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Dear WEDI Members,

Happy New Year! With just a few short weeks under our belts in 2019, WEDI is entering the New Year with a number of critical initiatives underway by our Board of Directors, our staff and our various Workgroups and Subworkgroups. We are energized and committed to providing WEDI membership with a robust library of educational content on the hottest and most pressing issues impacting healthcare efficiency and health IT. Stay tuned for several new white papers, surveys and webinars coming your way early this year. And I especially hope to see all of our members and lots of new faces at the Spring Conference in San Diego, California on May 20-22. Our Education Committee is hard at work putting together an incredible and informative agenda of sessions this year. Make your plans now to join us!

Should you ever have any questions or be looking for ways in which you can become more involved with WEDI, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to have more active members join our Workgroups and Subworkgroups to share their expertise and contribute to the furthering of our mission.

Best regards,
Charles Stellar
WEDI President & CEO
WEDI’s Spring Conference invites health IT professionals across all sectors – payer, provider, government and healthcare technology vendors – to explore the critical challenges the healthcare industry faces in San Diego, California on May 20-22, 2019. 
As always, #WEDISpring will bring together the brightest health IT minds for high-level discussions around best practices, emerging trends and case studies of timely topics impacting healthcare. Our expert lineup of speakers will give talks that are idea-focused, foster learning and provoke conversations that matter. Stay tuned for announcements
of our speakers! Some confirmed ones to date include:   
As we move into the New Year, WEDI Workgroups and Subworkgroups are actively committed to furthering their missions, goals, workplans and activities in 2019. As such, each of our Workgroups is currently inviting all who are interested in active participation to join them or recommit their involvement. Every day, WEDI members volunteer their time and talent to WEDI Workgroups to provide thoughtful leadership and common-sense approaches that enhance the exchange of clinical and administrative healthcare information. They collect input, exchange ideas, and make recommendations that inspire impactful and far-reaching change in our industry. We greatly appreciate all those who are actively involved with the backbone of our organization – our Workgroup members.

Find out more about each of the WEDI Workgroups on the website .
  • Acknowledgements
  • Attachments
  • Claim Status
  • Claims
  • Dental
  • Eligibility and Benefits
  • Genomics
  • Payment Models
  • Prior Authorization
  • Privacy and Security
  • Property & Casualty Electronic Medical Bill (eBill)
  • Provider Information
  • Remittance Advice & Payment (ERA/EFT)
  • Telehealth
Joining a WEDI Workgroup is easy! Just email Samantha Holvey at sholvey@wedi.org to get signed up and for any additional information!

We also have a unique opportunity coming up at the Spring Conference where several of our Workgroups and Subworkgroups have scheduled planning meetings onsite. And these meetings are open to ALL conference attendees. Get a glimpse of the action first-hand!
Health Data Management recently compiled a list of what they believe to be the Top 30 Leading HIT Experts to Watch in 2019. We are honored to have WEDI President and CEO, Charles Stellar, to be named to this list of top experts who are expected to play a lead role in guiding the HIT industry in this New Year.
WEDI has an incredible group of member organizations that recognize the value our organization brings to them professionally, as a company and as an industry advocate.
Here is one of our newest members. Please join us in welcoming them!
Interested in finding out which other organizations value WEDI membership just as much as you do? View our full listing of WEDI Members here.
In one of our latest videos taken at the WEDI National Conference, Dr. Jack Lewin, Board of Directors of National Coalition on Healthcare puts value-based care into the spotlight.
Visit the WEDI Vimeo Channel to view our entire video library!
All of our workgroups have special projects and activities underway, here’s just a brief highlight of a few:

  • The Provider Information Subworkgroup met the first of the year and have agreed to create two surveys to both providers and payers looking at what provider information is being requested of the providers, commonalities, uses of the collected information and method of collection. The Subworkgroup will be holding a webinar later in the year to go over results once the data is collected and analyzed.
  • The Claims Subworkgroup is producing an Encounter Models White Paper, which will provide overviews of the different models and data needs, illustrate the data flows, and outline deficiencies in the current data transmission methods. The group is meeting in person at the Spring Conference and invite you to bring your ideas about Claims transaction issues that need exploration and solutions.
  • The Acknowledgement Subworkgroup has evaluated its recent survey and collected its top ten “Did You Knows” that are important considerations for the use of acknowledgements. They have begun constructing an Issue Brief and will be shaping its content over the next meetings. In addition, they will present this issue brief and survey via a WEDI webinar in early May.
  • The Dental Subworkgroup is creating an issue brief on EFT-ERA reconciliation which includes a list of go-to resources for use by implementers. Other longer term projects for the year include: identifying ways to solve the COB problems that drive up costs for payers and frustrate providers; identifying and aligning resources to help the industry in advance of a claim attachments regulation; and providing a forum for Service Type Code-related discussions and suggestions for possible improvements to the STC list.
  • The Telehealth Workgroup reviewed the results of the survey they distributed late last year. The Workgroup is planning to host an interactive webinar to review the results of the survey and discuss providers, patients, and payers views on the use of and barriers to telehealth. The Workgroup will also continue its work on their issue brief “Barriers to the Broader Adoption of Telehealth.”
  • The Remittance Advice and Payments Subworkgroup continues their work on a paper outlining the usage and best practices for the PLB segment in the 835 transaction. The paper will include multiple appendices outlining the different use cases for the PLB. The first version is including information on Interest and Prompt Pay Discounts. Please join the group to provide input into this paper!
Health Plans/Systems

Technology Solutions/Vendors


If you are a WEDI Corporate Member organization and would like to have your press releases included in a future edition of the WEDI Monthly Newsletter, please email with a link to your press release to jennifer@andersoni.com.
The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) is the leading authority on the use of health IT to improve healthcare information exchange in order to enhance the quality of care, improve efficiency and to reduce costs of the American healthcare system. Formed in 1991 by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), WEDI was named in the 1996 HIPAA legislation as an advisor to HHS and continues to fulfill that role today.
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