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Issue: # 2 August 2011

For our New England patients - several regions are under advisories, watches, or severe weather warnings.  We are urging all of our patients to:
  • Rx: call in all refills for prescriptions or supplements.  We are able to drop-shop to your home necessary items from our California distributor if necessary, however, delivery may be an issue.   
  • Water: plan on storing at least 1 gallon of water/person for a minimum of three days.
  • Essentials: store in one location candles, flashlights, extra batteries matches/lighters, lamps, cell phone chargers, and medically necessary items.   Go here for a checklist of minimum items needed for emergencies. 
  • Phone: be sure your phone is fully charged and that you have a car charger.
  • Transportation/grills: fill your gas and propane tanks.
  • Money: withdraw cash - ATMs will not work without power!
  • Food: keep your freezer and refrigerator stocked and closed during an outage to limit food loss.
  • Entertainment: New Hampshirans are quite used to the slow return of service.  Be sure you have books, games, and other non-electrical items handy to keep yourself entertained.
  • Pets: be sure to comfort pets and have plenty of food and water for them as well.
  • Children: it helps reduce stress when you explain the upcoming storm.  Kids are smart - they know something is coming because they see us scurrying around preparing, watches news alerts, etc.  Do not overdramatize nor underestimate the sounds they may hear, the potential loss of power, or loss of their favorite Wii or Xbox games.  Encourage their participation in creating your family emergency kit - a special flashlight, stuffed animal, books/magazines, favorite snacks, etc.  Show them where these items will be stored.  Consider creating a family "nest" on the floor so that everyone can snuggle together. 

Accessing Dr. Conte - we now have 24-7 call service in place (they have 2 backup generators).  They have multiple access to me, so you will not be left unattended.  I will respond to emergencies outside of office hours.   

  • If you have questions about a lab, confusion over a treatment plan, insurance issues please send the office an email with your inquiry at   
  • If a treatment is not working as planned, please schedule a brief visit so that your concerns may be documented and I can perform physical exam/labs if necessary.
Scheduling: we will contact patients  that are currently scheduled next week if there are any issues.  However, I am fully prepared, so plan on keeping your appointment.  As a reminder, all cancelled appointments must be received within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.  

Click here to track the progress of Hurricane Irene.

Lastly, relax.  Loss of power often brings families together, so plan on sharing a new story, enjoy some s'mores and know that we are here to support you through the storm with the Traveling Doc.  :)


Dr. Robyn Conte, ND 

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