October 14, 2022
Please welcome
our Transitional Pastor,
Roberta Kearney
(pronounced Carnee)

Roberta has a broad range
of life and ministry experience.
The oldest of six children, Roberta’s family moved many times in her childhood. She was born in Wisconsin, then lived in Seattle and ultimately her family moved to central Pennsylvania. As an adult she has lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Georgia, Madison, Wisconsin, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Moving and living in lots of different kinds of places, Roberta, appreciates getting to know people and understanding what life is like in each new place.

After ten years of working on public policy issues, Roberta went to seminary, and has been a pastor for almost thirty years. She has served in both installed and interim positions. Serving in churches ranging in size from 500 to 2,300 members, and leading churches with 125 to 280 members. She is excited to get to know the people of First Presbyterian Pottstown.
In the course of her ministry, she has covered every facet of church life and leadership and has also addressed some surprisingly new aspects of ministry, from helping a church sell its building to developing devotional videos and other online offerings during COVID.

Roberta loves the wonder of how God works in people's lives as they change and grow spiritually. She has a heart for faith formation and discipleship for herself and others as we each grow to trust Jesus Christ more and love our neighbors more generously.

Reading, walking, and playing board and card games are some of the things she does to relax.

We’ll welcome Roberta to FPC at the end of November.

With grateful and expectant hearts,
Bill Campbell, Donna Force, Andy Lane, Fred Remelius and Heather Temple 
On Sunday, October 16th,
our speaker in the Forum Class will be Amy Shutt. 
The topic will be "The Art and Practice of Spiritual Discernment and Decision-Making. Spiritual discernment is the traditional name for listening/watching and responding to Holy Spirit's guidance. We will continue to explore the practical ways we can cultivate and practice individual discernment and how we respond to God's leading personally. We will then focus on how we keep God at the center of our group discernment and decision making. 
Nominating Committee Beginning Its Work 
The Nominating Committee is undertaking to prayerfully discern whom to nominate to serve as Elders and Deacons beginning in 2023. 
Please consider who has the gifts to serve as an Elder or Deacon. 
Nominating forms and a return box are on the table in the lobby
Being the Church This Week

Sunday, October 16
Sunday School – 9:15AM 
Service of the Lord’s Day 10:30AM  
Rev. Peter Gregory, preaching
Pizza and Paws - after worship, 11:45AM-1PM
Trunk or Treat – 2-4PM in the church parking lot

Monday, October 17
Cubs/Troop – 7PM
Tuesday, October 18
Yoga - 8AM – Community Room
Staff Meeting – 10:30AM
 Wednesday, October 19
Yoga - 8AM – Community Room
Endowment Committee Meeting - 8:30AM 
Prayer Shawl Ministry – 12:30-2:30PM
Girl Scouts – 5:30-7:30PM
Session – 7PM 

Thursday, October 20 
Sisters of Way Bible Study – 9:30AM  
Community Meals – 5PM – Fellowship Hall
Chancel Handbells Rehearsal – 6:30PM 
Chancel Choir Rehearsal – 7:30PM

Friday, October 21
Yoga – 8AM – Community Room
Mission Partner
(Designate gifts to DR000194 for hurricane and typhoon disaster relief)
Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes from above. These gifts come down from the Father, the creator of the heavenly lights, in whose character there is no change at all.  (James 1:17 CEB) 
At FPC Pottstown, we believe that our time, our talents, our earthly treasures are not our own; they are gracious gifts from God. God entrusts them to us, and calls us to use our gifts and our lives to make God's love known in the world.
We continue to clothe, feed, educate and uplift one another, and our neighbors in need.  This work requires offerings of time, talent and treasure.
Your giving makes that work possible. Thank you!