Ph.D.! Congratulations Jessica!
Medical Student Research Projects

In collaboration with the Windsor Regional Cancer Program, WCRG is helping to coordinate a local Medical Student Research Program. Over the past few months, information has been collected on past student research projects and local funding support for medical students. This information can now be found on the WCRG website along with a list of current projects that need student involvement.  

Save the Date - 3rd Biennial Cancer Research Conference
WCRG will be hosting our 3rd Biennial Cancer Research Conference at Caesars Windsor on Saturday November 19th, 2016. Last call for organizing committee members - contact us by Friday January 22nd if you would like to be involved.

We look forward to welcoming our two keynote speakers:
Dr. Shoukat Dedhar, PhD
University of British Columbia
British Columbia Cancer Agency
Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer, MD FRCPC
Queen's University
Kingston General Hospital
Funding Opportunities


Go to our website to see a complete list of funding opportunities for cancer researchers. We invite you to use the resource as a tool to plan your grant submissions over the next year. Please contact us if we can help facilitate collaborations or provide feedback to strengthen submissions.