Last week Governor Wolf gave his 2017-2018 Budget Address, several Several State Representatives and a few others have had a little to say about what the Governor had to say:

State Rep Jim Christiana (15th),

"Reprioritizing spending, consolidating government programs and no broad-based tax increases sounds like the start of a state budget I could get behind. With that being said, the spending increases the governor proposed today cannot be fulfilled with our current revenue outlook and would require tax increases of some kind.

In the weeks ahead, we must focus on finding innovative ways to deliver services, reduce spending and address the cost drivers that already take way too much money out of our taxpayers' hard-earned paychecks. I look forward to working with my colleagues to reshape this budget into a proposal for smaller government with defined protections in place for our taxpayers and businesses."  (MORE)

State Rep Rick Saccone (39th),

"Redesigning government and cutting spending will be tough work, but they are necessary," said Saccone.

"This work is not for the fainthearted. The taxpayer is awakened and expects results. Those who aren't prepared for the hard work ahead should retreat to their safe spaces now. I will be happy to provide some of my granddaughter's crayons for therapy. The rest of us need to gird ourselves for the battle against profligate spending and provide the taxpayer a much-deserved victory."

Items on Saccone's reform agenda include: CLICK HERE to READ AGENDA

State Rep Jason Ortitay (46th),

"This is a much better start than the prior two years. The governor did not propose an increase in the personal income tax and sales tax, but did propose $1 billion in additional taxes and revenue. In addition, he struck a better tone and eliminated much of the rhetoric.

"While I appreciate the cost savings and consolidations in the governor's plan, we need to look deeper to reduce spending and develop more efficiencies in government. We must reform the pension system. The system's unfunded liability currently stands at almost $69 billion. A $240 million increase in funding to the Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS) is proposed by the governor for next fiscal year and is one of the budget's largest line items. (MORE)

From State Senator Camera Bartolotta (46th):

You can follow discussion and debate of the Governor's proposed 2017-2018 state budget as the Senate Appropriations Committee holds public hearings from Tuesday, February 21 to Friday, March 10. You can access a live hearing feed at PA Senate Republicans, plus recaps and video of every hearing at
PA General Assembly

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