July 28th, 2021
Wayne County is home to one of the nation’s highest-performing hospitals. Recognized by IBM Watson Health as a Top 100 Hospital, the Wooster Community Hospital provides excellent care to Wayne County and its surrounding areas. Over the past thirty years, the hospital has grown from a stand-alone medical facility to an integrated health system with subsidiary establishments that support the hospital as well as its strong foundation. The advancement of the hospital is due in large part to the strategic planning of President and CEO, Bill Sheron, and his outstanding team. The Hospital – known for its innovative treatment in obstetrics, cardiology, and oncology – provides much more than immediate medical care and is a true beacon of the Wayne County community.  

So just how did the Wooster Community Hospital find itself as a highly accredited medical facility? Read more here.

Ohio Businesses: The Next Round of TechCred is Here!
Starting August 1st, Ohio businesses who are looking to upskill their workforce can begin applying for the 10th round of TechCred. The application period will close on August 31st. For more information, visit techcred.ohio.gov.
Did You Know, Wayne County is Known for Farming?

From soybeans to herbs, vegetables, and livestock, Wayne County is known for its farming. It is the top dairy-producing county in the state and has the third-largest agricultural economy in Ohio. We are also home to The Ohio State University’s Agricultural Research and Development Center, which is the nation’s largest agbioscience research facility. 
Last week on July 20th, RMD Dairy, Ltd. hosted the annual Dairy Twilight Tour. The event – organized by the Wayne County Farm Bureau and the Wayne-Ashland Dairy Service Unit – was an absolute success.

This year’s tour included two new Lely robotic milking units, which have increased RMD Dairy’s milking capacity by 120 cows per day. Thanks to all who attended, we’re looking forward to another fun-filled event next year!