Credit Unions and Remittances:
An Environmental Scan

Start time: Nov. 30, 2016 1:30 PM EST 
End Time:  2:30 PM EST 
The market for remittances - small, regular money transfers to migrants' home countries - is enormous but fragmented. Existing options for international money transfers are reliable but can be costly and, with a few exceptions, new technology has had limited uptake.

Remittances are an opportunity for Canada's credit unions to attract new members and offer an essential financial service at lower-than-existing rates while, at the same time, helping the federal government meet a G-20 commitment to reduce remittance fees.

To seize this opportunity, credit unions need to leverage their high-touch member services and their willingness to innovate and embrace new technologies. That's the main conclusion that Derek Cameron, manager of programs at the Canadian Co-operative Association, draws from his environmental scan of the Global and Canadian remittance sector for CCUA and the Filene Research Institute.

Join the conversation on November 30th at 1:30 pm EST, as Mr. Cameron explores this idea, discusses practical steps credit unions can take to expand into this market, and reviews case studies of credit unions that have already seized the opportunity. 

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