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For Immediate Release: April  13, 2016
Contact: John McFee
WDMA Announces New Portal to Speed Evaluation Reports of WDMA Hallmark Certified Products to Texas Department of Insurance
[Chicago, IL] - The Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) will release next month the third phase of the WDMA Hallmark Certification Programs Client Information Portal (CIP) to facilitate an electronic method to submit and process an application for a Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Evaluation Report.  This system, which is available to any manufacturers certifying products under the WDMA Hallmark Program, should help shorten the time it takes TDI to produce an evaluation report. 
Although there is no statutory requirement for a TDI Evaluation Report, they are highly regarded and sought after by many consumers, architects, builders, retailers, code officials and approval agencies.  Many homeowners need them to secure homeowners insurance in Texas.
"WDMA has been working with TDI for the past two years to develop this system, which should significantly reduce the current 12 to 16 month wait time for an evaluation report while maintaining the integrity of the TDI program," said Michael O'Brien, WDMA President and CEO. "We believe this new TDI module in the online portal will be a great benefit to those manufacturers utilizing the WDMA Hallmark Program."
The TDI module will allow for the capture of all relevant information such as reports, certificates of license and conformance (CCL's), labels, installation instructions, as well as a manufacturer's draft of the TDI evaluation report.  CIP security requires a specific user registration and log in to enter the system. TDI will have access to the TDI specific information after it is submitted.

The new system also incorporates a method to initiate new TDI Evaluation Report applications online. This will allow the WDMA Hallmark Certification licensee to ensure the application is accurate and complete. This system will also give the WDMA Hallmark Certified manufacturer complete control of the product line names, descriptions and related submittal material in real time and in a secure working environment.
"WDMA is constantly striving to improve and enhance the WDMA Hallmark Program for manufacturers participating in the program.  The new TDI module is one great example," added O'Brien.
Manufacturers interested in participating in the WDMA Hallmark Program should contact John McFee at jmcfee@wdma.com  or visit www.wdma.com/WDMAHallmark
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