We have had a great deal of engagement surrounding our recent proposed vaccine policy.

We have heard from our clients and staff, and a large majority feel safer being able to practice with such a policy.

However, we have also heard from many who have concerns with such a policy and we want you to know that we hear you as well.

We in no way intended to discriminate or segregate. This was never our intention and, for that, we sincerely apologize. 

Our intention with this proposal was truly to try and mitigate risk and keep us all as safe as possible. 

The government has not provided direct guidance, other than mandating that reopening steps be dependent on vaccination rates. It is this mandate, alongside concerns of our clients and staff, which prompted us to prepare and inform our clients of this potential policy. 

However, it may be that a decision on such a policy was premature. 

Please understand that each one of you is vital to our studio and all your thoughts on this are immensely important to us. We are trying to make the best decision here in this difficult time. 

Emotions are running high and we do not want to encourage any more divisiveness. 

This has been an incredibly difficult 16 months for us all. It’s important that we stay together. 

Your rights and the safety of our clients both hold great value to us. We hear you.
We have always maintained that everyone has a right and freedom to make their own choices with regards to their bodies, including whether to get vaccinated. We are in no way forcing this upon anyone as it is not our right to do so. It has never been our right and we would never want this to be the case.

As the owner of BeHot Yoga Toronto, I ask that we all please press pause to allow this situation to evolve. Let’s all engage further together and make a prudent decision when the time comes. 

We are stronger together, as a whole. Let’s not let any more divisiveness impact us.
Paul McQuillan
BeHot Founder