Wikipedia defines “steer” as a verb “to guide or control the movement of.” And as we know in collision repair, by statute #632.375, that is a frowned upon activity. Yet it happens continually. People are easily manipulated by a word, phrase or the tone of a statement. (Like when people ask me where another body shop is, I often reply “gosh, on the other side of town, through downtown, across the bridge” That’s just a mile, yet few make the trip after that statement. If it’s a job I don’t want, then it’s “just across the bridge on the right” See the difference? Same distance...
All that said, it is just to illustrate a point that you have the power to steer back...correct that imbalance. The attached “insurers report card” is an excellent tool to counter steer. Quality Paint & Body has openly, and unapologetic-ally promoted the insurers that in our opinion operate in the best interest of the client. Our customer, the car owner.  Feel free to print, post and share that report to your customer base. I may even make some t-shirts!
The motoring public has little clue what’s good insurance or coverage. We as an industry have every right to educate the consumer. It’s called a public service. With individual agents on the decline, consumers are choosing their coverage online based on price alone and their favorite commercial. A poor way to select coverage. Then when they need it most, they have no agent in their corner. They may even have a repair shop more focused on the insurer’s report card than their repairs. That is not a public service nor is it good business.
Lastly after two years of promoting the best insurers verses the worst, we do a lot more work for those we “prefer." Kind of a reverse preferred provider program. That is consumer awareness based on facts.
There's no law against that!

Always in your corner,