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Quinton from Draxler's Service working on a 1949 Chevy Panel Van
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Audatex: Door seam sealer may not be included

Audatex users may find contradicting information regarding labor operations stated in DBRM Section 4-3 Replacement & Recycled Operations: Door Shell Replacement. Page 86 of Audatex DBRM states "Seam sealing (when required)" is an included operation.
In DEG Inquiry 18075 on a 2019 Toyota Tacoma, the response from Audatex states "Seam sealer application time is included in any piece that the OEM service requires, per the OEM service information we have not added this time for the DOOR SHELL, FRONT (GN 0207/0208) as it is not mentioned. No change warranted at this time."
This suggests that it may be necessary to confirm whether Audatex has included the seam sealer. Inquiries related to the inclusion of seam sealer on door shell replacements, can be submitted through the DEG, at
Final Note: Material costs, additional labor to duplicate the factory appearance, and application of corrosion protection (i.e epoxy primer) prior to seam sealer work are all NOT included in the labor time.

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(2) Notice of intended use. An insurer or the insurer's representative may not require directly or indirectly the use of a non-original manufacturer replacement part in the repair of an insured's motor vehicle, unless the insurer or the insurer's representative provides to the insured the notice described in this subsection in the manner required in sub. (3) or (4). The notice shall be in writing and shall include all of the following information:
(a) A clear identification of each non-original manufacturer replacement part that is intended for use in the repair of the insured's motor vehicle.
632.38(2)(b) (b) The following statement in not smaller than 10-point type: “This estimate has been prepared based on the use of one or more replacement parts supplied by a source other than the manufacturer of your motor vehicle. Warranties applicable to these replacement parts are provided by the manufacturer or distributor of the replacement parts rather than by the manufacturer of your motor vehicle."
(3) Delivery of notice.
(a) The notice described in sub. (2) shall appear on or be attached to the estimate of the cost of repairing the insured's motor vehicle if the estimate is based on the use of one or more non-original manufacturer replacement parts and is prepared by the insurer or the insurer's representative. The insurer or the insurer's representative shall deliver the estimate and notice to the insured before the motor vehicle is repaired.
(b) If the insurer or the insurer's representative directs the insured to obtain one or more estimates of the cost of repairing the insured's motor vehicle and the estimate approved by the insurer or the insurer's representative clearly identifies one or more non-original manufacturer replacement parts to be used in the repair, the insurer or the insurer's representative shall assure delivery of the notice described in sub. (2) to the insured before the motor vehicle is repaired.
(c) The insurer or the insurer's representative may not require the person repairing the motor vehicle to give the notice described in sub. (2).
(d) Notwithstanding par. (b), if an insured authorizes repairs to begin prior to the approval by the insurer or the insurer's representative of an estimate that clearly identifies one or more non-original manufacturer replacement parts to be used in the repair, the insurer or the insurer's representative shall send the written notice described in sub. (2) by mail to the insured's last-known address no later than 3 working days after the insurer or the insurer's representative receives the estimate.
(4)  Notice by telephone. Notwithstanding sub. (3), notice of the intention to use non-original manufacturer replacement parts in the repair of the insured's motor vehicle may be given by the insurer or the insurer's representative by telephone. If such notice is given, the insurer or insurer's representative shall send the written notice described in sub. (2) by mail to the insured's last-known address no later than 3 working days after the telephone contact.

The views expressed below may or may not be the opinion of more than one WCRP member…(that’s what happens when you solicit someone’s opinion)

We have received several questions regarding State Farm's rankings in the recent Insurers Report Card. Without apparent logic, State Farm ranks #5 on the positive end and yet #4 on the negative end of the scale.  How does that happen?!
It turns out to be a perfect example of relationships and how they still matter in this digital age. Those that ranked State Farm highly expressed they have a good relationship with their local agent (they have some check writing authority) and are savvy in providing detailed documentation of the what and why in regards to any supplements.
Those that ranked State Farm poorly did not have that positive relationship with their local agents. It may also be a contentious relationship with the supplement personnel. Personally, I'm fine with our local agent. They work for their insured; I very much admire that. They do what an agent should do, represent their customer. I have, however, had a good number of frustrating experiences with the supplement personnel. Some dude named John I refuse to even talk to, you may recognize his dictatorship style and deep intimidating voice. I really feel he's missing his calling as a voice over for some cartoon villain. Regardless, either they have gotten better, or I've come to understand (some) that they have a job to do and a supervisor to satisfy. It takes time and patience...neither of which I'm gifted with, but when others in the office take the time to meticulously document any supplemental items they are usually paid promptly. With just an occasional skirmish here and there.
The moral of this ramble, if there is one, is to perhaps examine your relationships and your interactions. Could the problem be you - or partly you? Difficult to concede I know! I've learned in a lot of my own contentious relationships in the past I was simply receiving back what I was giving out. Gotta learn to fix that...good luck on your end.
Always in your corner,

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Estimating Tip: CCC & Mitchell

CCC and Mitchell have confirmed that labor to R/I wheels to gain access to bumper removal is NOT INCLUDED. It's important to always reference the specific vehicle chapter footnotes to verify if any specific operations are included. Audatex may or may not include wheel R/I labor. Always reference the estimate Labor Report. CCC DEG Inquiry 17764: MOTOR stated: After review of your concern, the R&I of Wheel is “Not Included” with Overhaul of Front Bumper.” Mitchell DEG Inquiry 17360: Thank you for your inquiry, Per p-page for front and rear bumpers, removing and installing the wheel has not been factored into the R&I Bumper labor allowance. Inner fender liners and wheel opening moldings are not included. It would be noted if they were.” Continue reading here.
Without question I often buy a book based solely on its cover or title. I select movies the same way...anyways when I saw this title it was a must have. Few of us like change and even fewer like to go first. Hats off to those that do. Within its cover is a quote that poignantly applies to our industry. “If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance a lot less” by its author Tom Feltenstein.
Our industry and livelihood is changing rapidly and dramatically. I chuckled at a survey from a year ago that indicated 70% of shops expected their business to go back to “normal.” I’m certain opinions have changed.
We can adapt, die or become irrelevant. A fourth option for some is to coast to the end, but that’s the same as becoming irrelevant.
The Book? It’s about inspiring change in your team and yourself. If you’re not in the midst of some changes right now I suspect you should be. Same as me, so I've got to go!
Best of luck,
Click on the book to be taken to Amazon if you would like to purchase it!

Your one stop auto body shop and auto repairer
2602 E. Main St. ~ Merrill, WI 54452 ~ PH: 715-536-6511
Bob & Jane Dehnel, bought Taylor Body Shop back in 2004 and that’s when One Way Collision was established. Bob started with 2 employees and himself. Today we have 10 and could use 2 more. We outgrew our first building…no room for more employees and lack of space. We built a new building in 2018. It features twice the space, 2 spray booths, a prep station, a long-needed lift, drive through estimating bay, larger reception area and 2 offices. We also have 2 bathrooms and a break room with a second story that has a lot of storage in addition to plenty of parking now. I designed the whole layout, office and shop and I was general on the whole project. It was a little challenging, but I enjoyed it. It’s a very well-built shop designed for better work flow. Our ten employees include us, my son Brad who is an estimator and my son Jon, the head painter. It’s a great family business and we’re pretty happy here.
1) What is your biggest daily challenge in the shop? Parts. Wrong parts, damaged parts, back ordered parts and used parts. Things would flow so much easier if it wasn’t for parts issues                    
2) What gets you through the day or motivates you? What gets me through the day is when the shop is flowing good
3) What is something you charge for that apparently “No other shops charge for?” I hope I’m not leaving anything on the table. I charge for anything that we should get paid for. That includes COVID-19 clean up
4) What is the best insurance company you deal with? Erie

5) What is the worst insurance company you deal with? Geico...(can't answer that fast enough)
6) Do you have a unique skill, service, or marketing position? I personally have been doing bodywork for at least 30 years and enjoy it still. I can do anything in the shop including paint. I can train technicians. I have trained at least 6 employees. You have to do that nowadays, take a chance on someone who may have a spark of interest. Trained technicians are not beating down doors looking for work and it will get worse.
7) I’d love to talk to another shop about: How to keep your technicians happy with competitive pay and benefits
8) What is your favorite thing to do outside of the shop? I love to golf as much as possible. Cruise my 69 Camaro, take it on long road trips, visit wineries. Grilling out, relaxing on the patio, playing a card game. Camping and sitting around the fire having a few drinks and having a few laughs
9) What can WCRP do for you and/or your business? Be more involved with technical schools for this trade, auto body and refinishing
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P.O. Box 841
Merrill, WI 54452-2841