We interrupt this regularly scheduled update to bring you this important message:
PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS BY NOON ON MONDAY, APRIL 8th and ask them to support SECTION 32 of SF 609: Ag & Natural Resources Appropriations . This language specifies a priority lien for elevators storing and drying grain and is critical to our state and agricultural economies. Bankers are fighting this aggressively so your communication with legislators is crucial. As one legislator put it... "I have to pay for my own drying and storage-- why doesn't the bank?" Our talking points on the issue are written out below.
Find your Senators and Representatives HERE .
You can use the following summary when reaching out via e-mail or phone, if you want:

Senator OR Representative _____________,
I ask for your support of section 32 in bill SF 609 : Ag & Natural Resources Appropriations. This language specifies a priority lien for elevators storing and drying grain, it is critical to our state and agricultural economies. We expect to see this language in a House companion bill and wanted to connect you with the issue resolved in this legislation.
The Iowa Institute for Cooperatives (IIC) and the Agribusiness Association of Iowa (AAI) worked together to create this language, specifically codifying what's happening today. To reach a viable solution, we sought input from stakeholders including the Department of Agriculture, Farm Credit Services (who hold roughly 40% of ag loans in Iowa), CoBank, additional ag lenders, cooperative and private elevators, and numerous legal experts.
For more than 50 years, elevators have received payment for their cost to store and dry grain; the elevators maintain and enhance the quality of the grain and thus preserve the value of the customer's grain and the lender's collateral. A bank recently sued two cooperatives to claw back storage and drying costs. Today, when the elevator creates a grain settlement, they deduct the charges incurred and write a check for the remaining balance. Charges incurred (storage and drying) are set in advance and well-documented to maintain accuracy and transparency.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our lobbyists Katie Hall and Mike St. Clair.
Thank you,
This week was the 2nd funnel of session and it's been a busy one!

SSB 1251 : Ag & Natural Resources Appropriations - On page 27, section 32: We asked for language that specifically codifies the long-held practice of paying elevators for maintaining and/or enhancing the quality of commodities stored and dried for patrons, while also protecting the quality of lender collateral. This came into question when a bank sued two cooperatives in an attempt to claw back storage and drying charges incurred on grain: FOR- Bankers are trying to remove this language

HF 768 : Beginning Farmer Tax Credit - Establishes a new Beginning Farmer Tax Credit program replacing Agricultural Assets Transfer Credit. Also allows farmers with ag assets a tax credit for assisting beginning farmers. Caps the credit at $50,000/year per farmer. Expands replacement program from $6 million to $12 million: FOR (new bill number)

HF 767 : Electric Vehicle Taxes - Provides registration taxes and tax at charging stations equivalent to average road use taxes paid through fuel consumption (per the DOT: the average motorist pays $150/year): MONITORING (new bill number)

HSB 204 / SSB 1193 : Empower Rural Iowa - Creates incentives for broadband and workforce housing. Amendments were discussed including adding a broadband base speed and making the bill withstand the test of time/future: FOR
Reach your Federal Legislators HERE about Pension Plan Premiums!
This legislation would stop Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) from grossly overcharging charity and not-for-profit rural cooperative defined-benefit pension plans. 
Want to reach your federal legislators?
D.C. office numbers below: 
Sen. Chuck Grassley: 202-224-4120
Sen. Joni Ernst: 202-224-3254
Rep. Abby Finkenauer: 202-225-2911
Rep. Dave Loebsack: 202-225-6576
Rep. Cindy Ax ne: 202-225-5476
Rep. Steve King: 202-225-4426
Katie P. Hall
Director of Government Affairs
O: 515-292-2667
C: 712-269-9838