SEA Impact Bargaining 2020 - Update for August 26, 2020:

United for Safe and Equitable Schools


SEA and SPS have reached a Tentative Agreement for the start of 2020-2021 school year.
Thank you to our dedicated Bargaining Team!  Our 25+ core team members
have spent the last 9 straight days negotiating with District leadership.
Supported by an additional 40+ subcommittee members and SEA staff,
we have spent a collective 5 months working to this moment.
The plan to start the 2020-2021 school year has finally arrived.

What comes next...
Tomorrow, the SEA Board of Directors will meet to review, discuss, and decide whether to recommend the tentative agreement to the Representative Assembly.  The Representative Assembly will meet over the weekend to VOTE on the TA as the final step to complete this bargain. Please look for an update email tomorrow with details about the TA.  

Important information as we all start remotely tomorrow:  
The Health and Safety protocols designed to reduce risk of exposure to Covid -19 have not all been rolled out. Our agreement states that you should not be asked to enter buildings until you have been trained on the health and safety protocols specific to SPS. We also have not yet received the air quality reports for each building as requested during bargaining. We anticipate these will be provided soon. You can contact your Covid-19 Site Supervisor (your administrator) to find out if your building meets Covid-19 recommendations currently. The district in in agreement that Health and Safety is the driver of all decisions made for staff and students during this Covid-19  Pandemic.
To support planning and the many questions regarding building schedules, here is an overview of the SCHEDULE SECTION FROM THE TENTATIVE AGREEMENT.

Part of your SEA Bargaining Team:

Lynne Oliphant, Nurse
Alison Enochs, Nurse
Vallerie Fisher, Family Support Worker
Michael Melonson, Family Support Worker
Marquita Prinzing, CRE Director
Elizabeth Ward-Robertson, SAEOP President
Kim Nickerson, SAEOP
Shannon Ratner, SAEOP 
Marla Rasmussen, Paraprofessional President
Celina Austin, Sped IA
Mahamoud Gaayte, ELL/IA
Stan Strasner, Substitutes President
Peter Henry, Substitutes
Jeanine Calceta, Substitutes
Kara Golgert, PreK/Sped Teacher
Erin Carroll, ESA
Len Hill, Consulting Teacher
DaZanne Davis Porter, Elementary Classroom Teacher
Ann Dunbar, Elementary Classroom Teacher
Sarah Lockenvitz, Middle School Classroom Teacher
Edmund Trangen, High School Classroom Teacher
Meesh Vecchio, High School Sped Teacher
Priscilla Allen, ELL Teacher

Bargaining Co-Chair - 
Jennifer Matter, SEA President
Bargaining Co-Chair - Yvette De La Cruz, Executive Director
Uti Hawkins, SEA Vice President
Reiko Dabney, Uniserv Director
Ceci Mena, Uniserv Director
Kristi Taylor, Uniserv Director
Tim Kopp, Uniserv Director


Supportive information for You and Families You Serve

Childcare with the Department of Education and Early Learning (DEEL) We are expecting an announcement from the city's DEEL about providing more robust Childcare options any day now. We know this is an important topic impacting many members' abilities to plan for going back to work. We continue to advocate for Educators saying, to get us back to work serving thousands of students daily, we need good childcare options just like our families.

Communication is key

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