June 3, 2022
Grace and peace to the saints in Pottstown,
“We are rich and we want to get richer.”
These are words we wrote 28 years ago in our Personal Information Form, our PIF (a term you will hear often in the coming months as you search for a new pastor). At a recent Session meeting, Peg Calvario began her devotional with those words, which she had excavated from the dusty files of the 1994 Pastor Nominating Committee. They refer to an anonymous quote that had hung on the wall of our home, “Rich is not how much you have, or where you are going, or even what you are…rich is who you have beside you.” 
“We believe that in Jesus Christ God has promised to stand beside us, and so offers us great wealth,” wrote those young, earnest versions of ourselves. We continued, “The riches of God’s presence are mined in a life centered in the Word, shared with the body of Christ, and offered in service to the world. While our life thus far has been rich and full, we want to get richer, to deepen our experience of the power and presence of God through a new challenge.”
FPC, we got what we asked for. 
We got that new challenge as we moved here with young Kate, Molly and Elizabeth. And through the years, other new challenges and changes came to us all – historic, global crises like 9/11, the Great Recession, racial turmoil, social upheaval (smartphones, to name one), political unrest, as well as challenges and changes to the broader Church, to the Pottstown community, and to this community of believers.
Through all the challenges and changes, what we believed in 1994 proved utterly true. We hit veins of precious gems as we mined the Word of God with you in sanctuary pews and lively, thoughtful circles; we piled up treasures of holy encounters as we observed church seasons and passed through life’s seasons, baptizing and confirming and sending out our children, mourning and burying and missing our dead; we reaped huge returns on our investments as together we walked beside God in service to the world, in Barth Elementary School, in Lynchburg, in New Orleans, in Trinidad, Honduras, in the streets of Pottstown and in our own kitchen and Fellowship Hall. And through the years, we got what we wanted: we got richer. We struck it rich, indeed.
Now, along with you, we have been moving towards this letter for several months. We have come to the point where there is only one thing left to write. 

To you who have welcomed us into your lives, into your homes, into your milestones, your hospital rooms, your deep losses, your bright joys, into your fears, your doubts, your quiet struggles, your insights and revelations and victories of faith, into the sacred spaces of your soul…
To you who have discerned the Way with us, challenged and discussed and disagreed with us, you who have guided us, followed us, traveled side by side with us, you who have been frustrated or disappointed or angry with us and yet are still here, you who have covered our foibles and mistakes with grace and good humor, you who have laughed with us, encouraged us, prayed for us, recognized when we needed a hand or a word or a meal and given it to us…
To you who have caught God’s vision of what this community of believers could and should be, and put your time and energy and know-how, your financial resources and ideas, deliberations and prayers into helping us all live towards that vision…
To you who served on the staff, and committees, and Session and the diaconate, who day after day, week after week, month after month, indeed, year after year put up with us, and made the mundane work of the church sparkle and hum…
To you who have loved our kids into the women they are, who showed up for them, listened to them, lunched with them, comforted, guided, encouraged, taught and inspired them–-when we sought a new call those years ago, we said we wanted a community of faith to help us raise our kids, and not just our kids, but everyone’s kids, and you did that, you are doing it still…
To you who served on the Pastor Nominating Committee and took a risk on the new-fangled clergy couple thing, Arline Christ, Jane Barndt, Barbara Longstreth, Fred Winter, Keely Grim, Dave Duncan, Leanne Campbell, Don Grim, Gina James, Elizabeth Genther, Martin Jones, Mike Bleyer, and Sue Moyer – and to all of you who voted to take a step into the unknown and extend to us a call…

To you all, to all of you, we have only one thing more to say:

thank you for inviting us into this home.

We had a wonderful time.
God bless and keep you,
Kerry and Carter
While the search for a transitional minister continues, the Session is arranging for supply preachers to lead you in worship. 
In addition, the Personnel Committee is finalizing arrangements for someone to help with pastoral care. This person will work alongside Dawn Skelly and the deacons to continue caring for those who are sick or in crisis.  
Being the Church This Week

Sunday, June 5
Service of the Lord’s Day 10:30 AM
Retirement Picnic for Carter and Kerry – immediately following worship

Monday, June 6
HENS Summer Camp – 9AM-12PM 
Cubs/Troop – 7PM
Tuesday, June 7
HENS Summer Camp – 9AM-12PM 
Yoga – 9AM – Community Room
Lectio-Divina – 7:30PM

Wednesday, June 8
HENS Summer Camp – 9AM-12PM 
Yoga – 9AM – Community Room
Girl Scouts – 5:30PM
Girl Scouts – 6PM
Deacons – 7:30PM

Thursday, June 9
HENS Summer Camp – 9AM-12PM 
Girl Scouts – 5PM
Community Meals – 5PM – Fellowship Hall
Friday, June 10
HENS Summer Camp – 9AM-12PM 
Yoga – 9AM – Community Room 
Mission Partner
Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes from above. These gifts come down from the Father, the creator of the heavenly lights, in whose character there is no change at all.  (James 1:17 CEB) 
At FPC Pottstown, we believe that our time, our talents, our earthly treasures are not our own; they are gracious gifts from God. God entrusts them to us, and calls us to use our gifts and our lives to make God's love known in the world.
We continue to clothe, feed, educate and uplift one another, and our neighbors in need.  This work requires offerings of time, talent and treasure. Your giving makes that work possible. Thank you!