August 5, 2022
The phrase “the work of the church” is an expression we often use to describe the many ministries of the congregation. Regardless of where “the work” takes us, from the streets of Pottstown to the villages of Honduras, it all begins inside the church. We rely on our much-beloved building for every aspect of the church life: we worship, serve, plan, mourn, and celebrate within these walls.

The Administrative Committee is tasked with the distinct privilege of caring for the physical and financial health of our building, ensuring that the work of the church continues day in and day out.

Sometimes, the work of the committee is easy to see. Our beautiful lobby is a perfect example, as volunteers have, with their keen eye for detail, created a warm and comfortable space to greet all who enter.

More often than not, however, the work of the Committee is quiet. Outlets are replaced, walls painted, plumbing repaired, computers updated, and cleanup coordinated throughout the week, perhaps without your notice.

By coordinating both expected and unexpected maintenance of the building, one of the Committee’s primary concerns is to support our invaluable staff. By relying on the Committee to manage facility concerns, we strive to ensure that the staff can focus on their ministries. Equally as important, we endeavor to take intentional and thoughtful action, with the understanding that we are entrusted with a portion of your financial gifts, a responsibility we do not take lightly.

You are likely familiar with the children’s worship song ``I am the church!”, which tells us that “the church is not a building; the church is not a steeple; the church is not a resting place; the church is a people.” While we know this to be true all around the world, FPC Pottstown is privileged to worship, work, and learn in a beautiful building, with a tall steeple, where we can provide a resting place to God’s people. The Administrative Committee recognizes this as our unique calling to care for this place, where so much good and faithful work begins.

Liz Remelius
Admin Committee Member
Update on Pastoral Care
Please contact Dawn Skelly if you have any pastoral care needs. Dawn’s contact information is Dawn will be regularly checking her emails. During off hours, you can call 484-268-2919, which will be checked on a regular basis. 
There will be an on-call Pastor available for emergencies.  
Check out the FPC Music Ministry page of our website!

We will be posting all of the songs from the Composers Corner
that Cindy highlights in this newsletter so you can easily find them and
listen to the songs any time. Enjoy!

Link to go to the Music Ministry page:
Being the Church This Week

Sunday, August 7
Service of the Lord’s Day 9:30AM 
Rev. Anne Confer Martens, preaching
The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated during worship

Monday, August 8 
Troop 146 - 7PM

Tuesday, August 9
Yoga – 9AM – Community Room
Staff Meeting – 10:30AM
Wednesday, August 10
Yoga – 9AM – Community Room
Spiritual Formation Meeting – 7PM

Thursday, August 11
Community Meals – 5PM – Fellowship Hall

Friday, August 12
Yoga – 9AM – Community Room
Mission Partner
Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes from above. These gifts come down from the Father, the creator of the heavenly lights, in whose character there is no change at all.  (James 1:17 CEB) 
At FPC Pottstown, we believe that our time, our talents, our earthly treasures are not our own; they are gracious gifts from God. God entrusts them to us, and calls us to use our gifts and our lives to make God's love known in the world.
We continue to clothe, feed, educate and uplift one another, and our neighbors in need.  This work requires offerings of time, talent and treasure. Your giving makes that work possible. Thank you!