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Seniors Month - Stay Active, Connected, and Safe 

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June is Seniors Month in Ontario - a time we celebrate seniors and recognize the substantive contributions they have made in shaping our communities. For EAPO every month is Seniors Month. We continue to engage with community partners to promote awareness and the prevention of elder abuse.


They say it takes a village. EAPO acknowledges that shifting the disturbing increases in elder abuse cases and eliminating discriminatory, ageist behaviours, which are at the core of elder abuse, cannot be tackled alone. The 37 Elder Abuse Prevention Networks, alongside EAPO continue to face resourcing challenges head on, including navigating the devastating impacts the Covid-19 pandemic has had on seniors by finding creative ways to reach and help safeguard older adults in Ontario who are at-risk or experiencing abuse.


The fact remains, as the senior population continues to grow so unfortunately does the prevalence of abuse. We are also at a unique time in history, where that trend CAN and MUST change! EAPO stands ready!  Working together to combat elder abuse is a responsibility we must all share and everyone has a role to play!  This year, join us and become a Champion and Stand Up for the Rights of Older Adults!

Marta Hajek

Executive Director, EAPO

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15

World Elder Abuse Day is coming. Are you ready to take a stand for seniors?

June 15th is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see you at our national virtual event!

EAPO in partnership with the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, CanAge and British Columbia Community Response Networks are teaming up to create a national conversation around elder abuse prevention.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from this dynamic panel of aging experts, along with a few other special guests from across the country.  Here are some of the great speakers you’ll see at our national virtual event on June 15th!

Registration is open now, and space is limited. Be sure to save yourseat early.

Register Now

Take the Pledge..

Did you know that 1 in 2 Canadians are prejudiced against older people? 

Invite individuals of all ages to join us and remind the world that Rights Don't Get Old and become a Champion of elder abuse prevention by Pledging to stand up for the rights of older people

We all have a role to play in reminding the world that rights don’t get old. If you haven’t already done so, take our “Elder Abuse Prevention Champion” pledge now to signal your commitment to the cause.

We encourage Citizens, Advocates, Organizations, Leaders, Policy Makers and Government Officials to get involved. Check off the actions you plan to take this year to defend the rights of older people in your community and join thousands of others across the country taking a stand for seniors!

Take the Pledge

Once you submit your pledge, you’ll receive an email confirmation and we’ll follow up with you after WEAAD to help you follow through on your pledge, including how to log your progress on the Future Us website!

Visit weaad.ca for regular updates or 

sign up for our WEAAD newsletter to stay in the loop! 

New Roadmap to Elder Abuse Prevention

 Learn how you can Play a Role

Future Us:

A Roadmap to Elder Abuse Prevention

Future Us is a pan-Canadian engagement strategy developed for people of all ages to prevent violence and abuse of older people in their homes and communities. 

The Roadmap outlines what you can do to help in your community in standing up for the rights of seniors. Learn more: www.futureus.cnpea.ca

View Roadmap

WEAAD-Promoting the Rights of Older Persons

Support WEAAD by Sharing and Retweeting  #WEAAD2022

Spread the word.... leading up to June 15, EAPO will be posting messages on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), sharing information on the rights of older persons and prevention of elder abuse.

A set of social media graphics have been created to PLEDGE your post on your social media. These images can be used the month leading up to WEAAD, so you can post your Pledge in promoting #RightsDoNotGetOld

Be sure to check out what our site can offer you!

Find Graphics Here


Virtually, Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Join International Elder Abuse Prevention leaders including:


Dr. Elizabeth Podnieks, Founder & Creator of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day


Dr. Karl Pillemer. Professor of Human Development at Cornell University

Professor of Gerontology at Weill Cornell Medicine


Dr. David Burnes, Canada Research Chair in Older Adult Mistreatment Prevention

University of Toronto


And other esteemed speakers from around the world!

Register Now!

EAPO's Upcoming Webinar & Blogs

Upcoming Webinar - Fight Fraud

June 29th from 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET

This informative webinar will address prominent frauds including the CRA, grandparent, emergency, and bank investigator scams.  Attendees will learn tips to prevent fraud and where to report it.

Register : www.eapon.ca/FightFraudWebinar

View EAPO's Blogs

Keep informed of EAPO's weekly posts at https://eapon.ca/the-eapo-blog/

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Aging with Pride

June is Pride Month and EAPO is proud to work with and support 2SLGBTQ+ seniors in Ontario to ensure individual's human rights are protected, and all seniors are treated with respect and dignity, living free from abuse. 


Equality for 2SLGBTQ+ people is about basic human rights, values and needs: the ability for everyone to age with safety, health and happiness.

Pride Month is about advocating for Human Rights of all Ontarians and through awareness raising events happening across the province, bringing light to our common responsibility towards each other, to eradicate the stigma that causes invisibility and helps us reduce isolation of our neighbours, friends and families!



National Seniors Study

Rainbow Table: Connecting 2SLGBTQI Seniors


Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care 


Rainbow Health Ontario




Awareness Campaigns

OPP, CAFC & RCMP launch campaign to raise awareness about

money mules in Canada

A campaign from June 6 to 10 will be held to raise awareness about how fraudsters are using unsuspecting victims as money mules to launder funds and proceeds of crime.

On June 8, 2022, at 10 am, the CAFC and OPP will be hosting a Live Chat on social media discussing money mules and related frauds. The partners will also be sharing tips and links to various resources through its social media platforms.

The public is encouraged to engage in the conversation to help recognize, reject and report frauds by using the hashtags #DontBeAMule, #kNOwFraud, #Take5, #Tell2.

Through awareness and education, Canadians can be better prepared and protected. 

If you are the victim of a scam, fraud or cybercrime, please contact your local police. It is also essential that you report an incident, whether you are a victim or not, to the CAFC via their Online Reporting System or by phone at 1-888-495-8501.

Read more details!

We Count Femicide Because...

We Count Femicide Because is a new initiative of Building a Bigger Wave Ontario Network (BBW) and OAITH to call attention to and address Femicide rates in Ontario.

In 2020-2021, 58 femicides occurred in Ontario - 58 daughters, mothers, aunties, grandmothers, sisters and community members. Femicide is described as the intentional killing of women, children and other gender-diverse individuals, by men.

We Count Femicide Because... will raise a public alarm every time a femicide occurs in Ontario. The campaign draws attention to the critical need for investments in prevention and to engage leaders in communities and at all levels of government in dialogue focused on the collective work needed to prevent femicide.

Follow:  @ONFemicide  

Learn More:

Monthly Femicide in Ontario Snapshots     Annual Femicide in Ontario Lists

Media Resources and Analysis                       Femicide Reports and Analysis 

"More Than" a Shelter 

A new national awareness campaign from Women's Shelters Canada is letting Canada know that abuse is more than just physical violence, and shelters and transition houses are more than just a safe place to stay.

The campaign is both for women who may be experiencing abuse and those who may know someone experiencing violence. 

Learn more about the Campaign


Educational Opportunities

The National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) hosts its final course in its Learning Series on Aging - Preventing Elder Abuse

Join NICE on June 8th, 2022 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EDT, and subsequent sessions on June 15th and June 22th. 

It's not too late to Register  

The course is tailored specifically to older adults and their care partners, students interested in the field of aging, and to those working with older adults.

CAGP-CCSMH Annual Scientific Meeting

Human Rights and the Law: Legal, Ethical and Moral Responsibilities in Seniors’ Mental Health

October 14 - 15, 2022 | Montreal, QC

For more information, visit:  www.cagp.ca

Agency Outreach

What’s a Palliative Care Philosophy? Exploring the meaning behind your new Residents’ Right

Webinar - June 14th 


Learn how a palliative approach to care differs from end-of-life care, and why that matters for residents.


Residents’ Voices Survey

OARC has launched a survey to explore the current needs of Residents’ Councils and learn more about how residents are involved in their long-term care homes. In addition to hearing directly from residents, OARC is seeking the invaluable feedback of those who directly support and enable Residents’ Councils in every home. Results from the survey will be used to inform OARC’s supportive approach and future education offerings.

This survey is resident-focused, and open to All residents (including those who do not attend Residents’ Council meetings), Residents’ Council Assistants, Administrators/Executive Directors.

The assistance of family care partners, team members and volunteers is sincerely appreciated to ensure that every resident who wishes to complete a survey is supported to do so.

OARC’s survey will be live until

June 20th, 2022 and there is an opportunity to be eligible to win a $50 gift card prize.

Download your promotional posters here: English | French

Complete your survey using one of the following methods:

ONLINE: Access online link or QR code: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/OARCsurvey22

PAPER: Download a paper survey https://www.ontarc.com/documents/survey/2022survey.pdf

TELEPHONE: For telephone appointments contact Chloe Lee, Evaluation and Quality Specialist, OARC 1-800-532-0201 ext. 290

French versions of the survey and posters are available here:

RHRA’s Stakeholder Advisory Council asks for Resident Representatives

RHRA’s Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC) is looking to fill the Resident Representative position. Residents of licensed retirement homes in Ontario who are interested in sitting on SAC are encouraged to apply. In addition to having a lived experience in a retirement home, potential candidates may have a background in policy, government and may even be involved in their Resident Council. A representative on the Council has an opportunity to provide advice on matters that relate to RHRA’s mandate to protect and ensure the safety and well-being of seniors living in Ontario’s retirement homes. The SAC submits an annual report to the RHRA Board of Directors highlighting its activities and advice to the Board. SAC members are chosen by the Board and serve a term of one, two or three years and may be re-appointed.

To apply, residents must complete the SAC Application Form found on the RHRA website and return to residents@rhra.ca by Friday, July 29, 2022.

If you know of someone who may be interested, RHRA asks that you please share this information with them. For more information on the application process, please contact residents@rhra.ca.

Educational Resources

Steps to Justice's family law content, Family Law Guided Pathways, and Steps in a Family Law Case have been updated to reflect changes in the law (May 1, 2022).

Changes indicate before a settlement conference and trial management conference, both parties must discuss things like:

  • sharing financial information
  • resolving their issues


Guided Pathway for Making a Will

changes effective January 1, 2022, include:

  • marriage no longer revokes a will
  • the impact of a separation is the same as a divorce
  • new forms to apply for probate
  • new simplified probate process for estates worth less than $150,000

Ways to make a will:

  1. Use CLEO's free online tool Guided Pathway for making a will.
  2. Write a holograph will completely by hand and signed at the end.
  3. Buy a will kit based on Ontario law.
  4. Hire an estates lawyer.

Getting help with a will. People with low incomes might be able to get help from the Queen's University Elder Law Clinic or a local community legal clinic.

New and updated Resources

All CLEO resources are provided free of charge. For a complete list of our publications, please visit cleo.on.ca.

New Publications

Housing Law


Debt and Consumer Rights / Endettement et droits du consommateur :

Droit du logement

Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is celebrating Seniors Month in June with several education and OSC in the Community outreach events focused on fraud prevention.

  • OSC e-newsletter, Investor News will feature items of interest to seniors, including an article to help seniors avoid becoming victims of grandparent (or emergency) scams.  Subscribe to Investor News

Trusted Contact Person (TCP) 

A new educational video...

Learn about who can be your Trusted Contact Person and why having one can provide an extra layer of protection for your financial accounts. Naming a Trusted Contact Person can be particularly helpful for seniors and vulnerable investors.

OLD SCHOOL Anti-Ageism Clearinghouse

Find the best ageism-related resources on the web—tools, talks, organizations, books, campaigns, videos & more—on OldSchool.info.

The Alzheimer Society of Ontario's Roadmap Towards a Renewed Ontario Dementia Strategy provides 77 recommendations to ensure that people living with dementia preserve their dignity and maintain their quality of life until end of life. 

Recommendations are included on the prevention of elder abuse: 1) ensuring information is provided on power of attorney for care and property when executing advanced care planning, 2) ensuring care workers are trained to identify and respond to elder abuse and 3) the inclusion a voluntary code for of dementia-friendly banking. 


The Roadmap Strategy can be downloaded

English French

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