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WHS Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Traditionally, the Westlake City School District has communicated with our families through the Key Communicator. This was a monthly communication tool used to share highlights from our schools and inform parents of district events. Although we have continued to spotlight the greatness of our students and staff through our website, social media and principal messages, our communication thus far this school year from the district level has been primarily focused on COVID-19 specific information.  

Each Friday, you have been receiving a newsletter titled “Keeping Our Westlake Community Safe” focusing on COVID-19 and instructional model information. While this information is extremely important, the achievements of our staff and students are commendable and deserve to be spotlighted each week as our district’s focus on academic excellence has not diminished throughout this pandemic.

You can expect weekly communication from the district level to continue each Friday; however, we will now merge our Safety Update with our Key Communicator in order to continue to share relevant COVID-19/instructional model information while providing building and district highlights and current events.
Latest News

Yesterday the Ohio Public Health Advisory System was updated.

Cuyahoga County remained in Level 3/Red status. There are now 21 counties in the Level/2 Orange status.

Although Cuyahoga County remains at the Level 3/Red status, Cuyahoga County the cases per 100k decreased from approximately 205 to 191 per 100k.
COVID-19 Update
The Westlake City School District is committed to transparency in all aspects of our school district. This includes the reporting of COVID-19 data that is connected to our school district. Each Friday afternoon, we post a weekly dashboard that displays overall district information (click here). It is the communication and partnership we have with our families that can help us keep each other safe.

Positive Cases
Our total positive cases within our school buildings have gone down from 7 total positive cases in the district last week to 4 positive cases this week.
The number of people in quarantine remained the same from last week to this week with 26 people in quarantine.
One Year Later

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, exactly one year ago today, Governor DeWine ordered all K-12 schools to be shut down by the end of the school day Monday, March 16, 2020, starting a year of unknowns we never thought possible. Today, exactly one year after the issuance of that order, the WCSD staff received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine bringing the school community one step closer to normalcy. Thank you, once again, to Discount Drug Mart for their efforts in vaccinating our entire staff in one day and in one of our own facilities.  
One year after this order, we are hopeful for the future and planning for our schools to continue to operate in the All-In Model, with the optional Parent Choice Virtual Learning Model, for the remainder of the school year. As always, we will continue to monitor both internal and external data, as well as guidelines set forth by the CDC or CCBH, and remain vigilant in our safety protocols as we know that this pandemic is far from over. However, we will celebrate the small steps of victory along the way that are leading us down the path to normalcy. 
Dover Campus Traffic
Drone footage of Dover Campus parking lots.
Drone footage of Bassett Rd.

Thank you for your continued patience with drop-off and pick-up on the Dover Campus. Throughout the past two weeks, building and district administrators, along with the Westlake PD, have been monitoring the traffic flow and concerns during these busy times. We have timed cars, observed traffic flow from both the ground and via drone footage (images above).

Here are some observations along with solutions:

Backup prior to drop-off and pick-up
Primarily backup occurs when cars stack up prior to drop-off and pick-up. Please do not arrive at the Dover Campus too early. We have noticed that the traffic on this campus tends to spill onto Bassett Rd as early as 7:15am and 12:45pm. As a reminder, drop-off begins at 7:30am and pick-up begins at 1:05pm. Arriving closer to the appropriate times will ensure a speedier process as students will be able to exit their cars immediately to begin school and enter their cars immediately to head home.

We are finding that our drop-off line is complete by 7:52am in the morning and the pick-up line is complete by 1:20pm in the afternoon.

Left on Bassett
Taking a left onto Bassett can be a challenge. We will have someone directing traffic. When exiting the Dover Campus onto Bassett, please use your turn signal as this will help the stationed officer know when to hold traffic for a left turn onto Bassett. When possible, please try to turn right onto Bassett out of the Dover Campus.

Students who walk or ride bikes
Many of you may have noticed that Westlake PD has been stationing an officer at the intersection of the Dover Campus entrance off of Bassett to ensure all student walkers/bike-riders are safe and to help cars exit the Dover Campus. This will continue as often as they have the man-power to have someone stationed there. We will be looking to have a school staff member or School Resource Officer at that intersection whenever a police officer cannot be present.  

Use designated pick-up/drop-off zones
We are noticing that some parents are having their students walk up the sidewalk to pick up either on the driveway or the street. Parents should utilize the designated pick-up and drop-off areas. This will ensure the safety of our students and keep our lines moving.

Pull all the way up
Once you have reached the buildings, please remember to pull all the way up to the stop-sign by the side of Reed Field. This allows the maximum amount of cars to unload/pick up at one time. You can watch Mr. Miller’s reminder video of this process here.
School Calendar Reminders
4th Quarter Adjustments

Throughout this school year, the WCSD has focused on providing options for families. Therefore, WCSD will continue with the same two options for the fourth quarter: All-In or 100% Parent Choice Virtual Learning. As a reminder, fourth quarter begins on Monday, March 30, 2021.
If you do not desire an instructional model change for your child from third quarter to fourth quarter, there is nothing further for you to do. Meaning, if your child is currently attending daily in the All-In Model and you want him/her to continue attending daily OR your child is currently enrolled in Third Quarter 100% Parent Choice Virtual Learning and would like your child to stay enrolled in virtual learning for the 4th quarter, there is nothing for you to do. If we do not hear from you, we will assume your child is staying in their current model.
If you would like your child to switch from All-In to Virtual or from Virtual to All-In for the 4th quarter, please contact your child's building principal.
WES Families: Please note that an instructional model change will result in a teacher change.
Music In Our Schools Month® (MIOSM®)
March has been designated Music In Our Schools Month® by the National Association for Music Education. We want to take a moment to recognize the significant influence music education has on school-aged children and thank our entire music staff for their dedication, passion and commitment to leading our students through the exploration of music education and to finding their own unique passion(s) and interest(s). What a wonderful way to celebrate this month of music with the WHS Music Concerts this past Wednesday! Thank you: Robert Haupt, Amy Schillinger, Joni Patton, Joe Fudale, Mike Allan, Kelly Zunic, Hilary Patriok and Jennifer Butler.
National Foreign Language Week
This week is National Foreign Language Week. The WCSD is fortunate to offer World Language to all students in Grades 1 - 12. Teaching a foreign language to students in a typical year is challenging enough but even with the addition of masks and teaching virtually, our world language teachers make the job look easy. Our World Language teachers create classrooms of trust and support where students can learn, grow and make mistakes. They bring an enthusiasm to their subject that is hard to surpass. Thank you to all of the WCSD World Language teachers!

Congratulations & Good Luck, Khaled!
Congratulations to Khaled Askar who is a State Qualifier for Wrestling! Good luck this weekend as you represent the Demons at the OHSAA State Wrestling Championships!