It’s true!! more than 200 people-of-conscience have successfully donated over $N1, 000,000 pesos (A MILLION MEXICAN PESOS) for the Zapatista health system in their battle against Covid19. We are amazed and gratified at the outpouring of support for saving Mayan lives during their battle for life against Covid-19.  Thank you very much for helping.

“…keep your promotions in place”, urged the media-savvy Zapatistas in a WhatsApp message sent to “Schools for Chiapas” several days ago.

Because Covid-19 is still raging - and because the Zapatistas have asked us to continue - Schools for Chiapas is extending our campaign in support of Zapatista resistance to Covid-19.  We are calling the continued campaign - the “Million Peso Pledge II ~ A Sequel” and we will continue as long as it takes.  We urge everyone to gather support and educate in your communities about the Zapatista response to the pandemic.  Please join us!

Million Peso Pledge II – A Sequel:~ news and suggestions for people-of-conscience everywhere, including donors, sustainers, and especially volunteers who can work from home during these hard times. Sign up today to help with our long range campaign to save lives and to support the Mayan people during the pandemic.

With this newly extended campaign, we are re-committing ourselves saving Mayan lives - no matter how long our help is needed. Your continued participation is vital.

During this spring and summer we hope you will help us organize creative, online educational events while helping recruit new individuals and organizations to help out with the campaign. With support from several generous families and individuals we have established a matching fund which increase the impact all smaller donations ~ in fact, we now can send 200% of smaller donations directly to the Zapatistas. All smaller donations will be doubled, and we’ll send two dollars down to Chiapas for every dollar you donate here. (Larger donations of $500 and above will automatically become part of the new matching fund.)

We acknowledge that these are especially hard times- only donate if you can. We guarantee that every donation in any amount is deeply appreciated and will help save lives. 

We’re also dedicated to inventing new ways to organize during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are searching for ways to hold onto our humanity and continue to struggle for justice in the strange times of Covid-19.  Last month we cooperated in NET. RAVE (it was an online party with 20 continuous hours of alternative music, streaming Zapatista movies, and great DJs) it attracted hundreds of party goers and dozens of new supporters. In the upcoming weeks we will be organizing addition events and we welcome your ideas and participation. Please help us think of creative and interesting ways to attract others, or organize ourselves, and to support the fight against Covid-19 – contact info@schoolsforchiapas.org.

Please join us by giving what you can, by working from home, and by sharing information about the Million Peso Pledge II ~ The Sequel. To get involved just fill out this short form to receive volunteer emails! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ctFiOxZ4rbl4dK7W3sTQozzfca41_E3URMLl6G5srJI/viewform?edit_requested=true

Thank you so much for all you do. Please share this post, email it to a friend and invite them to subscribe for future emails, finally please in let you family and community about the pandemic in Zapatista territory - in the coming months please share information about the MILLION PESO PLEDGE II – THE SEQUEL.


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May 17, 2020. Join the “Million Peso Pledge II – A Sequel” today in your heart … and perhaps tomorrow you can become a volunteer or a donor.

Please register as a volunteer from home in support of the Zapatista Health System, just fill out this simple form.

Do not donate without carefully considering the situation with your housing, your healthcare, your savings, and your income. Which is to say, just please be extra careful in these hard times.