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Executive Corner | New WEDI Website Just Launched
Join WEDI in Supporting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Schedule-At-A-Glance for 2019 WEDI Winter Conference
WEDI Call for Nominations – Excellence in Health IT Awards
WEDI Releases Industry White Paper | Workgroup Roundup
Media Spotlight: WEDI Featured in Healthcare Facilities Today
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Save the Date for WEDI Spring Conference 2020 | Latest Member News
Dear WEDI Members,

We are almost one month away from our 2019 Winter Conference, and I encourage each of you to join us in Arlington, Virginia for this monumental event! It is imperative that we connect, communicate and collaborate now, to prepare for the forthcoming impact to our industry next election year. The topics in which our expert speakers from the trenches of health care, health IT and government will be discussing are crucial for our industry, and you’ll get the latest insights and perspectives at WEDI Winter Conference.
We’ve had a lot going on here at WEDI this fall. As always, our Workgroups are focused and full-steam-ahead working to bring us educational material on the items they find of most value to their respective areas. As you’ll see in the newsletter below, our Claims Subworkgroup has released a new whitepaper earlier this month.
I’d like to thank all of our members for what you do, you are truly the driving force for this organization, and we would not make the impact without you. On behalf of Laurie Darst, Chair, WEDI Nominating Committee, we have opened the call for nominations for the 2019 Excellence in Health IT Awards. I know there are so many of our members deserving of this award. Please take this time to submit your nominations now. We are thrilled to showcase some of our excellent members at the Winter Conference.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in December!

Charles Stellar
 WEDI President & CEO
You may have noticed the refreshed website, but we are very excited to have this project rolled out and share our new website and Member Center with you, which includes a special info hub where you can access workgroups, events, work products and so much more! Please use the instructions below to confirm your new member profile if you have not already done so. “ Create an account” by following  this link  to confirm your credentials.
You can also confirm your credentials and access the info-hub by following these steps:
  1. Go to www.wedi.org
  2. Go to Membership at the top of the page and click Go to member center
  3. Click Create an account
  4. Fill out the required fields
  5. You should see a notification that your credentials were recognized in the system
  6. An email will be sent to you to authenticate
  7. Follow instructions from email to set a new password to access new member info-hub!
Please note the system will recognize your profile through the name and email address that you previously used in the old wedi.org website when you're creating your new account.
We look forward to your participation in the new Member Center and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.
For the month of October, we’ve been supporting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a collaborative effort to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. We strive to continuously provide the industry with new materials to help healthcare organizations remain on the frontline of security. You can find out more about National Cybersecurity Awareness Month here . We encourage you to take this time to review your cybersecurity measures and join us in being Cyber Smart every month.
Our Winter Conference agenda is shaping up nicely. Although we have some exciting additions in the works ahead, below is the latest glimpse into the key topics we’ll be addressing. Make your plans now to join us on December 2-5 in Arlington, Virginia as we Connect, Communicate, Collaborate.
On behalf of Laurie Darst, Chair, WEDI Nominating Committee, we are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2019 Awards Program. Each year WEDI recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations at our annual awards ceremony during the 2019 WEDI Winter Conference. As a WEDI member you have the opportunity to submit nominations for the Excellence in Health IT Award.
Excellence in Health IT Award 
Recognizes an individual or organization’s (vendor, health plan, and/or provider) contribution to the advancement of HIT and eCommerce technology in healthcare.
They have proven leadership through vision and execution of innovative technology in healthcare and continue to design, deploy and maintain advanced technology systems. 
When you submit your nominations to  sholvey@wedi.org , please make sure to include the person or organization’s name, contact information, the award you are nominating them for and why you believe they deserve the award. 
Deadline for nominations is Monday, November 18th. 
Earlier this month ,  we announced the release of a new key industry white paper. Written by the WEDI Claims Subworkgroup, Understanding the Models and Definitions of Encounters ,” provides a baseline understanding of various purposes of health care encounter transactions, their processing models and definitions.
The 32-page document addresses the longstanding purposes, meanings, and needs related to the use and processes associated with health care encounter transactions.
According to the paper, “Health care encounter transactions have generally been thought of as secondary use of claims data; data that is used for research and public health surveillance. As alternative payment models and value-based care gain traction, health care encounter transactions and the use of that data have become more prevalent and meaningful. The industry needs to understand the current uses and transmissions of health care encounter data in order to address the barriers and variances that exist today.”
All of our workgroups have special projects and activities underway, here’s just a brief highlight of a few:
The Provider Information Subworkgroup has developed a survey to identify barriers to adoption of standard electronic transactions for provider information and possible solutions, as well as solicits feedback on the direction of the Subworkgroup’s draft educational opportunities to help apprise providers, health plans/payers and others (i.e., vendors, clearinghouse, billing servicers, etc.) to reduce data latency, increase provider participation and drive healthier membership for a health plans/payers.
The Telehealth Workgroup is making their final edits to their paper examining the barriers to the broader adoption of telehealth. During the next workgroup calls, we plan to finalize the paper and begin brainstorming work products for 2020.
The Claims Subworkgroup has been moving forward on a number of issues. They have published their Encounter Data white paper on the WEDI web site. The group’s AUC project is moving forward, with an educational white paper, an introductory webinar, and a session at the WEDI winter conference. And, with the recent publication of the X12N 837 7030 claim guides for public comment, they will be reviewing the latest round for industry impact.
In an informal survey, the Claims Subworkgroup group identified a number of issues the industry is now facing. Top priority for the group is the continued number of duplicate claim submissions from providers to health plans. The group has proposed writing a white paper on the causes of these duplicates and how to reduce the number of filings.
WEDI, the nation’s leading nonprofit authority on the use of health IT to create efficiencies in health care information exchange and a statutory advisor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), today announced the development of an industry white paper that provides a baseline understanding of various purposes of health care encounter transactions, their processing models and definitions.

To read the full article “WEDI Releases Industry White Paper, 'Understanding the Models and Definitions of Encounters',” please visit Healthcare Facilities Today .
Ed Hafner, Co-Chair of the WEDI Data Exchange Workgroup describes how WEDI helps to impact healthcare data transactions.
Visit the WEDI Vimeo Channel to view our entire video library!
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