Join us Wednesday, March 25 as our webinar series continues with EVRI-thing You Need to Know About Performing Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis.

PLS-DA has become a leading method for classification problems with multivariate inputs. It has found utility in a wide range of applications including metabolomics, medical diagnoses, raw ingredient confirmation, agricultural product identification, process fault recognition and countless others. Eigenvector President Barry M. Wise will guide you though problem setup through model identification and interpretation.

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This live webinar will:
  • Briefly review PLS regression and how it is used in classification
  • Show how to prepare data sets for PLS-DA
  • Demonstrate how to build the PLS-DA model
  • Explain how to interpret results: ROC curves, truth tables, loadings, etc.
  • Exhibit PLS-DA applied to hyperspectral images

A question and answer session will follow the webinar. Don't miss your chance to quiz Barry and the Eigen-Guys about this important technique and how to use PLS_Toolbox/Solo to develop successful classification models.

Reserve your seat today . The webinar will be live on Wednesday, March 25 at 8:00am PDT, (that's 16:00 CET). We hope you can attend, but if you sign up and can't make it, we'll send you a link to view the recording the day after the webinar.