Both Houses in Session, Voting on Several Bills this Week

The Senate will be in session on Tuesday at 11:00 am. See the Senate calendar here. The Assembly will also be on the floor Tuesday at 1:00 pm. See the Assembly calendar here.

The following municipal bills are scheduled to be voted on this week:

  • SB 900, Great Lakes and Commercial Rivers Historic Fill. The Senate bill vote on the Substitute amendment. This is a League initiated bill.
  • SB 835, Local Land Use Regulations. Compromise legislation between the League and the Towns Association. This is a League initiated bill.
  • SB 934-SB 946. Various Election Reform Bills.
  • AB 251, Impersonating a Public Officer, Public Employee, or Employee of a Utility and Providing a Penalty. The League supports this bill.
  • AB 610, Prohibiting Certain Property Tax Assessment Practices. Even as amended the League opposes this bill.

Wisconsin Eye will be airing the the Senate and Assembly floor sessions on Tuesday.