WCYSA August 2016 Newsletter 

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2016 Fall Recreational Season 
Sept. 10th - Oct. 29th! 

Registration is ongoing!
Use our on-line registration system to register your child  with the appropriate recreational soccer cl ub.  If you are unsure what club to register your child with,  please check the list on our website or contact  WCYSA staff.

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On August 6th Whatcom Sports & Recreation, the organization that operates the Bellingham Sportsplex and developed and operates the newly renamed Phillips 66 Soccer Park, had a great event with the dedication and ribbon cutting of the two new turf fields with lights and scoreboard at Phillips 66 Soccer Park. The event was to recognize the $2.7 million upgrade of the two lighted turf fields. This culminated a great public/private partnership with $2 million allocated from the State of WA and $700,000 in a advertising sponsorship grant from Phillip 66 for the funding of the project.

On hand for the dedication were representatives from WA 42nd District Senator Doug Eriksen and State Representative Luann VanWerven, Jeff Callender from Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery, Michel McFarlane from Whatcom County Parks, and Chet Lackey President of Whatcom Sports & Recreation.  The event also hosted an exhibition match with two WFCRangers squads.

Left to Right: Senator Doug Ericksen, Chet Lackey (Whatcom Sports & Rec), Rep. Luann Van Werven, Michael McFarlan (Whatcom Co. Parks) and Jeff Callender (Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery)

Fall 2016 WCYSA New Coaches Meeting
Wednesday August 31 6-7:30 pm at Phillips 66 Soccer Park Office

All new coaches need to attend this informative meeting on how to manage game days and learn about resources from WCYSA to assist you as a coach. 

Join us for a great evening of soccer to honor  Mike Grimes.

Coach Mike was a Fantastic Soccer Coach, Mentor, and Soccer Enthusiast!
Our evening of fun will run 6-7 pm pm at Phillips 66 Soccer Park.
Soccer skills fun will be offered for youth players ages U6-U14.
A $1 donation is suggested (not required).
All net proceeds are matched with funds from the  WFC Rangers for scholarships for graduating seniors  in memory of Mike Grimes. REGISTRATION  IS NOT REQUIRED,  


We've asked Abigail Arnold to share with WCYSA her recent experience she has had with the WA Youth Soccer's Elite Development Program (EDP).  The Elite Player Development (EPD) program is comprised of the state's most talented players, a highly qualified coaching staff and administrative team, the Elite Player Development program is designed as the training ground for Washington's most elite youth soccer players. EPD's coaching staff will strategically hand-select these elite youth soccer players and the best development opportunities possible to create a complete package that best suits overall soccer development. This program also provides a pathway to potential US Youth National team opportunities. Here is  what Abigail had to share of her experience with WA EPD.
My name is Abigail Rose Arnold. I love playing soccer! I am currently on the WFC Rangers 02 Gold team. My recent success in soccer started at my U12 year the summer of 2014 when my coach at the time, Mary Schroeder, recommended I participate in the EPD (Washington State Elite Player Development) tryouts.  I was excited I made the call backs to the tryouts. I was very nervous about the call backs, whether I would make the team. I made the team and played at the Portland Friendship Cup representing Washington State.
After the first year of EPD, I struggled with confidence.  I felt like I was not a top player, lacking in skill that others had.   It was a tough time, but I knew if I worked hard, I could learn the skill I was lacking.  I talked with my coaches, and asked what I needed to work on regarding technical skill and let them know where I was mentally.  They told me I needed to work on some specific technical skill (accuracy of passes, combination plays, etc.) and my confidence.  I also realized eating better and building my fitness level so I could run faster and play longer on the field would help, so I decided to do just that. 
Going into the second year of EPD, I was feeling more confident in part because I had developed friendships the year before.  I also started training with Megan at Manthey Momentum.  Megan helped me physically, technically, and mentally having a role model to look up to.  I made the travel team that traveled to Arizona to compete in the Region IV ODP Championships.  Our team took first place in the tournament.   I was the second leading goal scorer for the whole tournament.   During this tournament there were National Youth soccer scouts watching the games. Some players including myself were then invited to the National Training Center for monthly training sessions. 
Last week, I attended the Region IV National Training Camp in Oregon.  I had an amazing time and was given tons of feedback. The coaches were amazing and filled with lots of knowledge of things I could work on. For the first few days they had split us up into our state teams and since my whole team was not there we had a few girls from different states. I built many new friendships because of that. After the second day they told us that before each training or scrimmage they would post a roster with three different tiers, 1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest. I was in tier one from beginning to end!
The feedback the coaches (Region IV head coach and assistant coach) gave me to work on were to move more off the ball, not close down my left foot, and work on my technical skills.   I shared this with my Ranger Coach, Marc Ronney (the Ronster) asking him if he could please be hard on me with getting better at these three things, not only at practices but at games too.  I feel like I will be able to improve in these areas very quickly if my coach is aware of what I am working on! I learned so much from this training camp and am taking lots from it that I can improve on and begin executing!
My success comes from my drive to succeed, not a gift of skill.  We can all learn new skill, but we must have the drive to get to the next level.  I also received major support from my family (my mom drives me everywhere) and coaches.  A phrase I keep in mind is "Good to Great".  Each time I reach a goal I set, I am great in my own mind.  I then move back to being good, setting new goals for myself to be great again.
I hope my journey will encourage others to work hard to achieve their goals, and always remember where you have come from, and know where you are going.  Confidence is required, arrogance is not!   
Lance head shot
Lance Calloway, WCYSA Executive Director
US Soccer's New Youth Heading Rules

The US Soccer Federation has made numerous adjustments to the youth soccer landscape the past 16 months through their Player Development Initiative. USSF has really focused on creating the proper environments for player development. Many of the changes put forward was the mandatory implementation of small sided games, which WCYSA has implemented for nearly 15 years.  For WCYSA the only adjustment to our programs will be that both Under 9 & 10 will be playing 7 aside soccer of a 40x70 field, with the U10's now also playing 7 a-side as to previously playing 9 a-side.  

As part of USSF 's Concussion Initiative, they have implemented a significant new aspect to the youth game in regards to heading the soccer ball.   Beginning this fall players under 11 and below are not permitted to deliberately head the ball in the run of play in a game or in practice.  If a player violates this rule and deliberately heads the ball during a game, the referees are instructed to whistle the ball dead and award an indirect free kick.  This new rule has come about 

Another development initiative is for goal keepers U8 through U10 will not be permitted to pun the ball into play.  Keepers are to play the ball either with their feet or to throw the ball out to teammates. If a keeper punts the ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the punt.  This has come about in part with the new heading rules but also to teach the players to play the ball out and build up the play from the back.

These are two of the most prominent changes you will see implemented this fall for our players. I believe these are all positive changes for the players health and safety and for their overall soccer development.  It will be fun to see all the kids back on the fields playing the beautiful game.
Marc Ronney, WCYSA Technical  Director
Marc Ronney head shot

How t o make the most of lopsided games.
Try as we might we inevitably find ourselves in a lopsided match. When the situation does arise this article does a great job of pointing out how to make most out the situation for both players and coaches.  

Thank you!
We could not maintain and develop our facilities and programs without our great sponsors.   Thank you all for your support!!
Trash Talk for Whatcom Soccer Families

By Beth Chisho lm 
Community Horticulture Coordinator at WSU Whatcom County Extension & soccer mom
I am so excited to share something that we can all get behind.  As we move into the fall soccer season with new facilities at our beloved Northwest Soccer Park, now called Phillips 66 Soccer Park, there is a great opportunity for us as fans, family, staff and players to make some improvements in our waste practices.
Lance Calloway tells me that on a typical Saturday during the recreational soccer season there are 10,000-12,000 people at the field's every week.  Whatcom Sports & Recreation does an amazing job of running this facility and we as families should be proud to be a part of it.  Keeping our kids hydrated is a big deal, as we strive for lowering the environmental impact of this fun recreational activity your careful involvement is crucial. Weather you bring refreshments from home or purchase items at the fields what you do with it when you are done is a big deal.   
The Blue Bins at the fields.  Mostly you will see there are bins for garbage and bins for recycling cans, bottles and plastics, they are both blue which might be confusing.  When I look into the bins I see mostly single use beverage containers and often it's hard to tell which blue bin to use. 
So here is what we need to do and luckily I think most Whatcom County residence know the drill.  WSU Whatcom County Extension will be working with the Soccer Association to make it easier for you to do the right thing. 
  • Look for better recycling signage at the fields AND when you find a "blue bin" read the signs.
  • When in doubt take it home if you want to recycle your item. 
  • Share this with your players and siblings, take the challenge to reduce waste at the soccer fields. 
In September look for our WSU Master Composter & Recycling Volunteers we will be under the white tents with more information.
Please help ensure the success by sharing the recycling message with other visitors to P66SP.   Help the environment and keep valuable recyclables out of the trash.                                                                  
Whatcom FC Rangers 
Hubert Busby Jr.; Technical Director 

The Rangers summer season is well underway.

This year saw the implementation of birth year age groups by the US Soccer Federation. At try-outs, players were grouped in teams based on the year that they were born rather than the grade they were in school. As a club, we recognized and acknowledged the anxiety that these changes could cause. However, we are grateful for those who kept an open mind and positive attitude regarding this change. We are currently working with Washington State Youth Soccer to finalize a plan for our grade 8 players. We will be providing our members with an update the first week of August.
Our summer season kicked off with most our teams entering the local Baker Blast. This tournament saw a number of our teams win championships in their respective age groups. However, the main purpose of the tournament is to allow for teams to gel as a group while supporting our local tournament in the process.

Finally, I want to acknowledge once again the volunteers who make our club what it is. To our board members, PAC reps, and team managers, thanks for all that you do!

Keep the ball rolling....


Hubert Busby Jr,
Technical Director
Whatcom FC Rangers
Whatcom County Youth Soccer Association
2016 Academic Scholarship Recipients Received $1650 towards their first year off to college.
Braeden Hilleary 
Eli Guidroz
Hillary Braeden, Squalicum HS, will be attending Oregon State University Fall of 2017.
Eli Guidroz, Squalicum HS, will be attending Willamette University

Bellingham United
Take 2nd Place 

 Bellingham United FC finished second in table in the 2016 Evergreen Premier League with a 9-4-1 record. BUFC was lead by Kyle Witzel's 6 goals followed closely with 5 goals each for Nick Cashmere, Richard Henderson and Luke Olney as BUFC led EPL league 34 goals on the season.  Defensively, Tyler Visten led the way in the goal for the Hammers.  
Bellingham United will return indoors in November in defense of their 2015 Western Indoor Soccer League championship.  Follow Bellingham United on  BUFC's Facebook page or at www.bellinghamunited.com

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