WCRI Quarterly Newsletter: 1st Quarter (January 1 - March 31, 2018)
Where Our Work Was Used
In states large and small, our research continues to be actively used by a diverse group of public officials and stakeholders, resulting in better, more informed decision making. Below is a sample of where our work was used over the last three months.
California State Capital
  • California: The California drug formulary became effective January 1, 2018. The process for developing the formulary took place over several months. In various documents the following WCRI studies were cited: Physician Dispensing of Higher-Priced New Drug Strengths and Formulation; Interstate Variations in Use of Opioids, 3rd Edition; Longer-Term Use of Opioids, 3rd Edition; The Impact of Physician Dispensing on Opioid Use; and The Prevalence and Costs of Physician-Dispensed Drugs.
  • Pennsylvania: House Speaker Mike Turzai​ mentioned our opioid research during a press conference to promote Senate Bill 936, which would require the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to adopt an evidence-based drug formulary for workers' compensation claims. Click here to watch video coverage of the press conference.
  • Wisconsin: Senate Bill (SB) 665 was submitted to the legislature by the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Advisory Council. The bill included various changes, including a proposal for a medical fee schedule, additional increases in maximum weekly payments for permanent partial disability benefits, and provisions related to opioid prescribing. At a hearing on SB 665, various stakeholder groups (business, labor, medical, and regulatory) cited WCRI’s CompScope™ Benchmarks and Medical Benchmarks for Wisconsin, WCRI’s worker outcomes studies, and other reports.
  • Massachusetts: At a meeting of the Workers' Compensation Advisory Council, proposed changes to raise the level of the medical fee schedule were discussed. Several members, on both sides of the issue, cited findings from WCRI’s fee schedule and worker outcomes studies.
  • Hawaii: Legislation (Senate Bill 2358 / House Bill 1631) was filed to limit physician-dispensed prescription drugs in workers' compensation claims to the first 30 days from the work injury date as well as to lower the reimbursement rates of prescription drugs in workers' compensation claims. During a hearing on this legislation, WCRI’s studies (Are Physician Dispensing Reforms Sustainable? and Physician Dispensing of Higher-Priced New Drug Strengths and Formulation) were cited.
Latest Research Published
Educating Diverse Groups 
Below is a sample of the diverse groups with whom we shared our research over the last three months.

Conferences we presented at:
  • The National Academy of Social Insurance's (NASI) 2018 Annual Membership Meeting
  • 15th Annual Worker's Compensation Insurance ExecuSummit
  • American Bar Association's 2018 Midwinter Seminar & Conference of the Workers’ Compensation Committee
  • 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association

Briefings we gave:
  • Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation
  • Illinois Office of the Governor
  • Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers' Compensation
  • Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Advisory Council
  • Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation
  • Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission Medical Fee Schedule Regulatory Advisory Panel
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
  • Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana
Another Successful Annual Conference
Thank you to all our speakers and attendees who braved the elements to make WCRI's 34th Annual Issues & Research Conference our best yet. 

Click here to view the many articles and blog posts written about our conference.

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We hope to see you at next year's conference, February 28 and March 1, 2019, in Phoenix, AZ. Please save the date!
WCRI In The News
Below is a sample of the media coverage our research received over the last three months. 

  • Click here to see the many articles and blog posts written about our recent annual conference.
Webinar: Examining Hospital Reimbursement In Several States
In this recorded one-hour webinar, WCRI's  Carol Telles discusses the impact of changes to hospital reimbursement in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and North Carolina. 

Recorded webinars are $25 for non members and FREE for WCRI Members, members of the press, legislators as well as their staff, and state public officials who make policy decisions regarding workers’ compensation. 

Click here to learn more.
Re-Designed Annual Report
We have redesigned our annual report for 2018. The new report is shorter and more concise. It features more photos and graphics while focusing on the following accomplishments: 

  • studies published, 
  • where our research was used, 
  • number of presentations given, 
  • social media and press mentions, 
  • corporate social responsibility,
  • new website, etc. 

Click here to view our redesigned annual report for 2018, and then feel free to let us know what you think of it.
Member Spotlight: Artemis Emslie, myMatrixx
Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking to one of our long-time members and the former chair of our Disability and Medical Management Program Advisory Board, Artemis Emslie of myMatrixx, about how she came to know the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI). 

As the former CEO of myMatrixx, An Express Scripts Company, Artemis led the strategic growth of the workers’ compensation division of the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) firm.

Click here to read more.
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