Quarterly Newsletter: 2nd Quarter (4/1/17 - 6/30/17)
This newsletter shows you where and how WCRI's work is being actively used across the country, who we are sharing our work with, and where our work is appearing in the media. If there are ways we can make our newsletters more valuable for you and your organization, please let us know. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support.
In states large and small, our work continues to be actively used by a diverse group of public officials and stakeholders, resulting in better, more informed decision making.

  • Louisiana: Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon mentioned our opioid research in an article he wrote about the opioid crisis and its effect on insurance markets. The article appeared in the April 2017 edition of an online magazine titled the “Louisiana Agent.” Click here to view it.

  • Florida: During a hearing by the Florida Senate Banking & Insurance Committee, WCRI's research was cited in a Bill Analysis and Fiscal Statement for Senate Bill 1582, which amends several provisions of Florida’s workers’ compensation law. Several editions of WCRI's CompScope™ Benchmarks for Florida were also cited in a Staff Analysis by the Florida House of Representatives for House Bill 7085 which also makes changes to Florida's workers' compensation law.

  • Wisconsin: The director of the Wisconsin Division of Workers' Compensation distributed several WCRI studies (the 16th and 17 editions of CompScope™ Benchmarks for Wisconsin as well as WCRI's Medical Price Index for Workers' Compensation, Eighth Edition) to members of the Wisconsin Advisory Council to inform their deliberations about changes to Wisconsin's workers' compensation system. 

  • North Carolina: The chair of the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) distributed our research on longer-term use of opioids to members of the Industrial Commission's new opioid task force, and to NCIC staff members working with the task force. The task force was recently created and met for the first time on April 6, 2017, in further progression of North Carolina's consideration of a drug formulary and other tools to address opioid issues.
Studies Published This Quarter
Educating Diverse Groups 
Below is a sample of the diverse groups with whom we shared our research over the last three months.

  • American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds' 2017 Conference

  • California Department of Insurance

  • Casualty Actuarial Society's 2017 Spring Meeting

  • Illinois State Senate

  • Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet
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