SF 609 : Ag & Natural Resources Appropriations - The version that passed the House this week (54 to 45 vote) does not include Grain Warehouse Lien language. Representative Ross Paustian introduced an amendment with our language in it,  H-1220 . He stated the importance of the language and withdrew the amendment in order to continue work on this next year.

HF 768 : Beginning Farmer Tax Credit - Establishes a new Beginning Farmer Tax Credit program replacing Agricultural Assets Transfer Credit. Also allows farmers with ag assets a tax credit for assisting beginning farmers. Caps the credit at $50,000/year per farmer. Expands replacement program from $6 million to $12 million: FOR

HF 767 : Electric Vehicle Taxes - Provides registration taxes and tax at charging stations equivalent to average road use taxes paid through fuel consumption (per the DOT: the average motorist pays $150/year): MONITORING

SF 625 : Empower Rural Iowa - Creates incentives for broadband access. Amended to separate rural housing grant program from broadband incentive legislation: FOR
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