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Caleb Korey, 1st grade, & Mrs. McLoughlin celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Traditionally, the Westlake City School District has communicated with our families through the Key Communicator. This was a monthly communication tool used to share highlights from our schools and inform parents of district events. Although we have continued to spotlight the greatness of our students and staff through our website, social media and principal messages, our communication thus far this school year from the district level has been primarily focused on COVID-19 specific information.  

Each Friday, you have been receiving a newsletter titled “Keeping Our Westlake Community Safe” focusing on COVID-19 and instructional model information. While this information is extremely important, the achievements of our staff and students are commendable and deserve to be spotlighted each week as our district’s focus on academic excellence has not diminished throughout this pandemic.

You can expect weekly communication from the district level to continue each Friday; however, we will now merge our Safety Update with our Key Communicator in order to continue to share relevant COVID-19/instructional model information while providing building and district highlights and current events.
Latest News

Yesterday the Ohio Public Health Advisory System was updated.

Cuyahoga County remained in Level 3/Red status. There are now 23 counties in the Level/2 Orange status and 5 in the Level 1/Yellow status.

Although Cuyahoga County remains at the Level 3/Red status, Cuyahoga County the cases per 100k decreased from approximately 191 to 162 per 100k.
COVID-19 Update
The Westlake City School District is committed to transparency in all aspects of our school district. This includes the reporting of COVID-19 data that is connected to our school district. Each Friday afternoon, we post a weekly dashboard that displays overall district information (click here). It is the communication and partnership we have with our families that can help us keep each other safe.

Positive Cases
This past week we recorded 6 positive cases in the district. This is a slight increase from last week when we recorded 4 cases.
The number of people in quarantine increased from 26 people to 35 people this week. The increase in quarantines was primarily located at the high school.
Instructional Model Change Requests

With the increase in vaccine availability, COVID-19 numbers decreasing across the state, and warmer temperatures around the corner, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of requests for students to switch from the 100% Virtual Learning model to the All-In Model. We welcome you back! However, please know that we are remaining vigilant in our safety protocols within the buildings and, therefore, an immediate change may not be able to be accommodated. With the addition of each student to our in-person instructional model, we have to ensure that student desks are adequately spaced, desk barriers are installed in all rooms in which 5’ distancing can no longer be maintained, and bus routes (when applicable) are adjusted. Please be in touch with your child’s building principal should you like to request a model change and they will be able to give you the specific timeline to accommodate your request. We assure you that we will make the switch for you as soon as we are safely able to do so.  

WES Specific Information:
As a reminder, WES students who switch from the 100% Virtual Learning Model to the All-In Model will require a teacher change. Due to the fact that WES has fully virtual teachers, dependent on the number of students enrolled in 100% Virtual Learning for 4th quarter, it is possible that WES will move from two virtual teachers to one virtual teacher in certain grade levels to accommodate the number of in-person students. This would require a teacher change for several students as we work to balance the classrooms to ensure 3’ spacing between all student desks. We appreciate your patience as we finalize the numbers and work through this possibility. Should your child be affected in any way, Mrs. Dagostino, WES Lead Principal, will contact you.  

School Calendar Reminders
As a reminder, next week will close out the 3rd quarter of our school year. The last day of the third quarter is next Friday, March 26, 2021. We encourage you to review PowerSchool with your student and be in touch with your child’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns before the quarter ends. There is no school for students, including any online component, on Monday, March 30th as this is a teacher work day. Spring Break then begins on Friday, April 2nd with school resuming on Monday, April 12th.
State of the Schools
On Monday, March 22, 2021 during the WCSD Board of Education meeting, Dr. Goggin will give his annual State of the Schools address. During this presentation, Dr. Goggin will summarize what the district has accomplished over the past year including academic, finance, facilities and support organization updates. He, along with Treasurer Mr. Todd Hopkins, will also discuss the upcoming levy and the future strategic planning process. You can view this presentation by accessing the March 22, 2021 BOE meeting at 6pm on our district website or by searching “Westlake City School District Board of Education” on YouTube on Monday evening at 6pm.
Winter All SWC Selections in Each Sport

Congratulations to all our winter sport athletes named to All SWC Teams!

1st Team-Marissa Wise, Gabby Backus
2nd Team-Jane Jolliffe, Hannah Chmielowiec
Honorable Mention-Sophia Bell, Sydney Schons

Boys Bowling
2nd Team-Jack Finucane
Honorable Mention-Andrew Bodi, Paul Rossander

Girls Bowling
2nd Team-Gabrielle Hansen
Honorable Mention-Annabelle Bodi, Taylor Hedges

Honorable Mention-Olivia Scherma, Nadia Milovich

2nd Team-Lucca Bohan
Honorable Mention-Colt Rujawitz, Alex Rendziak

Girls Swimming
2nd Team-Grace Kelsheimer, Maggie Tobin, Emilie Tobin, Sydney Peer, Julia Houser
Honorable Mention-Lyndsey Burrows, Anna Curtis

Boys Swimming
Luke Herberle named as SWC MVP in Boys Swimming!
1st Team-Shane Quinn, Liam Pirnat, Luke Heberle, Landon Clarke
Honorable Mention-Ryan Forshey, Hamza Said

Boys Basketball
2nd Team-Cal Reghi
Honorable Mention-Justin Garcia, Will Ostrowski

Girls Basketball
1st Team-Summer Salem
2nd Team-Abbie Gardner
Honorable Mention-Katie Whitesell, Anna Williams

2nd Team-Aidan Ashburn, Cole Yuhas, Mo Zayed
Honorable Mention-Mackey Keenan, Gaven Carmichael