WHO : Rep. Norlin Mommsen (R) & Rep. Mary Wolfe (D)
WHEN : Saturday
9am: Clinton, Chamber of Commerce: 721 S 2nd St
11am: DeWitt, Community Center: 512 10th St.

Rep. Mommsen is the Chair of the Ag Appropriations Subcommittee and is critical to successfully getting our grain warehouse lien language back in SF 609. He also serves on the Ag, Appropriations and Education committees.

Rep. Wolfe is with us on the language and serves as the ranking member in Judiciary. She is an important piece of the equation as a more urban legislator, who is well-respected in the Democratic caucus. She also serves on the Ag, Environmental Protection, Government Oversight and Ways and Means committees. 
SF 609 : Ag & Natural Resources Appropriations - Last week the Senate amended to strike section 32, grain warehouse lien. Sen. Kinney offered an amendment to keep the warehouse lien language but it failed 26-24 with six Republicans voting with the Democrats (Feenstra, Nunn, Rozenboom, Shipley, Sinclair, and Sweeney). This week the House took this version up, passing it out of committee (with an amendment H-1206 striking more language) on Thursday. SF 609 does NOT currently contain our grain warehouse lien language.

HF 768 : Beginning Farmer Tax Credit - Establishes a new Beginning Farmer Tax Credit program replacing Agricultural Assets Transfer Credit. Also allows farmers with ag assets a tax credit for assisting beginning farmers. Caps the credit at $50,000/year per farmer. Expands replacement program from $6 million to $12 million: FOR

HF 767 : Electric Vehicle Taxes - Provides registration taxes and tax at charging stations equivalent to average road use taxes paid through fuel consumption (per the DOT: the average motorist pays $150/year): MONITORING

HSB 204 / SSB 1193 : Empower Rural Iowa - Creates incentives for broadband and workforce housing. Amendments were discussed including adding a broadband base speed and making the bill withstand the test of time/future: FOR
Katie P. Hall
Director of Government Affairs
O: 515-292-2667
C: 712-269-9838