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I am sad to announce the passing of a very good friend and a strong advocate of the collision industry, Jerry Camps. Jerry graduated from NWTC and served in the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam war. After returning from the war, he worked in the automotive industry for several years before starting Prestige Auto Body in Marinette in 1984. He built Prestige Auto Body into a very successful business and retired in 2013.
Jerry was very dedicated to the collision repair industry. He was a strong supporter of WACTAL and served as president of WACTAL from 1998 to 2004. Jerry was also very passionate about helping future collision repair technicians. He was a strong supporter of NWTC and served on the Advisory committee for many years. During my years of teaching in the Auto Collision program at NWTC, I could always rely on Jerry to step up and support the program when needed. He often donated paint, body panels, and estimating manuals for students to use when school budgets were tight. Many times he opened up his shop for student tours and enthusiastically promoted the profession to the students. 
Jerry will be sadly missed by his wife, children and all the rest of his family, and all of us in the collision repair industry.
You can view his obituary here.

Larry Terrien

President WCRP
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The WI Auto & Truck Education Association (WATEA) wants to help YOU grow the Auto Collision workforce pipeline!

Building off WATEA’s past experiences working with Northcentral Technical College to develop successful Auto Tech and Diesel Tech programs, WATEA recently created a new Auto Collision Basics Certificate program that will convey industry-approved information to students while they are taught in active shops, by current experts. Classes start Feb. 16 and run for 29 weeks on a work-friendly schedule – with no cost to students!
If you have current employees who could benefit from some formal training OR need some new workers who are ready to go from Day 1, this program was made for you!

For more information contact a member of WATEA’s leadership team:
  1. Kent Olson, Co-Chair – (715) 573-0739
  2. Jerry Brickner, Co-Chair – (715) 573-6979
  3. Sara Guild, Exec. Director – (715) 581-9283 or
  4. Visit the online info page:

Nobody spends enough time with proactive management. I guarantee it. We are all too busy with reactive management fire-fighting when we should be preventing the fires in the first place. 
So here are a couple things I hope you can make time for this month:
Thing one:
Take time to check out Dave Luehr's Body Shop Solutions. Specifically, "Operations Monthly Live." It's a subscription, however, you can just pay for one month and be done if you like. It's an hour long, goes by fast and will increase your profits if you pick up just one tip. It will, just pay attention.
I've attended the last two months and have found excellent value. Both times I ended up with two or more pages of notes. Not always on the title subject as the conversations will traverse into other areas of management but Dave is big on positive thinking and helping you perform to your limitless potential.
Click here to go to the Operations Monthly Live page.
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Thing Two:
Be sure to scroll down to the SCRS link to Mike Anderson's 4-minute video series. They come out weekly. We'll link to the one I like here every month. I like ones with operations I can justify charging for, so you'll be seeing those. You can sign up to receive them weekly. Take advantage of it. If we’re going to continue to work under suppressed rates you can't be giving things away as well! We have access to all the information we need to thrive in this industry, we just need to commit to utilizing some of it.
Click here for the video: Second Color Set Up, Insides, Undersides and Clearcoat featuring Mike Anderson and Danny Gredinberg
A/C Leak Test

Repairs involving air conditioning systems may need a leak test after the system has been recharged. The labor needed to perform a leak test using the various equipment available is NOT INCLUDED and would be an on the spot evaluation. Some testing kits may use a consumable product that must be injected into the system which is also NOT included in the labor time.
ATCP 132.03 Written repair order.
(1) Requirement. Before a shop starts any repairs whose total price may exceed $50.00, a shop representative shall prepare a written repair order that clearly and legibly describes the repairs authorized by the customer. The repair order shall be dated and signed by the shop representative, and shall include all of the information required under sub. (3).
(2)Customer copy. Before a shop starts any repairs whose total price may exceed $50, a shop representative shall provide the customer with a complete and accurate copy of the repair order under sub. (1) for those repairs, except that a customer copy is not required if there was no face-to-face contact between the customer and a shop representative when the repairs were authorized.
(3)Repair order contents. A repair order under sub. (1) shall include all of the following:
(a) The name and address of the shop.
(b) The name and address of the customer.
(c) The model, make and license number of the motor vehicle if the motor vehicle is in the shop's possession.
(d) The repair price information required under s. ATCP 132.04, if any.
(e) The estimated date by which the repair will be completed, if an estimated completion date is required under s. ATCP 132.05.
(f) Notice that customer is entitled to inspect or receive any components, parts or accessories replaced or removed by the shop.
(g) A description of the repairs authorized by the customer.
(h) The date the repair order is written.
(i) The signature of a shop representative.
Everett's Body Shop & Towing
Kirk's Colliison
Draxler's Service

The views expressed below may or may not be the opinion of more than one WCRP member…(that’s what happens when you solicit someone’s opinion)

Despite good intentions, there are five mistakes that most shop owners make every single day.

  1. You forget to say "Good morning!" You should greet every employee. Keep your employees inspired; it's not their responsibility to inspire us.
  2. You forget Job #1. To grow a successful business, you need to have clearly defined goals. Then share those goals with all employees so that every day they know what to focus on.
  3. You don't catch employees doing things right. By praising positive performance at the time it occurs you're reinforcing the behavior and improving morale.
  4. You help in the wrong ways. Help employees do their job well, but don't do it for them. Lead employees to the answer, rather than providing it for them.
  5. You try to be everything to everybody. There is value in telling some people that unfortunately, you're unable to help them with their particular needs.

*Bob Cooper, Motorage contributing editor, October 2018
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Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex –

Masking Unpainted Areas of Bumper Covers

CCC/Motors: Masking the grained, textured, or non-body color portions in preparation for body color application is an included operation. This process is only included one time in the refinish labor operation. Should the process require multiple masking operations for preparation and again for refinish, this would require an additional on the spot evaluation.

Mitchell: Masking of non-painted areas within the perimeter of a bumper cover is not included in the refinish allowance, unless identified with a labor footnote.

Audatex: Masking the grained, textured, or non-body color portions in preparation for body color application is an included operation. This process is only included one time in the refinish labor operation. Should the process require multiple masking operations for preparation and again for refinish, this would require an additional on the spot evaluation.
Final DEG Note: Masking Material cost is NOT INCLUDED with labor times.

Let's face it, I doubt few of us took debate classes, and the art of negotiation is not in many of our personal toolboxes. Certainly not mine, “I know what I need, and you should just give it to me.” Anyways, we can often make a pretty weak argument for repair items we need. I've seen it firsthand and I've certainly been that guy and will be again…demanding something I didn't tediously prove I needed. This constant justification sucks! However, not long ago, I decided to sing a different tune. I've started labeling every picture, along with pointing to and circling damages. ALL THE DAMAGES! Adding descriptions, cutting and pasting from the estimating systems, the research pages, and adding as many procedures as possible that can I can prove were warranted.

Pain in the arse!! I'd rather scuff parts, frankly…but the results were good, supplements are often rubber stamped and repair time compensation has absolutely increased. That part is all in your control. There is certainly a cost to all this documenting! Be sure you're compensated. It would be nice to have an upfront admin fee, re key fee, something! Plus, Researching Repair Procedures needs to become a standard line in ALL estimating systems! I'll be starting a petition so watch for that.

So, along the lines of negotiation, I'd like to promote the book that got me motivated. "Never Split the Difference" by Chriss Voss. Yep, it was the title that got my attention, but its not about dominating or belittling your adversary. It's a great read. If you can't find the time to read it at the very least, click here to watch his "Talks" at Google It is entertaining and I guarantee there is a tip in it that you will use and profit from. Click on the book to purchase from Amazon.

On your side,
WCRP will SOON be
opening a store where you will be able to purchase specially made items to show off your WCRP pride.
Here are a few sample items
Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex: Rivnut, Rivstud, Nutsert and misc Attachment Hardware.

Some replacement panels may require additional mounting hardware for attached components. The labor and hardware cost to install these misc. fasteners to the replaced panel are NOT INCLUDED unless specified in the footnotes in the database.
Some fasteners may require a specific tool outlined in the OEM service manual. This would be an on the spot evaluation unless a labor time/footnote already exists in the estimating system.

Check out the Repairer Driven News website for the latest news in the collision repair industry.

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