As an industry, we have all been hit hard by the recent effects of COVID-19 - the novel coronavirus. To this end, the Association has created a wide range of resources, providing you with the most up-to-date information to address the coronavirus. This information can be found by clicking  HERE .

However, equally important is addressing the longevity of your business and keeping your staff employed. We all want to avoid the mass layoffs and reductions in staff we experienced as an industry following the bubble and during the Great Recession. The effects of the coronavirus will be temporary and all will be back to work soon enough. However, if we lose workers permanently to other industries, many will face a serious issue with being able to produce the work clients will need to help grow their business.

I am emailing you to make you aware of a little-known program called, " Work-Share " offered through the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development . WDWD's Work-Share program allows companies with 20 or more employees to avoid layoffs during times of reduced business activity and allows workers to remain employed. It is an Unemployment Insurance (UI) program that provides an employer the ability to reduce the number of hours an employee works during a week while ​unemployment compensation makes up some of the difference in income. To read more about the positives of Work-Share programs, please click  HERE

Please visit the WDWD Work-Share program by clicking  HERE  and contact the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development at (608) 261-6700 to discuss how you can participate in this program. 

If I can be of assistance to you personally, please do not hesitate to contact me at (262) 522-2212.

Joseph Lyman
Great Lakes Graphics Association
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